21 Annoying Images That Will Give You Anxiety

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we see things that are not directly related to us in any way, and yet we find them to be annoying! It is hard to explain why that happens, but when we see something that is just not the way it is supposed to be, something inside us clicks and despite the fact we are not affected by that thing, we still feel the urge to make it right. The images in the list below give examples of such situations. Most of them could happen at any given moment and we need to remember that we should not take them so seriously and we should just try to go with the flow instead.

1. This man failed to notice his ear remained folded by the headphones

Image Source: Reddit

It must be really uncomfortable and yet he seems to be comfy enough to leave it like that!

2. This situation is about to get worse

Image Source: Reddit

Just one small move could cause the phone to hit the ground and it is painful to watch!

3. Someone’s dad used a normal brush for the cat

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this hairbrush is not going to be used again for sure!

4. These paper towel dispensers are frustrating

Image Source: Reddit

Every time you try to get a paper towel, it tears into a few piece or the machine gets jammed!

5. This shower needs to be fixed

Image Source: Reddit

The way this shower head malfunctioned would definitely ruin the relaxing shower you dreamed of!

6. Now this is just not right

Image Source: Reddit

Someone took a photo of the way his girlfriend handled the toothpaste and it is just wrong.

7. There are many questions raised by this image

Image Source: Reddit

Why would someone intentionally step in the mud with perfectly clean pink socks? We would never know.

8. Every time you try to peel a sticker like this one, it ends up like in the image you see

Image Source: Reddit

We have no idea why such stickers are not made easy to peel off!

9. This kitchen drawer chaos is unacceptable

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine trying to find a specific thing inside that drawer! It would be impossible not to be pissed!

10. Someone literally destroyed this butter lump

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody eats butter like that and we guess it is just wrong!

11. Someone needs to work on their organization skills

Image Source: Reddit

These books are shuffled and it looks like someone did it on purpose!

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12. Here is a potentially dangerous malfunction

Image Source: Reddit

Those twist-off bottle caps can sometimes be stronger than the bottle itself!

13. Someone’s day did not start the way it was supposed to

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely something we would never want to happen to us!

14. This is definitely something to be mad about

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever installed this cooktop needs to rethink their career choice.

15. Most of us know how this feels

Image Source: Reddit

Sadly, this happens much too often than it should!

16. Someone asked their kid to put all the drinks inside the refrigerator

Image Source: Redcit

Technically the task was completed, but the way it was done could infuriate everyone!

17. This type of passengers are the worst

Image Source: Reddit

These people need to be taught the meaning of ‘personal space’.

18. No cake or pie can be cut this way

Image Source: Reddit

This is totally unacceptable and nobody should cut any kind of dish like that!

19. Someone added something special to their meal

Image Source: Reddit

It is a good think they saw it before it was too late!

20. Believe it or not, but this is an egg

Image Source: Reddit

The chicken that laid this egg probably wanted to make something special but it looks weird!

21. When you order a pizza from your local restaurant

Image Source: Reddit

We personally have never experienced something like this, but we can bet that this guy will order from this restaurant anymore.

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