19 Tweets Showing Amazing Moments When Kids Pronounced Words Wrong

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Kids live in their own fantasy world and their perception of reality is something that we cannot explain or relate to. This is the sheer beauty of being a kid – you are free to accept things in your own way and act according to that perception, and nobody would get angry with you. In fact, adults might even enjoy the childish things you do, and all the times you mispronounce a word or get its meaning wrong, you are just giving adults a reason to have a good laugh!

1. This is something embarrassing

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We guess that having your kid shout this in a public place would feel embarrassing.

2. Now this would be epic to see

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That elderly man was probably shocked to hear this instead of bye-bye!

3. This is one way to call ice cream

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We guess that this girl is able to confuse everyone at an ice cream parlor!

4. This mom has a collection of cookbooks

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However, her kid might actually leave the wrong impression about that collection!

5. This might be accepted as a compliment

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We guess that this mom is confused on several occasions daily!

6. This is an important letter to forget

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Forgetting that ‘n’ really changes the whole meaning!

7. Other languages also lead to funny situations

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We guess that this kid will learn what he called everyone until they held the door for him.

8. This mom enjoys the way her kid mispronounces ‘kitty’

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We believe that this is one way to deal with such a thing and we approve it!

9. Here is a kid that would be a sensation at the basketball field

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Image Source: Twitter

We are sure that this kid’s parents would feel awkward when this happens in public.

10. This is the funniest thing on the list

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After we saw this, we are never going to say Star Wars again! Star Horse it is!

11. Here is another mispronunciation related to the legendary sequel

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that Chewpoppa sound equally well, if not better!

12. This is a really cute mistake

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that some of these mistakes are more than adorable and this is one good example.

13. A cracker-dile must be an actual thing

Image Source: Twitter

We like this word even more than the original one, and it sounds like an actual thing!

14. This is definitely one of the coolest things on the list

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We are sure that some people have this kind of lunch, and it sounds cool!

15. This sounds like a synonym

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Some people would hardly make a difference between the actual word and the substitute suggested here!

16. We guess that one thing leads to another here

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We also relate the gentle sound of a saxophone to a different type of activity.

17. This might become a popular term

Image Source: Twitter

Maybe this kid has a talent and this term would definitely become popular!

18. We are not sure why this kid confused mayonnaise with band-aids

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing in common between the two but a ‘band-aid sandwich sounds like a bad idea.

19. Now this is a funny way to pronounce New York

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that Shrek would call New York the same way!

Written by Sven Miller

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