20 Funny And Relatable Tweets That Will Make You Say ‘Oh, That’s me!’

You don’t need much in order to have quality fun, right? It is like happiness – they are both a matter of choice and mindset. Sometimes people are too tense or grumpy in order to appreciate some funny content that happened to go their way. This is a shame, actually, because internet can sometimes throw at you lists like the one one below, and if you are in the right mood and have some time to spare browsing through it, you would definitely see that it is worth checking out, because it is one hilarious tweet collection!

1. Here is one equally funny and relatable tweet

Image Source: Twitter

This is one simple tweet that suggest one of the ways in which life goes. Even if nobody asks about you condition or feelings, you still feel the need to share and even to complain! This is only natural and most of us do it more and more as time passes by! The constant fatigue many of us feel is a burden.

2. We remember these good old times

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is one really cool memory that actually makes us feel a bit ashamed about doing such a thing at all but we have all done it! The beginning of the teenage period is always hard and kids often tend to overreact and add drama to their live, resulting into moments like this one!

3. Here another super relatable tweet

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes a joke about the sad reality we live in is actually the funniest possible one, which is kind of weird since that reality is not something to brag about in most cases. The tweet you see here is the perfect example, and one thing is for sure – it is definitely a funny one!

4. Here is a witty tweet that makes sense

Image Source: Twitter

We love those pieces of content that are able to instantly give a different perspective about a certain thing! In this case, someone tweeted a sarcastic suggestion that doorbells are obsolete and we could not agree more! As you think about it, you would find it hard to recall the last time you rang a buzzer!

5. The ways in which people have fun are different

Image Source: Twitter

Maybe the older generations would find it hard to understand most of the things we enjoy seeing and laughing at, but we guess that it is only natural since we grew up in a different time! As you can see, all it took for this person to have fun was this image of Scrappy Doo in a lobster costume.

6. This is one nice comparison

Image Source: Twitter

Well, sometimes people pretend that they are worth more than they actually do, and in other cases they often underestimate themselves! Seeing this tweet made us realize that the best possible option is to keep it real and to know who you are, even if you are not happy with yourself at the moment.

7. We know this feeling

Image Source: Twitter

We need to make something clear here. It is not the size of a person that is the problem. It is the surroundings! We find ourselves in crammed places much too often, and this is especially valid for diners and restaurants where people want to have a good time but they are forced to put up with tables arranged too close to one another.

8. This is as accurate as it could possibly be

Image Source: Twitter

There are many things that you could say about the Google search engine and we believe that most people would definitely admit that there is literally nothing that Google can’t find. Trouble is need to know what are looking for, otherwise even this all powerful tool would be completely useless!

9. We know this feeling well

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that there are most things most people have in common than they could possibly imagine! This is one tweet that suggests that and it might not be something all too important, but it is still curious to see that some people feel the same way! We really do feel like prehistoric creatures by chewing on veggies or leaves.

10. This is how things go with all millennials

test ad
Image Source: Twitter

We could easily confirm this, and we really appreciate the witty sense of humor the person who tweeted this was blessed with! It is one really direct and funny way to explain how we, the millennials, handle phone calls! Most of us keep their phones’ notifications turned off in most of the times.

11. This is more than just an excuse

Image Source: Twitter

Well, it certainly does appear to be nothing but an excuse, but having such days or even periods of time is absolutely necessary if you want to be able to endure through all the stress the modern day way of living inevitably brings us. Doing nothing is actually the best kind of therapy and we love it! This is out way of imagining quality time, but it it would have been a lot different if we were 16 years old now.

12. Here is another funny tweet that is fairly accurate 

Image Source: Twitter

There are certain moments in people’s lives when they start acting differently which is often surprising to them, but it is quite normal, because these moments are nothing but stages of our development. Teenagers, for example, often find themselves behaving in ways they have never behaved before, and this tweet suggests how over-dramatic they could be.

13. We feel like this, too

Image Source: Twitter

The constant stress we are forced to put up with often brings insecurities and it is definitely the cause of the fatigue we feel all the time. It often shows its consequences in seemingly simple situations, such as the one described here! These tests are fairly easy to do but we often feel like we would not be able to complete them!

14. This is even harder than pictured here 

Image Source: Twitter

This tweet is definitely one of the best comparisons on the list! We are convinced that most people would relate to it, and the reason is obvious. Most arguments end up in tears, especially those that mean a lot to you. This is just part of most individuals’ personalities and it cannot be avoided.

15. Here is yet another perfectly visualized feeling 

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that having confidence in yourself is everything you need to succeed in today’s world, but this is easier said than done! Confidence is something that most people should have, but they don’t even if they have all the reasons to be as confident as possible! Low self-esteem is definitely not something that could make you feel good regardless of what you do.

16. These conversations are happening 24/7

Image Source: Twitter

We might as well admit it – we all have our personal issues and fears that we keep hidden from the outside world. These believes and thoughts are something private and we most often face them when we are alone. The middle of the night is also a time when many people decide to sort these out.

17. This one is just too funny

Image Source: Twitter

Well, things really do change and we are not sure if it is for the better. The news that Robert Pattinson has been chosen to play the new Batman was kind of curious since we last saw him star in Twilight. Talking about the series, this is exactly how we looked liked – the facial expression used here could not be more accurate!

18. We wish it worked this way

Image Source: Twitter

Life has certain unwritten rules and it rarely happens as described in most movie productions; This is quite unfortunate, because it would have been nice for a chosen Hollywood scenario to happen to us, but it simply never happens! This is why this person’s tweet is super relatable and really funny, but such a thing could never happen in real life!

19. Such situations are something most of us have been through 

Image Source: Twitter

This might seem to be funny, but it is something that happens all the time. Our homes are constantly invaded by all kinds of critters and whether we like it or not, we need to put up with that! Sometimes they are nowhere to be seen but in many cases they are bothering us to the point we are not willing to touch them or try to get them out of the house.

20. This is what anxiety brings our way

Image Source: Twitter

It is curious how most people don’t even realize that they have anxiety, or they simply refuse to believe they do! But their actions speak louder than words, and this simple situations is something that every person who experiences anxiety could relate to instantly!

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