20 Clever Inventions That Need To Be Everywhere

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There are many things that could make our lives easier. Different new inventions, gadgets or simply new and improved ways to do a certain thing are more than welcome! People can come up with amazing things but, unfortunately for all of us, many of the clever new ideas never make their way to become part of our everyday routines. The list below suggests twenty ideas and ways of doing things that could be beneficial for everyone!

1. This is the safest position for your mobile device

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This simple solution will prevent you from knocking the phone off the table.

2. Here is a solution if you do not have enough USB ports

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This is not only a clever solution but it also features a really cool design.

3. Every bathroom needs this

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This solution allows you to choose unscented soap before you had your meal.

4. This is the coolest charger ever

Image Source: Imgur

Here is a portable coaster charger that transforms heat into energy!

5. Here is the coolest inflatable house ever

Image Source: Gentletent

Well, it is not actually a house, but it is the perfect camping solution!

6. Here is a hotel offering free use of a mobile phone

Image Source: Reddit

You can take the phone and use call and data services free of charge as long as you are a guest there.

7. These parking lines are awesome

Image Source: Reddit

The way the lines continue up the wall makes parking within the spot far easier.

8. Here is the best chair to sit on while having lunch during a skiing vacation

Image Source: Reddit

It offers space for the helmet and other gear! Skiers know how hard it is to find a place to put them.

9. There is a rain indicator in this elevator

Image Source: Reddit

If it is raining outside, this device notifies people about it and we think it is an awesome idea.

10. This is the best way to spend the time you have while waiting at an airport

Image Source: Reddit

It offers free lessons on performing CPR, which can enable you to save someone’s life!

11. Here is a pet treats vending machine

Image Source: Reddit

This is so awesome that we have no idea why we have never seen it until now.

12. This is really handy

Image Source: Reddit

You can leave your phone to charge in a locked compartment at this mall!

13. Here is another way to charge your mobile device

Image Source: Reddit

It enables you to charge your phone for free and exercise at the same time!

14. This is a programmable pedestrian crosswalk

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an easy way to enable senior citizens to safely cross the road! This should be installed everywhere!

15. A Bitcoin ATM sounds like a great idea

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you don’t need a bank ATM anymore as long as you own Bitcoin.

16. Here is how you gain customers’ trust

Image Source: Reddit

This box of tomatoes features the name and the image of the person who prepared the package!

17. This is crisis hotline is a wholesome idea

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this should exist on every bridge to prevent those willing to take their own lives from doing so.

18. Here is one smart dishwasher

Image Source: Reddit

It projects the time left in a futuristic way and we like it a lot!

19. A restaurant in Rome offers single-use toothbrushes

Image Source: Reddit

They contain a small amount of paste and give you the chance to brush your teeth after the meal!

20. This is the best inflatable bed we have ever seen

Image Source: Imgur

It allows you to sleep in your car with the maximum comfort possible!

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