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20 Illustrations Showing How A Single Father Is Raising His Kid

Image Source: Apegeo

Children grow up so incredibly fast that sometimes their parents need to document some of the milestones along the way. In our modern world this is not a problem because we all have cameras in our pockets. But it takes a special person to make it more interesting and Lan Shengjie (who works under the name BLUE) was able to capture moments of his life with his son in an amazing way! The freelance illustrator is from Taiwan and he has worked in this field for almost two decades. The artist initiated the series of drawings you are about to see when his son was born four years ago. He is pleased with the unexpected success his work brought him and says that his only goal is to support and raise his boy in the best possible way. Check out some of the Taiwanese artist’s work by visiting his Facebook or one of the following links: Link1, Link2

1. Playtime is essential

Image Source: Facebook

This sweet moment shows a special moment between the father and his son. Playtime is very important and every parent must take their time and play with their kids. In this case Lan even made a whole cardboard castle for his son which is amazing!

2. Bathing is also a lot of fun

Image Source: Facebook

Most kids love bath time because they associate it with loads of fun. Of course, you need to be prepared with everything you need and literally dive in an hour of fun in the bathroom. The artist was able to recreated the joy and the emotion of this precious moment and we are sure that his son feels his dad’s love all the time.

3. This situation is relatable and funny

Image Source: Facebook

Everyone who has a cute toddler running around the house probably knows that situations like the one in the drawing are likely to happen a lot. The kids can literally crawl on top of your regardless of what you are doing at the moment. This makes doing something important such as a work project seem impossible!

4. You need strong shoulders when you raise a child

Image Souce: Facebook

This may sound awkward but when you think about it you will see that it is not. A single parent would have to carry twice the load compared to a couple. Even simple activities like going for a walk mean that you need to take a lot of stuff with you not counting the baby stroller.

5. Riding on public transport is not as easy as it seems

Image Source: Facebook

When you have your kid with you and decide to commute, you better be prepared for the unexpected. Doing anything with a small child beside you often leads to unexpected and sometimes embarrassing situations. As you can see, the little rascal tries to pull down his daddy’s pants and he is close to succeeding!

6. Here is one real challenge for toddlers

Image Source: Facebook

We guess that raising a kid is not all sunshine and rainbows and when it is time to visit the restroom, things usually make a turn for the worse. Waiting your kid to finish this is sometimes frustrating, not to mention that sometimes it takes more than one visit to the restroom. Showing some support as shown above might do the trick.

7. Work nights are harder with a kid in your arms

Image Source: Facebook

Those among you who work from home probably know that raising a kid and working with a full capacity are incompatible things. The image you see here is the perfect description and needs no caption whatsoever. Of course, you can do both, but it would eventually drain all of your energy.

8. House chores are an inevitable burden

Image Source: Facebook

Nobody likes doing chores because there is nothing to like about them! They are just some things that need to be done. If you are a single parent, then it is all up to you to maintain the household. Doing the laundry and then hanging it to dry is probably one of the less time-consuming chores but it is definitely labor-intensive when there is a toddler on your back.

9. Here is one really cool illustration

Image Source: Facebook

This piece is probably the best on the list. It is a really impressive and clever way to say that once you become a parent, you are not the master of your life anymore. Pretty much every step you take will be controlled by the toddler’s presence or needs. It is an undisputable fact and we like how Lan described it in his unique style.

10. Toys are sometimes the enemy

Image Source: Facebook

One of the most common sights in every house with young children living inside is a living room floor covered in toys. The chaos is almost impossible to get rid of. Even if you take away every single toy, you can be sure that your kid will scatter them around again in no time. The trouble is that the small plastic bits like Legos, for example, are really sharp and you must not walk around barefoot.

11. Protecting your kid is everything

Image Source: Facebook

Carrying your kid in a sling for a nice walk can quickly turn into something unexpected. Summer storm are known for surprising everyone! It may be sunny and warm but in just fifteen minutes it could be pouring heavy rain. In these situations you must do everything possible to protect you’re the child and keep them as dry as possible.

12. A toddler can really become a chick magnet

Image Source: Facebook

Single dads are irresistible to most ladies and there are a lot of reasons for that. Seeing a young an alone with his kid is sweet but it also speaks of the man and his qualities. Raising a child as a single parent means that you are organized and have a lot of skills. Women find these qualities to be attractive. Of course, good looks help but they are not essential.

13. Here is a procedure that requires a lot of patience

Image Source: Facebook

This is something most parents are afraid to do because they don’t want to hurt their toddler. However, when you are a single parent, there is nobody else to do it for you so you just have to do it. There is nothing that complicated about clipping your kid’s nails. You just need to be patient and to have a steady hand.

14. This is annoying but it happens a lot

Image Source: Facebook

You need to know that when you have a kid, there will be a lot of messy moments. Even before the kid could walk, you will probably need to clean different things several times a day. The little rascals sometimes try to do their best and litter the premises in every possible way. As you can see, Lan pictured a moment that is relatable to all parents out there.

15. Storytelling is must

Image Source: Facebook

In order to be able to amuse your kid or try to get them to sleep, you need to be a good storyteller. This is a vital part of the bond between a father and his kid. The image above is really sweet and it shows the fort Lan created as a scenery for his boy. All the effort you put in the storytelling moments will be rewarded by your child and you will feel the love an appreciation.

16. Here is one of the tricky moments

Image Source: Facebook

Diaper changes are probably the thing that scares the most every young parent. However, it is actually not that hard to change a diaper but it could get messy! You need to be prepared and to have all the right materials ready in order to perform the change fast! When you do it a few times in a row you will get used to it for sure.

17. The mood this image brings is awesome

Image Source: Facebook

Lan is incredibly talented and you can clearly see his style and the skills he mastered for many years. He is able to insert mood and emotions into his work and we feel it! This beautiful piece shows that every destination you go to with your toddler alongside would require twice as the usual luggage.

18. Here is another reason not to walk around barefoot

Image Source: Facebook

Kids are constantly exploring the world around them which means that their parents must be on the lookout 24/7. They will try to touch and chew on pretty much everything they can get their hands on. This obviously includes dad’s dirty feet!

19. Predicting a disaster is a good skill to have

Image Source: Facebook

This illustration shows a situation in which most parents would probably do the same thing. The father prevented the waiter from serving the bowl of hot soup over the kid’s head. One wrong move and everything could go wrong in such a situation so it is better to play it safe rather than be sorry later.

20. There are situations in which assistance is required

Image Source: Facebook

In some cases you just need to call for backup. Cutting your kid’s hair is definitely something you cannot do alone. This is why you reach out to your own mother or to a friend and tackle on the task with their assistance.

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