20 Beautiful Illustrations That Will Make You Happy You Live Alone

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

It is natural to get lonely, especially when you are single and don’t share your home with anyone. Most people are social to an extent, and they tend to crave at least some form of human contact. The desire for companionship is one of the major reasons people choose to partner up and start families.

However, being single and living alone is not the worst thing in the world. A lot of people prefer it. There are obvious benefits to being on your own and not answering to anyone else.

These beautiful illustrations, created by an artist named Yaoyao Ma Van As, help explain the many benefits of living on your own.

Yaoyao Ma Van As is based in the city of Los Angeles.

1. You Can Work Whenever You’d Like

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Some people like to work at odd times of the day. For example, some people are night owls and do their best work at night. Other people work best first thing in the morning. Other people like to do little bits of work at various points throughout the day.

If you keep odd work-related hours, though, you might end up disturbing your roommate or family members. That is one reason it is great to live alone. Other people don’t get in the way of your being productive, so you can get a lot done, and you are not bothering anyone.

Your messy desk won’t bother anyone either.

2. You Can Do Nothing All Day

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

When you live with other people—especially a spouse or partner—they often have this strange expectation that you should do things. Often, they expect you to do things with them. They’ll probably want to interact with you at least one a day, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood to talk.

If you live alone, nobody is around to judge you or drag you out of the house. That is a major perk. You can sit around looking at your phone, watching television, or playing video games all day if you’d like.

The dog in this image looks pretty happy to sleep the day away with its owner.

I like the happy face surrounded by hearts. The woman in this image seems to be having an enjoyable day.

3. You Can Binge Eat

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Another problem with living with people is that they tend to notice how much food you buy as well as how much food you eat. While overeating can be a problem and obesity is not good for one’s health, a cheat day once in a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you generally eat well and exercise, you can afford a day here and there when you consume three or four enormous meals.

4. You Can Snack Whenever You’d Like To Snack

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Just like binge eating once in a while, living alone means you can snack at odd times without being embarrassed.

When you are in a serious relationship, you tend to eat meals together at specific times, which means you probably should not have a midnight snack.

Sometimes, though, you want to skip dinner and just have a bag of chips or piece of cake at midnight when you are feeling hungry. When you are living alone, that is okay.

5. You Can Eat Wherever You’d Like

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

When you are part of a family, you are often forced to sit down at a proper kitchen or dining and table and talk about your day. Not everyone likes to talk when they eat.

When you are living alone, however, you can eat pretty much anywhere you’d like. If you want to eat in front of the television or while reading, that’s perfectly acceptable. If you want to eat in bed, you can do that too. There is no one around to be critical of those choices.

The dog in this image definitely wants some of the pasta the young woman in this illustration is eating.

6. Your Dog Can Cuddle and Sleep In Your Bed

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

If you want to wake up in the morning and let your dog cuddle in bed with you for a while, there’s no one to stop you. Some people don’t think pets should be allowed in beds, and they do not want them in theirs; however, if the bed is yours and yours alone—if you do not share it with anyone else—you can do as you please.

7. You Are Free To Do Laundry Whenever

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

If you are sharing a washing machine with other people, you typically have to follow a schedule. If you are the only one with access to that machine, though, you can do laundry any day of the week, at any time of the day. Also, you can probably get away with putting off doing laundry a day or two—no one will notice.

Even better, you don’t necessarily have to fold your laundry and put it away immediately. If you want to leave it out on your bed or in a laundry basket for a few hours, that is perfectly fine. No one will see the mess but you. If it does not bother you, it does not bother anyone.

8. You Can Be a Total Slob

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Most people are either neat freaks or total slobs, and the two types tend to drive one another nuts. However, if you live alone and want to make a mess, there’s not going to be any neat freak around to give you a hard time.

I like this particular piece because the young woman is wearing a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” t-shirt. The show, which came out in 1997, is still a cult favorite 20 years after its premiere. It was created by Joss Whedon, who also created “Firefly” and “Dollhouse”. He is also known for being a pretty prolific director. He directed “The Avengers” in 2012.

After “Buffy” ended, the characters’ stories continued in comic books.

9. You Can Be a Messy Artist If You Want

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

When you live by yourself, your space is your own, so if you want to make a mess while painting or pursuing another artistic endeavor, that is your decision and your decision alone. As long as it can be cleaned up later, what’s the big deal? Creative types are often pretty messy people, and that is okay.

