20 Charming Children Who Did It Better Than Their Parents

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Every parent knows exactly how tough it is to raise a child. It is a constant battle against time, fatigue and even common sense sometimes! When you add the fact that it really is a 24/7 job that nobody pays for, it gets even worse. However, all the effort and the troubles related to raising a kid are worth it, and the image on this list show that in the funniest possible way. After all, kids can be little rascals but they could also be a source of endless amusement!

1. Like father, like son

Image Source: Reddit

This adorable image shows that the apple does not fall away from the tree! This proud father is really happy that his son is actually his spitting image, down to the last detail!

2. This little girl is impatient

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As you can see, this cute toddler is all set and ready to go, but it seems that the cutie is waiting for someone. You can tell that by the slightly annoyed face which many adults make when annoyed.

3. Back stretching with dad is fun

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that exercising at home has a lot of benefits. You save time and money by not going to a gym and you also enjoy some company. This toddler is obviously a fast learner.

4. We can see the resemblance here

Image Source: Reddit

We are glad that this image reminded us of one of our all time favorite movies. The curious thing here is that this kid was able to make the same face, only with cooler glasses on!

5. This baby definitely knows lifting those weights would be impossible

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one really adorable image showing that it is never to early to hit the gym! As you can see, this baby wanted to try and lift those weights but it became apparent that it would be impossible.

6. House chores are no match for a toddler

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We guess that kids can really help around the house if they want to! Of course, they often choose to do the exact opposite and they trash the place. This kid, however, decided to help!

7. Push-up at home are a great exercise

Image Source: Reddit

You can definitely tell that this baby has a bright future as an athlete. The body position is perfect and with some training the kid could turn his body into a machine!

8. This is the most adorable baby costume ever

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is what we call a perfect baby costume! Someone decided to dress their baby as a granny and it is a perfect setup, down to the last detail.

9. Here is one surprised look

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this cute baby has the most unusual features! Apart from the beautiful and huge eyes, we cannot help but notice those eyebrows!

10. This is one young gentleman

Image Source: Reddit

This handsome young man is dressed realy sharp, and he seems to be enjoying his outfit! We guess that his parents knew that this would be a perfect match!

11. Even babies have facial wrinkles 

Image Source: Reddit

This is something most of you probably know, but people have wrinkles all their lives! They are not just a sign of aging! Just look at this adorable face with forehead wrinkles!

12. This is a nice position to sleep in

Image Source: Reddit

This wrinkly baby fell asleep in an unusual position that reminds is of a certain scene from the all time classic The Godfather! You all remember the scene, right?

13. This boy is not happy about something

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that once you make a decision, you need to accept the consequences. In this case, this kid probably did not agree to be taken to a certain location and his face confirms that!

14. This is a perfect costume

Image Source: Imgur

When trying to make a certain costume in order to appear the way you want to, the tiny details and the quality of work are all that matter and this image proves it! This boy realy looks like an old man!

15. Here is another todder who looks like a movie character

Image Source: Imgur

Seeeing this toddler immediately brought a certain memory in our minds! The late Robin Williams transformed into Mrs. Doubtfire which was an epic role and this todder looks just like the character!

16. Now this is one fashionable hairdo

Image Source: Reddit

This baby is not aware of it yet, but his hair is absolutely perfect! In fact, many people dream of having such a hairdo. This is one lucky baby!

17. This is a really stylish kid

Image Source: Reddit

Who says that you cannot have your own personal style before you could even walk? This baby breaks all the stereotypes and shows off his great stye. The huge smile realy adds to everything else!

18. The resemblance between this baby and Danny DeVito is uncanny

Image Source: Reddit

We have never thought that we could actually see a baby whose appearance strongly reminds us of none other than Danny DeVito! We are sure that he would be puzzled if he gets to see this image!

19. Someone is in a cranky mood, obviously

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that even babies can feel like they are fed up with something, and we can definitely tel that this newborn baby is already fed up with something!

20. We all love shopping

Image Source: Onliner

This sweet little kiddo loves shopping. We all do. Well, at least in the beginning it’s all fun, but later on we do it, because we have to.

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