20 Funny Images Showing What Teachers Need To Deal With On A Daily Basis

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Being a teacher is not for everyone! People often say that it is a calling rather than just a job ane we tend to agree! It is harder than most of us could imagine but it could also be a lot of fun! Seeing the list below might give you some ideas about what it is like, and the whole compilations is really amusing to see!

1. This is a common mood for most teachers

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Some of the things related to this profession are actually boring and they are everyday routines that anyone could get fed up with soon. This is a good example!

2. Teachers are often despised because they simply do their job

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Teachers have a lot of responsibilites and they need to able to evaluate students’ performance base on their results instead of the personal relationships, which is why students are not happy when they get what they deserve.

3. We guess most teachers would relate to this one

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As you can see, this is just as funny as it is real! We know that it is just a part of the job but it would drive most people crazy soon enough!

4. Kids often adore their teachers and it is really sweet

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In some cases students idolize their teachers regardless if there is a particular reason for that or not. This happens mostly when the students are younger and it is always fun to experience.

5. Sometimes it is tough to understand your students

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Working with kids is really hard because their reality is a lot different than ours. You need to understand them really well in order to communicate with them in the best possible way.

6. We have actually seen something similar before

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If a teacher needs to collect all the papers their students submitted and take them home for evaluation, this means that they would need to carry a heavy load when leaving work!

7. This is the truth, unfortunately

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We guess that nothing in life is as fair as we would like it to be, but there are some things that can be changed and it does not take much effort. It is all about priorities, really, and education must be on top of that list!

8. Here is something relatable to many teachers

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This is actually one of the things that make a teacher’s job interesting! Sometimes students come up with things that are more or less controversial, but these things are also impressive or curious to see or hear.

9. Here is something that always happens

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This is what we meant earlier! Some students are just not willing to put in the work. They think that not making an effort is no big deal but they are wrong, and when they demand good grades, teachers are not able to do anything for them.

10. This is virtually impossible

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The photo someone used to describe this is really funny but totally accurate! Trying to do this would hardly lead to the desirable result but teachers still give their best to achieve it!

11. This sounds funny but it is actually not at all

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We genuinely believe that almost every teacher would confirm this! As you can see, this is the complete opposite of every desk job where people often steal office supplies.

12. This is the kind of support 1st year teachers need

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They say that every beginning is hard, and we guess this is mostly true when it comes to teaching. This is few teacher who enter a school for the first time tend to be insecure, but in most cases they are doing a great job!

13. We know how this feels like

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Well, it doesn’t take for someone to be a teacher in order to relate to this one! As you can see, such a period is bound to be this stressful regardless of the line of work you are in!

14. This is hilarious to see

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We love this kind of sense of humor! Of course, there is a reason for this funny image to exist, and the reason is that even young teachers often feel exhausted as if they were close to retirement.

15. Now this is one funny comparison

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We guess that this is another relatable comparison that it is funny to see, but teachers definitely know that it is not funny at all to be paid a lot less than you deserve! We are convinced that this has to change because teachers have one of the most important jobs in the world!

16. Most teachers would agree on this one

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Everyone has their limits and by the end of the school year most of the teachers would be completely exhausted!

17. Now this is something strongly relatable

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This may not happen all the time, but it happens much too often. Teachers can experience headaches for all sorts of reasons, but the main ones are having too much work or dealing with naughty kids.

18. There is a reason for this to be like that

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Going to the bathroom in a rush is a must, but coming back to the classroom could wait! After all, who would be eager to return to a place where there is chaos and noise!

19. We guess that this is something nobody could deny

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This is another sarcastic post referring to the low salaries and the limited resources teachers need to put up with.

20. This teacher’s students were probably as happy as she is

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It might not be the best thing to do, but sometimes it is all about a reasonable compromise!

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