10. You Can Take Your Time in the Mornings

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

If you have small children, you rarely get to sleep in. From the time the alarm goes off, you’re up and doing things for the kids. If you are childless and live alone, though, you can generally hang out in bed for a while on days you do not have to work. You can even have your coffee and your breakfast in bed, which is always a treat.

11. You Can Allow the Pet In the Bathroom

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

This artist clearly likes dogs and enjoys spending time with them—that’s great. Dogs make excellent company. A lot of people would look at someone funny if he or she let the dog sit in the bathroom while he or she was taking a bath. However, if a person does not have a roommate, there’s no way for anyone to know. You can do whatever you want.

This artist really does draw adorable puppies. I like how the puppy in this image is wagging its tail.

12. You Can Take a Morning Walk By Yourself

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Taking a morning walk by yourself, or with your dog, is a great way to start the day. It allows time for the sort of reflection we all need from time to time. While having company on a walk can be nice, sometimes you just want to enjoy the sounds of nature in the morning.

13. You Can Take Long Baths In Which Your Troubles Just Melt Away

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

When you live with other people—especially if you have kids—you generally do not have time to take long baths. For a variety of reasons, bathroom time is limited, especially if there is only one bathroom in the home. Children need a lot of attention, and other people may need to use the bathroom for one reason or another. Sitting around in a tub for an hour generally just is not possible unless you live alone.

This is a great image. The woman looks totally relaxed. I love all of the candles and the flower petals. The artist did another illustration about enjoying bathing for as long as one wants to.

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

The woman depicted is definitely having the time of her life. I like how “relax” is written there in the background. All of the plants are a really nice touch, and they add a nice bit of color to this image.

14. You Have Time to Enjoy the Little Things

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

When you have a family, it can be really hard to find time to enjoy the little things that make life truly rich. The woman in this image looks truly content to have the time to watch the animals play, which can definitely be a lot of fun. If you simply want to sit around and stare at the clouds in the sky, you can do that. There’s a lot of beauty in the world.

15. You Can Meditate Without Getting Distracted

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Meditation is really important to a lot of people, and it can be a big part of their lives. Being able to meditate without being distracted by another person is a huge perk of living alone. It is hard to meditate when there are screaming children around, for example.

It is believed that meditation can improve certain psychological conditions; for example, it is good for stress relief and reducing depression as well as anxiety. It may also help reduce moderate pain.

16. You Can Eat All of The Cookies You Bake

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

You can always buy cookies at the store, but there is something satisfying about baking your own cookies. Doing so certainly makes the apartment or house smell pretty good.

Unfortunately, when you live with other people, they have this weird idea that you should share the cookies that you spent time making.

When you live alone, there’s no one to steal your cookies. They are all for you. You probably shouldn’t eat them all in one sitting; however, if you do, there is no one around to judge you.

17. You Have More Time To Play With the Pet

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

A lot of animals—puppies, especially—enjoy playing. They enjoy playing a lot. Other people tend to take up a lot of your time, though.

If you don’t have a spouse, partner, or children, you have a lot more time to play with your pet, and your pet will love you even more because of all the attention it is getting.

This is yet another example of an illustration featuring a cute puppy. It looks like the two are playing hide and seek. All of the dogs depicted in this list are cute, but this one is exceptionally adorable.

18. You Can Dance Whenever You Want and No One Will See You

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

Not everyone is a great dancer. In fact, most of us are mediocre at best when it comes to dancing. When you live alone, though, nobody will see how bad your moves are. Your pet might, but they’re not very judgmental.

I’m not sure why the woman in this image is dancing while doing dishes. That seems like a strange time to dance.
She does look like she’s having fun, though. She’s got a lot of dishes to do. How long have those been piling up?

The dog in the illustration clearly wants a bit of attention.

19. There Is No One To Make Fun Of You If You Are Clumsy

Image Source: Yaoyao Ma Van As

This is a big benefit to living alone. A lot of people are clumsy, and as a result they do embarrassing things. If you make a clumsy move when no one is around, though, it really does not matter.

The little touches in this image make it truly great. For example, I love that the woman in the image was sketching a picture of her dog, which is sound asleep in a dog bed on the floor. I also like how all of the dog’s toys are on the floor.


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