20 Images Proving That Living With Men Is Always Fun And Full Of Surprises

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One of the things that can be referred to as a main source of funny situations is the variety of differences between men and women! Life as we know it would never be the same if we suddenly stopped thinking differently! We are certain that such a thing would never happen and we will always be able to enjoy the above-mentioned differences day after day! The following list is full of suggestions of how men do things and solve problems in their unique way, and all of them are nothing but hilarious!

1. This is definitely the kind of thing that only a man would do

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This is actually a nice idea for decoration, and the man who did it was probably extremely happy with the end result, unlike his wife, who shared it online. She became suspicious after he asked for some colored markers.

2. Baby photo sessions are always adorable

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Well, this one had an unexpected twist added to it! When this man received permission to do whatever he wants with the baby photo session, he really outdid himself. He is holding Lord Hamish in his hands, the newest member of House Shirley.

3. Here is something that happens every time

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This is another dad who was against bringing a stray animal into the house, but soon enough the inevitable happened and now he cannot be separated from the pet! This is the scenario almost every time a stray needs to be brought home.

4. If it works, we approve it

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As you can see, someone came up with a rather unconventional way to close a bag of chips! The idea belongs to a man whose girlfriend asked him to close the bag. Well, he did it and he got creative while at it!

5. Men choose different means of decoration

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These images show the difference between the way men and women are able to decorate their home. The wife wanted to use some moss in order to freshen up the room after spring came, and her husband added Moss Man to the decoration!

6. Men can learn fast if they want to

Image Source: Twitter

This is one absolutely hilarious tweet revealing part of the relationship between this person and her boyfriend. He knew right away what she had to say, and we guess that this means he really made the effort to know her every reaction!

7. This is better than a mixer

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This image was shared by a woman whose husband broke her mixer years ago but replaced it with something even better! We guess that it works the way it is supposed to, because they are still using it!

8. Men get bored easily

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One girl realized that her boyfriend was a keeper when she took him to the bank one day. While she waited to sort out whatever she had to do there, he decided to amuse himself in the kids’ corner, which is adorable!

9. This is a neat trick to stay healthy

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A couple decided to adopt some healthy habits, which meant that they had to support and motivate each other. Well, the man really knew how to do that, and he simply added this photo to the refrigerator door for his significant other to see!

10. Here is a case of a classic misconception 

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Most of the daily routines and rituals common for every woman are a mystery to men, and this is not something to wonder about! It gets funny when men try to use some tips and tricks, just like in the case shown here!

11. This innocent prank could really scare you

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Image Source: Reddit

Men are notorious pranksters and they love seeing how people fall for their witty pranks and jokes! In this case, one woman’s boyfriend’s favorite thing to do was to draw faces on pieces of fruit!

12. This is the kind of witty humor we appreciate when we see it

Image Source: Reddit

You probably wonder why these two packages of flour are balanced on top of that vase? Well, it turns out this was one wife’s Valentine’s Day present. Her husband told her he got her flowers, and he intended to create this pun all along!

13. They are right when they say the simplest ideas are the best ones

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You can tell a lot about a person by something simply they have done previously. In this man’s case, the simple note he left for significant other is more than enough for us to know that he has a great personality!

14. We can get behind this idea

Image Source: Reddit

This is something we have never seen until now, but we immediately liked it when we saw it! Pepperoni pizza is one of the best there are, and keeping all the pieces intact is a nice way to serve it! The man behind this is a genius!

15. This is what men do

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the most typical things men do are hard to explain or they have no point at all! Well, there is a point, and it is for them to have as much fun as possible. The billboard these friends put up in their hometown is the perfect example!

16. Now this is something worth sharing

Image Source: Twitter

As weird as this is, we need to admit that we were impressed when we saw it! It actually takes a lot of skills and also a steady hand in order for this to happen! It might seem a bit too harsh for some people, but it is just one way to get rid of the cockroach.

17. This is definitely something only a man would do

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Mistakes happen all the time, and this one is not that big of a deal, but it is definitely funny to see it! One relatively hungover man was a bit confused and he took a big bite off this chapstick! He probably did not like the taste at all.

18. Believe it or not, this was a Valentine’s Day gift

Image Source: Reddit

Men are able to express the love they have for their partner in the funniest possible, and this is one really witty example of that!

19. This was not a randomly picked gift

Image Source: Reddit

Knowing that his wife could not stand Nick Cage, he made the extra effort to prepare the perfect gift for her! This is too funny!

20. Men often fail to realize the obvious

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that this sounds like a joke but it apparently happened. Some men really miss out on things like the one mentioned here!

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