19 Tweets Showing That Raising Children Is Not Easy At All

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This is probably not a secret for most of you, but we decided to remind you one more time that having children is one of the hardest and most responsible tasks everyone could face. Those among you who already have kids are familiar with the everyday struggle, but the ones who are yet to become parents definitely need to check out the list below. It is full of tweets in which people shared just a fraction of the things you could experience when you have kids. Most of these tweets are also hilarious, apart from everything else.

1. This is an interesting fact

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It seems that kids have a different outlook on many things and they accept the world differently! This is why they can get easily distracted and even fascinated by things that adults accept as normal! This kid wanted to share the amazing fact that trees are not like humans, and the difference was obviously in favor of the trees!

2. We love this poem

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Art comes in many forms and people have different ways of expressing themselves! As you can see, this person’s child was able to come up with a written expression of his love for fries. It does not to feature a certain structure or rimes, either. In fact, it is brilliant, because it shows just how much the boy loves fries!

3. This kid defied logic

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In some cases you might end up being fascinated by a toddler just when you least expect it! This is what happened to this person! Her younger sibling began changing clothes hours before their scheduled event, and when asked why he did it, the boy had a simple explanation that caused our brains to freeze!

4. This boy had something to worry about and we can agree with it

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If there is one common accessory people like to wear that we cannot accept, this is the fanny pack! Starting from the way its name sounds, this is a huge no-no for us and it always has been! The only thing that could be worse is the crocs and white socks combo, and this is why we support this kid in his opinion!

5. Here a proof that kids think differently compared to adults

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Sometimes you need to give up the attempt to teach a kid some common sense. Their own logic will always prevail if they decide to not accept their parents’ advice or knowledge. When this toddler noticed that their shadow was right behind them all the time, things took a turn for the worse.

6. Things have change a lot since we were kids

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It seems that the modern day parent faces struggles that our own parents were not aware of back then. One of these things is definitely technology. Nowadays a kid could throw a temper tantrum just because you hid the tablet, for example. Times really do change fast and maybe even too fast!

7. Here is the way all fights should end

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In most cases kids cannot find a reasonable argument to end an argument, but these children really found an even better way to end every possible feud. It does not matter who won the argument; all that matters is how everyone involved feels in the end, and these kids knew what to do!

8. This is another example of a toddler’s logic

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This is definitely one of the funniest tweets on the list. It seems that this person’s daughter wanted to believe that a boy liked her so she decided it was really happening when he gave her a picture of a dinosaur he drew especially for her. Her dad had doubts about the meaning of the drawing but she had a specific argument that is even weirder than the initial reason for the drawing!

9. You cannot argue with a kid’s preferences

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It is a mystery what happens in a child’s mind and we would never be able to understand how it functions. Sometimes kids decide things that have no logic behind them, but we guess that we just need to accept them. This is what this parent had to put up with when this boy chose to play with an empty box instead of all the toys he had.

10. Kids tend to be a bit too dramatic sometimes

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This is something that most parents would probably relate to, because most kids are able to add a lot of drama to the simplest possible conversation! As you can see, this woman had the weirdest conversation or at least the beginning of one. It was probably a meaningless one, too.

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11. No parent would be able to answer that correctly

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We genuinely believe that every parent has been in a situation in which they found it hard to respond to a question their kid asked them. Not because they do not have the proper knowledge, but because the questions are sometimes absurd! As you can see, this kid decided to ask something that not many people would be able to answer!

12. Things like these are hard to forget

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We guess that we could relate to this funny tweet because it is about a serious matter that most people neglect. Remember what Joey used to say in Friends? That’s right, he doesn’t share food, and neither do we! This toddler probably felt the same way and this is why she held a grudge about the stolen cheese!

13. This is not the response this mom wanted to receive about her dinner

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If you ask a kid to rate the dinner their mom prepared for them, the results would most likely be devastating in the majority of cases! Moms are bad cooks, don’t get us wrong. The reason is much simpler! Kids would like to have sweets and snacks instead of a real dinner, but parents would never allow this to happen!

14. Toddlers have their own way of explaining things

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Toddlers are able to tell even the simplest possible story in such a way that it might sound important! This is a nice example! This toddler found an extraordinary way to explain the meaning behind the word ‘tonight’! it sounds absurd, but the kid’s way of explaining actually made sense in this case!

15. Kids always do what they want

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Sometimes kids ask for permission just because they are supposed to, but that does not stop them from doing what they had in mind in the first place! As you can see, this person’s kids had a plan to eat ice cream regardless of what their parents will say, and they even came up with a second requests that probably made their parent furious!

16. This is not a sticker

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Well, this situation was equally confusing and funny, and we believe that this mother would definitely check what her toddler is up to instead of just agreeing with it from a distance. We guess that this kid’s father received the most unusual card in the history of gift cards! That specific decoration is definitely unique!

17. This woman has a point

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It seems that the energy kids have most often is not in correspondence with the energy levels their parents have in storage! In some cases, adults actually lack energy, and they need it the most, because they go to work and have a lot of other responsibilities! Toddlers refuse to go to bed but they are the first ones to be up in the morning.

18. This is a win-win situation

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Most parents know that toddlers love to follow them everywhere they go, including when they go to the bathroom! This could feel awkward sometimes, not to mention that it is the only place a parent could have some privacy! As you can see, this mom was in luck when her toddler wanted to play, but she locked herself in, thus winning the game and allowing herself some alone time!

19. We already know why this Twitter account is named like that

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It does not take much to understand why this parent named her account on Twitter like that! There is a lot of sarcasm involved here, but if this actually happened, we salute this brave mother, because she definitely told the story every parent would like to be in! The revenge is sweet and sometimes it brings satisfaction!

Written by Sven Miller

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