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20 Awesome Images Of Animals Greeting A UPS Driver Upon Each Delivery

Image Source: Reddit

UPS drivers do not have the boring mainstream job most people believe they do. As you are about to see, their daily routines are anything but boring. These hard workers make friends not only among regular clients but also among their pets and other animals. One driver named Scott Hodges even created a Facebook group where he shared his frequent encounters. He has more than 30 years on the job and made a lot of friends for that period. His personal profile is full of them, too, and the list bellows contains some of them.

1. Meet Little Bit

Image Source: Facebook

That is correct, Little Bit is the name of this gorgeous creature. She comes to the truck Scott drives but she was scared to do so initially. You can see she is overexcited and waiting for a treat.

2. The gang

Image Source: Facebook

Scott has many four-legged friends and this gang is part of that society. Scott shares that he feels like a start pulling up with a big brown luxury vehicle to meet his devoted fans. It sure looks that way.

3. The pitbull

Image Source: Facebook

Now, this image can easily be considered the definition of “good boy”. Despite its size, the cute doggo is a sweetheart that loves giving kisses, and we believe Scott does not mind that at all.

4. The look

Image Source: Facebook

Canines can be very manipulative and even those who are familiar with such behavior can rest assured that they could not stand this looks. The eyes say it all: “give me a treat and I will love you”.

5. Moof the pup

Image Source: Facebook

Moof is a giant goofball and you can immediately tell that when you see this image! If he looks big as a baby, then you should know that we will easily pass the 170lbs mark when grown up.

6. The beauty

Image Source: Facebook

Here is one dog that is exceptionally gorgeous. Sure enough, Scott never divides them according to their size or looks but this canine is awesome and very picture friendly, it seems.

7. The jumper

Image Source: Facebook

Now, this is one really good way to show the excitement of neighborhood dogs every time they see Scott pulling up in his big brown van. We guess this jumping doggo received at least a dozen biscuits.

8. The other pitbull

Image Source: Facebook

Needless to say, people are always wrong for claiming pitbull are aggressive and dangerous to people. They are giant balls of love and they all love cuddles and kisses. This one makes no exception.

9. The friends

Image Source: Facebook

Here is how one Australian Shepherd decided to teach the younger doggo to go and get treats. Once the first lesson passes, the other dog will surely know to wait for the brown van next time.

10. The smile

Image Source: Facebook

Beagles are bundles of joy and they always seem to be as happy as possible. This cutie welcomed Scott with the same big smile every time so he had nothing else to do but to grab more treats.

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11. The toy

Image Source: Facebook

We are certain that Scott would spend the whole day playing with his friends with wagging tails but he has business to attend to. Still, this doggo decided to try his luck and brought a toy to Scott.

12. The tongue

Image Source: Facebook

Here is what Scott sees more than a few times a day! As you can see, he was able to take a picture at the best possible moment – just when the doggo stuck his tongue out while expressing biscuit cravings.

13. The tail

Image Source: Facebook

Apart from tongues sticking out, Scott is used to wagging tails, too! As you can see, this cute
pitbull cannot get enough attention and expressed his joy of seeing the UPS driver once again!

14. The friends

Image Source: Facebook

Scott is used to seeing whole packs of dogs coming his way and this is why he always brings extra snacks with him. As you can see, the dogs know that and they do everything to make him give it all.

15. The firewood

Image Source: Facebook

Doggos love playing “Fetch the stick” but this particular pooch brought the game to a whole new level. It seems that Scott was impressed because he took this image and added a witty caption below it.

16. The black puppy

Image Source: Facebook

Not two dogs are ever the same and Scott is happy to see each and every one of them. This particular black puppy acts shy compared to the rest of the canines but Scott welcomes them all the same way – with treats and pets.

17. The senior scammer

Image Source: Facebook

This is how this doggo meets the UPS driver each time. It seems the dog has a strategy. It gets in Scott’s way and he must give the pooch a biscuit every time he wants to go and actually fulfill his duties.

18. The cone

Image Source: Facebook

As you can see, this dog has the cone of shame installed, or whatever is left of it. It seems the canine was in a big hurry not to miss Scott’s visit and the cone could not withstand the joy and the jumping around.

19. The squeak toy

Image Source: Facebook

Here is yet another doggo in the mood for playing. The driver would gladly play with all the dogs but that would keep him from delivering his parcels. In this case, Scott at least had the time to take a picture of the doggo with the squeak toy pig in its mouth.

20. The howl

Image Source: Facebook

Dogs will do anything to get a treat and this image shows one of the approaches dogs have. This is Bentley, and he obviously wants another treat. He seems to follow the same tactic each time he gets inside Scott’s van.

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