20 Cute Animals Trying To Understand Humans

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing cute animals is something we would never get enough of! There are loads of images and videos on internet and this is by far one of the best ways for everyone to spend a few amusing minutes during a break. However there are certain photos that are funnier than others. These are the pics that show the moments when animals interact with people. The list below consists of twenty images showing how pets were able to interact with their humans in a hilarious or a curious way.

1. This doggo does not like cold weather

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the owner of this dog has no way of explaining that winter cannot simply disappear instantly!

2. It is all about priorities

Image Source: Reddit

The gorgeous doggo you see here preferred to look at the person behind it instead of watching the game.

3. Here is a kitty that wanted to see the world differently

Image Source: Pikabu

Perhaps this cat wondered if humans would appear to be more intelligent this way!

4. These dogs have a certain look in their eyes

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that they are not buying whatever the human is saying to them.

5. Here is one helpful kitty

Image Source: Reddit

The person who owns this cat is probably pleased by its willingness to act as a smartphone holder.

6. Someone was surprised by this husky in the restroom

Image Source: Pikabu

The dog entered with a bang, stayed there for a few seconds and left the scene!

7. This person tried to look everywhere for their cat

Image Source: Reddit

The cat turned out to be in a the pillow case and it is hard to tell who was more surprised by this fact.

8. Here is one kitty that probably realized something

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this cat is not as comfortable as it appears to be!

9. This puppy demands to have a banana

Image Source: Imgur

Perhaps the cute dog is wandering why are these sausages are yellow and smell funny!

10. Bathing time is a burden for this cat

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this kitty cannot get the point of bathing at all, and you can tell that by its facial expression.

11. The pure joy of communication

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that this doggo is just as happy to meet these people are to see his handsome appearance!

12. This kitty is disappointed

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that there is nothing on this table that would be appropriate for the kitty to snack on.

13. Here is a dog that demands a playtime companion

Image Source: Pikabu

The dog seems to be a bit annoyed that it has to wait for the human to finally come and play!

14. This dog knows how to draw attention

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is a really good reason to go after this dog and try to negotiate a deal!

15. Here is how dogs express feelings

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently the owner of this dog decided to tease it, which cause this reaction and the cute face!

16. This doggo is scared by the lawnmower noise

Image Source: Pikabu

Dogs are afraid of all sorts of things and they always try to find a safe spot!

17. Here is a dog reacting to the lack of treats

Image Source: Reddit

This is a typical reaction when the dog realizes that the human has no treats at the moment.

18. These doggies apparently cannot stand the singing of the kids

Image Source: Reddit

The dogs’ owner took this image when her kids began singing. The dogs are not fans for sure.

19. Here is a kitty that disapproves its new diet food

Image Source: Reddit

You can definitely tell that the cat judges the human for buying diet food.

20. This dog tried to explore the snoring sound

Image Source: Reddit

When this man fell asleep and began to snore. The doggy tried to find the source of that sound!

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