20 Bars And Restaurants Who Deserve To Be Praised For Their Creativity

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It is no secret that many restaurant and bar owners are people with artistic or even eccentric nature, which makes these places more or less unique! Some clients have their favorite places because of the spirit and the atmosphere, and we are like that, too! When you finally find your place, there is no need for searching for a better one, because falling in love with a restaurant or a bar is like falling for someone – the feeling is impossible to be replicated! The ideas and the work that were put into the places listed below are worth praising and they are definitely worth sharing as well! Chances are that you will like more than a few of them.

1. The wholesome act

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Sometimes the seemingly small thing are the ones that count the most. This place’s managers obviously cared enough for the well-being of their clients and they proved it by issuing these notes which were something like vouchers. The touching text is something really cool to see and we hope more places adopt such a policy!

2. The curious policy

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It seems that some places can be qualified as extraordinary in the most unexpected of ways, and the place where this image was taken is obviously not an ordinary one! As you can see, the management has adopted a curious policy that guarantees employees are paid more than the usual rate, meaning that clients who don’t feel like leaving a tip actually don’t have to!

3. The sarcastic warning

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Now this is something that we really enjoyed seeing! We believe that many restaurants deserve to hang up a sign like this one, as the way their employees are treated is often unacceptable. This sign definitely puts people who are rude to the waiters in their place, or at least makes them think about it before shouting at them.

4. The special painting

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Here is something that you will definitely not see anywhere else in the world! This restaurant decided to honor the first clients that stepped inside after the grand opening by painting their portrait and hanging it on the wall! This is a proof that this place really cares about everyone who decided to go inside and order food, which is awesome to see!

5. The unusual sign

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The sign you see is one of the wittiest things on the list! The management of this place decided to explain that the restrooms were labeled by gender only because the local laws required this, but the management wanted to make sure that everyone knew they did not do it because they wanted to! They added a note explaining that everyone is welcome to use whichever restroom they choose.

6. The funny poster

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Someone noticed this hilarious poster on the window of a Sydney bar, and this is the kind of thing that would easily make us want to go inside and have a drink! As you can see, it looks kind of retro, and the joke featured on it is awesome! We are sure that absolutely everyone who got the chance to see it was amused by it, which is the whole point, of course.

7. The cat humor

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When it comes to having a sense of humor, we really appreciate the people who are able to incorporate cats and their funny ways into the jokes they share. As you can see, someone working at this bar is definitely a super funny person! They put this short comic scene outside the bar and we are more than certain that it was the best advertisement they could think of!

8. The irresistible offer

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Sometimes the ways in which bars advertise their business are more than unusual, which is a good thing, of course, because this most often means that the advertisement is hilarious! In this case, one bar decided to advertise their menu as if they were a restaurant! This is the funniest way to describe a glass of whisky with ice!

9. The false advertising

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Well, this is actually not false advertising, because it is brilliant! It is more of a false statement, actually, but there is nothing but a huge sense of humor behind it! Bar owners are willing to do anything in order to attract more clients, and sometimes they do it the right way! Adding a witty sign is definitely a good marketing tool, and a cheap one, too! This particular example is a brilliant idea

10. The puddle warning

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Before we saw this image, we never really thought about the need for a puddle warning system! As it turns out, such a solution is an absolute must, especially when it comes to restaurants and bars! No customer would enjoy to step inside the bar with their feet soaking wet, so this pub owner decided to use a clever way of indicating where all the puddles outside of the place were! This is what caring for customers looks like!

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11. The amazing design

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Here is one South Korean café that is definitely going to play tricks on your mind! The extraordinary interior design is like nothing we have seen before! Every little detail inside suggests that this is a two-dimensional place made from paper! Imagine the planning and all the work that had to be done in order for this effect to be achieved! It looks absolutely stunning and we would gladly have a latte in there!

12. The Halloween decoration

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You are probably aware that some people are just as obsessed with decorating their cribs for Halloween as they are keen on doing it for Christmas! There are individuals who are willing to invest a lot of time and effort into decorating their homes. In this case, a bar owner decided that the place needed a Halloween makeover, and they chose what we think is the best option imaginable! The Simpsons theme never gets old!

13. The mini bar

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Here is one really curious thing to see! The concept behind a bar is definitely the most important thing behind starting such a business! Nobody needs just another place with tables and chairs where they serve beer. As you can see, the concept behind this particular one is amazing and it makes it one of the most interesting things we have seen lately!

14. The work of art

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Yes, this is nothing but a work of art, despite the fact it is merely a chalkboard hanging on the wall of some random bar! However, the masterpiece created on that common surface is amazing and we love the details it has! Someone really did their best here, and the whole idea of the message is also great! This is the kind of things we cannot get enough of!

15. The medieval bar

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Make no mistake, this image was taken just recently, but it looks like someone recreated the interior of a location from many centuries ago! It looks amazing and it definitely stands out from the rest! No wonder there, as it appears that there are not too many medieval pubs in the world. This one is located in Prague and we believe it is a location worth visiting at least once!

16. The sign that cover all needs

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Clever advertising always wins, no doubt about that! The hard part is to come up with an idea good enough to work all the time. We believe the person who came up with this bar sign definitely had a winning strategy on their mind, and you can see just how relatable this sing is! It basically covers all your needs, regardless of what they might be, because they all come down to a few basic ones.

17. The witty welcome sign

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Here is one sign that might be accepted as controversial by some, but there is nothing but god sense of humor behind it! Seeing it would definitely make most people chuckle. It seems that such welcome signs are the easiest and cheapest way for a bar to be advertised!

18. The negative reviews

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It appears that some bars and diners could not care less about negative reviews, and especially those that are not backed up by a specific reason. This place even found a super funny way to deal with people who randomly throw their negativity at the restaurant by posting bad reviews. This is the perfect way to handle such situations!

19. The warning sign

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There are various types of restaurants out there, but you haven’t lived until you paid a visit to a Greek one! Everything about Greek diners is different, especially the people! As you can read on the sign pictured above, some specific details need to be mentioned in order for confusion to be avoided.

20. The special door

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Here is one idea that combines creativeness and practicality! This bar offers a simple way of testing their clients if they are sober enough to leave on their own or not! As you can see, only a person who is not drunk would be able to open that door!

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