20 Great Photos Of Parents And Their Kids At The Same Age

Image Source: Reddit

For obvious reasons, children tend to look a lot like their parents. Children do get half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father, after all. While the genes can interact in a variety of ways, it is almost impossible for a kid not to at least vaguely resemble one or both of his or her biological parents.

Sometimes, however, children look almost exactly like their parents. At times, you would swear that a child is a clone of his or her parent. It can be kind of creepy, really.

Usually, daughters look like mothers, and fathers look like sons, but that is not always the case.

Here are twenty-one great examples of children who strongly resemble their parents.

1. The Innocent, Angelic Little Girls

Image Source: Reddit

The very strong resemblance here might be due to the fact the mother and daughter are posed in an identical way.
That might have been intentional. Even so, the fact they look so similar is curious.

Interestingly enough, their hair is of a similar length and styled identically. The differences between the two pictures—with the exception of the fact one is a black and white photo—are extremely subtle.

There may be a few differences, but you can definitely tell that these two are mother and daughter.

2. The Girls With the Similar Haircut

Image Source: Reddit

If you did not know any better, you would swear these pictures are of one little girl, not two different ones. The haircut may be part of the reason for that. That’s not a very common haircut these days as far as I know. The girl on the left has a slightly more angular chin, but that could just be because of the tilt of her head.

It is completely and totally obvious that the two little girls are closely related. It must be weird for the mom when she looks at her daughter—like looking at herself when she was just a girl.

3. The Expression

Image Source: Facebook Jen Gevy

The true similarity here is the expression on the little boys’ faces. What exactly did both of these kids see to prompt such facial expressions? Were they looking at ghosts? Did they, all of the sudden, understand string theory?

You can tell the two little boys are related, but there are also noticeable differences. The little boy on the left’s nose is a bit less wide, and he also has a lot more hair. His eyebrows are also a bit bushier. Still, there is no doubt that the two are father and son.

4. The Girl That Looks Like Her Dad

Image Source: Facebook Corin Kane

In general, women do not want to look like their fathers. Fathers tend to have a lot more body hair than most women would like, for example, and a lot of them have receding hairlines.

However, it is positively adorable when a little girl resembles her dad when he was a little boy, which is clearly the case in this image. A lot of the resemblance between the father and daughter has to do with the smile. The curly hair also gives it away, as do the nearly identical eyes. Even their ears are remarkably similar.

5. Mother and Daughter as Infants

Image Source: Facebook Erika Hanna

People will claim that all babies look alike, but that is simply not the case. However, the two babies pictured here definitely look alike—because they are mother and daughter. They were both cute as a button while they were babies, and they also had very similar hair. Their facial structures, too, were very similar. There’s no way those two babies aren’t closely related.

6. The Father and Son Smile

Image Source: Facebook Kate Michalowski

These two babies look practically identical. They have very similar eyes and noses. However, it is the smile that really gives it away. While the hair and eyes may be a bit different, they are definitely father and son. The baby on the right has a much better little outfit, though. That’s a great elephant. I have no idea what the baby on the left is wearing. There is a bit of red with the green. Is it a holiday-related outfit?

7. The Grandmother and the Granddaughter

Image Source: Reddit

This one is interesting because it is not of a parent and child; it is of a grandparent and grandchild. People say that certain traits skip a generation, and this photo may be proof of that. The two little girls, separated by decades, definitely look a lot alike. It is almost eerie, honestly, just how much they resemble one another. Even their hairstyles are a lot alike. The only truly noticeable difference is the style of clothing being worn.

8. The Father In the Tiny Tie and the Daughter

Image Source: Facebook Megan Coe

The tie on the little boy in the image on the left is positively adorable, and he has a great smile. He definitely passed that smile on to his daughter.

The first thing I noticed is that they have very similar ears. The shape of their noses and eyes are also virtually identical. Their hair color is similar, as is the color of their skin. She is her father’s daughter—for sure.

9. The Father and Son Who Dressed Similarly

Image Source: Reddit

This image is great because the son made an effort to look like his father; he probably did already, but he took that extra step.

The hair color looks a bit different, to be honest, but that might be because of the room’s lighting or the difference in the camera’s quality. Both men are holding trays of food, which is funny, and they are both in front of refrigerators. The beard of the father is a bit longer than the beard of the son, but that’s okay. Certain articles of clothing are a little bit different, but that makes perfect sense. Styles change, after all. The two vests look identical, actually. Maybe that vest was passed down from father to son.

