19-Year-Old Faked Lavish Life On Social Media & It’s Hilarious How Easy It Was

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All of us are already used to seeing thousands of Instagram accounts created with the sole intention of showing someone’s luxurious lifestyle. People love bragging about their material possessions and other things and this is the whole point of creating such accounts. Byron Denton, a vlogger living in London, decided to prove that nothing is what it seems to be and he tested out just how much of a difference living this kind of life would make, so he faked it all and made it seem like he was living the dream life. All he did was edit some photos, and people began following every step of his experiment, thinking it was for real. You can see more here: Instagram. This is the video he posted on his YouTube channel about his week-long experiment: Youtube

1. Meet Byron

Image Source: Youtube

We think that the idea he came up with is amazing and shows just how gullable people could be! Thinking that someone could be an influencer while he had none of the things they brag about is actually kind of disturbing.

2. Byron was actually inspired by a colleague of his to do it

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He witnessed how another YouTuber named George Mason successfully faked a whole week of travelling on vacation, so he decided to take things a step further and started his experiment!

3. Byron was convinced that people loved seeing the things they could not afford

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He thought that the main reason for people to blindly follow the rich and famous on social media was due to the fact that such individuals have things that the majority of people would never have access to, and he was right! People love this kind of stuff!

4. Faking a trip to a cool destinations was as easy as 1, 2, 3

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He immediately realized that this was all just to easy and it seemed that people only waited for this to happen, as if they were hungry to have their eyes full of things and items they would like to have as their own.

5. Pretending to be living like a rich rock star was new to his followers

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People were really curious about his new way of life, and the more photos he posted, the more people were attracted to his profile, and number of new likes he received was constantly growing at a rapid pace.

6. One of the main things he used to achieve this was clothing

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Something as simple as wearing a certain outfit was more than enough for Byron to gather a whopping number of likes under his photos. A designer piece of clothing was more to than enough to make a huge difference!

7. Selfies are a must

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He used all of the resources he could find and was able to upload a lot images which really made it seem like he was living this way. We guess even he was surprised about just how easy it was to fake all of this!

8. Many Instagram influencers got their big break using the same method

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Some of the highest-paid Instagram influencers were forced to do the same in order for them to have a head start in their careers. They pretended that big brand names hired them to advertise their merchandise and thus attracted real ones to collaborate with.

9. Byron made sure he got all the details right

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All of his photos were well-planned and he made sure that everything he posted for the entire week would be good enough to convince his followers that he was, in fact, living a lavish life with many expensive things around him.

10. Photo editing was also needed

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Byron either changed the scenery around him or simply added his image to certain photos that already existed. This made it seem he was a part of dream lifestyle and it it the thing that got him the most likes.

11. We are curious about the fact that it only took him a week to do it

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We love his dedication and especially his approach towards the experiment, and we believe that the fact it only took him a week to fool everyone speaks for itself! The power of social media is huge and people follow blindly what they see!

12. This was a simple thing to do

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The only thing he had to do for this image was pose in a certain way! He added the bags later using a photo editing app and the result was amazing. The photo gathered a whopping number of likes just because there was something designer-related in it.

13. He followed simple ideas

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Things like posing outside a Louis Vuitton store were more than enough for Byron to achieve his goal! He definitely had a lot of fun through the entire week of his experiment and we would have had an equal amount of fun, too!

14. All the effects used for Instagram posts were a must have

Image Source: Youtube

Once he convinced everyone that he really lived this way, it was easily keeping it up, and he would have probably been able to go on like that indefinitely!

15. Here is how he showed he had an attitude

Image Source: Youtube

Byron really tried to act in a way that suited his new way of life, and he wanted to imply that he did what he wanted to simply because he could. Many influencers show attitude as part of their strategy to have more followers.

16. Everyone would like to be a model on Instagram

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It seems that apart from the luxury items and clothes and the exotic destinations, many people would like to know what it would be like to be a model, which is why they follow many different models online and try to do what they do.

17. This is how one of the photo posted above was made

Image Source: Instagram

It looks like a real thing but it is not.

Image Source: Youtube
Here is the original image featuring all those Louis Vuitton bags! Some image editing was enough to combine the two.

18. This image also appears to be genuine

Image Source: Instagram

This was one of Byron’s most successful post. It amassed a whopping number of likes in just a matter of seconds! It seems that many people liked the idea of travelling with a private jet.

19. Here is how the photo was created

Image Source:

It was really easy for Byron to create this image and it looks like the real thing!

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