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19 Tweets Showing What Man Have To Deal With On A Daily Basis

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People rarely think about the things men struggle with. Being considered as those who are supposed to endure all kinds of things without saying a word, people think that men are just supposed to persevere regardless of the circumstances. A woman decided to list what men struggle with and we believe her cause is a noble one.

1. The danger


Image Source: Twitter

Here is what we meant earlier by saying that men are considered to be strong but they sometimes need all the help they can get. Having doubts about asking for professional assistance with mental health issues results in what the tweet suggests.

2. The reality

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Why some individuals have no shame or remorse, the majority of men are far from being considered to be predators. Still, many individuals are easily able to brand them as everything bad they could think of.

3. The therapy

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Men would rather not look for help in case they don’t feel mentally stable. The reason is obvious: no man would prefer to be considered weak, despite the fact that it is not a weakness to ask for help when you need it.

4. The understanding 

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This woman never meant to say that women don’t have a ton of issues they face on a daily basis but she simply wanted to say that men are not some kind of robots that can endure everything possible.

5. The jobs

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When you think about it, the job positions that require physical work and involve a dangerous working environment are mostly occupied by men, meaning that they are more likely to suffer injuries.

6. The military service

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We know that many women are willing to join military forces in their countries but there is one fact we cannot deny: the mandatory military service puts men in different kinds of danger, including suffering conditions such as PTSD.

7. The eating disorders

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Here is something that many people have no clue about. Eating disorders affect men just as much as they affect women but nobody talks about that, unfortunately. We must admit that whoever has suffered such a condition probably kept it to himself.

8. The comparison

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It seems that men who suffer from mental health issues are often shy or even embarrassed to talk about that because they believe society refers to these conditions are the type of problems only women deal with. This is not true and they should seek help.

9. The statistics

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that there is an official statistic about this but we don’t have it at our disposal. Still, the lines of work of many men are equal to the aftermath suggested by this tweet.

10. The support systems

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Here is yet another huge problem that needs to be addressed. We are certain that this tweet has a lot of truth behind it and not dealing with it would ultimately result in the consequences listed above.

11. The intimacy

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This is one of those issues that need to be addressed as well because it seems that the issues mentioned seem to be getting deeper as society changes its ways. Men need to connect on a deeper level but often fail to because they don’t want to be considered weak.

12. The medical attention

Image Source: Twitter

Thinking about how often men end up in this situation is actually kind of hard because we assume that most men have experienced it. There is nothing worse than delaying or denying medical attention because of your gender.

13. The standard

Image Source: Twitter

This is by far one of the things all men need to put up with even if they don’t realize it. As you can see, the tweet directs the attention to a problem many men will confirm. They are always expected to be at their absolute best level which is a hard thing to live with.

14. The social services

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Women and children are more vulnerable than men and that is why social services are focused primarily on them. This, however, means that men are left with less social care and this may be a necessity but it is not right to be like that.

15. The substances

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another statement that we don’t have the stats to prove but we believe is the truth. Men are usually the more vulnerable gender to be involved with abusive and addictive substances. We guess there is a lot to be done in that direction.

16. The anger management

Image Source: Twitter

We are certain that men who were bullied most often kept that to themselves. Sharing that they had such problems would mean to embarrass themselves, or that is what they thought, at least. As a result, they develop anger management issues that need to be solved.

17. The providers

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the most relevant tweets on the whole list. We could not agree more with it, as it states nothing but the truth. Men feel a lot of peer pressure, not to mention the social and their friend circles constantly doing the same, even if it is unintentional.


Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another situation when men do not have the winning advantage. There is not much we could add to the tweet except for the fact that it is the truth. Most men who have been down this route would confirm it.

19. The reality

Image Source: Twitter

Here is the tweet that started it all. The woman wanted to celebrate this special day by doing something nobody else had done before and you can see that she did a great job at it, too. Many people would surely recognize the problems she pointed out and we hope that most of them will be addressed accordingly and something will be done to prevent the above-mentioned things from happening.

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