10. The Kid With the Cake and the Son

Image Source: Facebook Lindsay Sabala

The kid with the cake is clearly very happy, which makes perfect sense. Who doesn’t like cake when birthday time comes around? Most people like cake no matter what time of year it is.


The child definitely resembles his parent. The curly hair and eyes give it away. The outfit the kid on the right is wearing is a bit weird, though. The horizontal stripes make him look like a tiny prisoner.

That said, the two babies look like they could be identical twins.

11. The Women and Their Babies

Image Source: Reddit

The first picture is of a woman and her infant daughter. The second picture is of that infant daughter all grown up—with her infant daughter. The two mothers look very much alike, especially around the nose and the mouth. The two also have similar hair, and they are both wearing black, which is neat.

I’m guessing that the similar poses and such were just happy accidents. Regardless, it is all very touching to look at.

12. The Father In Uniform and His Son

Image Source: Reddit

With the exception of the fact that the son has a slightly wider face and bushier eyebrows, these two men could be identical twins. This is really a neat set of images. The police officers uniform is different than any I’ve seen in a while.

The son is wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat. If you live in certain parts of the United States, you hate the Dallas Cowboys. The American football team is particularly hated by those who live in Philadelphia. The two teams have been rivals since the 1970s. They are also the rivals of the Washington Redskins, and that particular rivalry is considered one of the greatest in sports.

13. Another Father/Daughter Pic

Image Source: Facebook Clare Reed Rossetto

They don’t look identical or anything like that, but you can definitely tell these two little kids are related. The color of their hair and eyes, for example, give it all away. It is also really cute how similar their expressions are.

14. The Little Girls That Look Like Twins

Image Source: Facebook Rachel Cross

You really would think that these two little girls are identical twins. However, that is not the case. Despite the fact there are no noticeable differences, they are mother and daughter.

15. The Father and the Daughter With the Curly Hair

Image Source: Facebook Jenna Cooke

It is the curly hair that gives away the fact that these two are closely related, and the hair looks great on both babies. Their facial structure is also very similar. Their smiles are also very similar. It is sort of amazing, really, that fathers and daughters can look so much alike when they were both small children. It makes sense, though, considering all children get half of their DNA from their biological fathers.

16. The Father and the Daughter That Look Like Twins

Image Source: Facebook Patricia

This is another example of a little girl looking a lot like her dad when he was a little boy. They really could be twins. They both look as happy as can be, so that’s great. Hopefully they have a close, loving relationship.

17. The Father and the Son Who Could be Twins

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another case of a parent and child looking like twins. In this case, the son strongly resembles his father. Their hair is similar, as is the grin on their faces.

In this case, it seems as if whoever took the photo was trying to get the boy on the right to resemble the boy on the left. It had to be intentional. Even the busy backgrounds, outfits, haircut, and poses are similar. It is actually kind of a strange pose, really. It doesn’t look particularly comfortable for the little children. However, they both look happy, so that’s all that matters.

18. Three Generations of Adorable

Image Source: Facebook Stephanie Lightcap

Were it not for the image quality and the outfits, it would actually be tough to determine who is who. It is kind of hard to tell which one is the grandmother and which is the mother and which one is the daughter. The three little girls all look so very similar.

19. Another Mother/Daughter Pair

Image Source: Facebook Ammie Thakkar

In a lot of these cases, you can only tell which kid is the mother and which kid is the daughter due to the quality of the image. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear the two children were identical twins. However, they are mother and daughter.

20. The Ladies at Stonehenge

Image Source: Reddit

The women here, while clearly related, look so much alike largely because they are both at Stonehenge. That said, they are both blonde women, and they are both wearing glasses. They are even dressed similarly, and their facial structures are also quite similar.

Stonehenge, which can be found in Wiltshire, England, was likely constructed between 3000 BC and 2000 BC.

Construction may have started earlier, and it probably took over 1000 years to complete. It is considered a British cultural icon, and it is one of the UK’s most visited landmarks. It was most likely used as a burial ground.

Unfortunately, we will never know for certain what the true purpose was, as the society that built it did not leave behind any written records.


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