20 Genius Ideas By Creative Dads’ That Are Definitely Worth Seeing

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Dads will be dads! They seem to have their own ways of doing things and they are not letting go of them! Why should they, actually? Dads usually have a unique approach to all kinds of problems and situations. This often results in finding an unconventional but working solution. Sure enough, many people often believe that all dads do is play with their responsibilities, but we beg to differ! All that dads do is try and make life easier for them, and their genius solutions are often worth sharing, which is why this list exists! Chances are that many people would find the ideas below to be more or less inspirational, but one thing is for sure: the ideas below definitely deserve appreciation, plus they are super funny to see!

1. The baby feeder

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It seems that the things most people consider to be normal everyday tasks are too much for dads to handle, so they feel obliged to do something about it! As you can see, even feeding the baby was apparently a burden for one dad, so he decided to automate the process and created a feeding stand! This feeder seems to be effective, too!

2. The baby restrainer

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Here is a solution to a problem that every parent knows all too well! Leaving a baby alone even for a split second is not a good idea, as disaster is always too close to risk it! However, this dad still needed to do other chores, so he found a solution that seems a bit harsh, but we guess that it is acceptable in certain cases!

3. The labeling machine

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It appears that some dads are still boys when it comes to having fun or learning to do something new! In this case, a wife bought a labeling machine which was immediately taken over by her husband. As you can see, the father wanted to be absolutely sure that everyone knew his kid, so he labeled the baby’s forehead. This was done for laughs, of course, and we know there was plenty of that, too!

4. The swing

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Sometimes the most brilliant ideas or solutions to certain problems are born out of necessity. We believe that hard times often reveal people’s creative genius. This father could not afford to buy a real swing, but wanted to make his daughter happy, so he came up with the next best thing! His idea worked like a charm!

5. The cake

Image Source: Reddit

Every parent knows how hard putting a baby to sleep can be! Sometimes it feels like an impossible task, and it requires a lot of time and patience. When it eventually happens, it is time for all the other activities the parent needs to do. Some of them are actually pleasant ones, too. This proud dad was glad the baby finally fell asleep, because there was a piece of cake waiting for him!

6. The carpool

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It appears that having more than two kids inside the same vehicle could result in a nightmare, as they often argue and find instead of play with each other as expected. This dad was well aware that he could not handle three children on his own, so he decided to prevent these situations from happening in the first place!

7. The playtime

Image Source: Reddit

You might think that most dads find playtime to be boring, but this is not always the case. The image you see is a definite proof of that! This dad was supposed to amuse his daughter but it seems that all the gear in the play corner got the better of him and he appears to be unaware of where his baby was at the moment the photo was taken.

8. The right combination

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Many parents think that looking after their kids means totally neglecting the things they need or want to do. This is not necessarily so! This image of a dad taking care of his kid like a boss is the perfect example and may serve as a reminder that two things could be done simultaneously! We guess that most parents probably had no idea that they could combine these two particular activities.

9. The slide

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It appears that sometimes parents are really not into what their kids want. And kids always want a ton of things! As you can see, these kids wanted to go the park only to use the slide, but their father had another idea that saved him time and provided even more fun for the kids. We are not sure how this was, though.

10. The mermaid dad

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a father’s love knows no limits, and we think that this image is one of the sweetest things we have seen lately! The little girl was probably shy to wear her mermaid costume during a trip to Disneyland but her dad knew exactly how to support her! This is how a parent should handle their kids’ insecurities!

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11. The pedicure specialist

Image Source: Imgur

Since we are talking about father’s love, we need to comment on this photo as well! Some people might think that this is embarrassing, but it is not at all! In fact, this dad made no sacrifices, as he appears to be really comfy while his daughter pretended to be a pedicure specialist. This is some quality father and daughter time!

12. The multitasking specialist

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another brilliant example of a dad who knows his game! Parents out there should take notes and we believe they would be happy to replicate this technique! Looking after the kids is never going to feel like a burden again if you simply follow this dad’s example! It is all about having the right attitude!

13. The caring dad

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes improvisation is key when it comes to taking care of a toddler. This is especially true during long walks. There are so many things that could go wrong that we wonder where to begin! It is better to give a specific example, and this image suggests one. This father had to improvise in order to keep his kid warm when the weather changed during their walk.

14. The amazing costume

Image Source: Imgur

Halloween is already behind us but it is worth mentioning some of the best costumes ever made! An outfit is special not only when time and money were invested in it, but also when it was made to make a kid happy! This father combined his skills with the love for his child, and the amazing costume you see was the result!

15. The focused dad

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a father could be focused on something to the point that this kids look after him instead of the other way around. This is one good example of that! This dad is playing videogames and seems to be extremely focused while his offspring take care of his pedicure. This is one of the perks of fatherhood, we guess.

16. The gamer

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another situation similar to the one pictured about. However, there are no pedicure procedures involved in this case, but it is still something really funny to see! This dad wanted to combine looking after the baby with playing videogames, and that turned out to be easier than he thought. We hope he was happy with his multitasking attempt!

17. The joker

Image Source: Reddit

Letting a dad look after the kids is kind a gamble sometimes, as you could never be sure what you’ll find! As you can see, one dad decided to spend some quality time with his kid, and his idea of having fun seems to be kind of weird, but it sure is funny, too! We believe every kid would appreciate this kind of attention!

18. The driver

Image Source: Imgur

Few dads could actually say ‘no’ to a request their kid made, and it is more than obvious that this parent is a role model! The cute little girl you see asked her dad to join her inside, and so he did! It looks like there is little to no room left inside, but the important thing in this case is for the girl to be happy, right?

19. The cool dad

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a father needs to amuse his kids for the weirdest of reasons. In this dad’s case, he had to do something about the long wait at the airport. He quickly came up with a solution, too! The ride he organized for his daughter around the airport premises proved to be a lot of fun, and it is more than obvious that the girl loved it!

20. The hair bun

Image Source: Imgur

Children are not aware of the ‘be careful what you wish for’ concept, and this is a lesson one girl learned the hard way! She simply asked her dad to put her hair in a bun, and he did exactly that! It is obvious that he was only technically correct, and the girl expected something different!

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