20 Images Proving That Patience Is The Key To Forever-Lasting Relationships

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People say that patience is a virtue, and that is especially true when it comes to relationships! Living under the same roof with someone can be a challenge, because some people need some kind of guidance or they are just rough around the edges. Here is way they require a special approach, and patience is what this approach is based on. Regardless if you already know it or you need proof, the list below can serve as a reminder or inspiration! Getting a box of peanuts for your girl when she asked for food is not a good idea and we guess she patiently accepted it.

1. This man needs to cope with the Instagram obsession

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He is patient and waits for the girls to take photos of their food before digging in!

2. Here is how you teach someone a lesson

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One man did this when his girlfriend wanted to start a fight via text, but she dropped it immediately.

3. This requires nerves of steel

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The man whose girlfriend eats brownies like this must be a really calm person.

4. Here is a girl stuck on a ladder because she was afraid

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We guess that she had to be talked into coming down and that there was nothing to be scared of.

5. Having the right attitude is hard sometimes

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You can clearly see that this situation requires more than patience.

6. Here is a happy girl

Image Source: Imgur

She is happy because her partner was patient enough to take this image.

7. This woman received lettuce instead of flowers

Image Source: Twitter

Her boyfriend thought it was a kind of flower. She must be really patient with him!

8. Here is a man who is probably sorry he took his girlfriend fishing

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that you need to be really chill to accept such a thing easily.

9. This girl had a blast running around in this box for twenty minutes

Image Source: Imgur

Her boyfriend simply accepted it an though that the lettering on the box was accurate for the case.

10. Here is a girl that misinterpreted the situation

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Image Source: Reddit

She thought a proposal would follow but her man only tied his shoe! She was furious after that.

11. One girl asked her man to send her a seducing image

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that she did not receive what she thought she would!

12. This man showed exceptional patience

Image Source: Reddit

After his cat and his wife both fell asleep on top of him, he just had to cope with the situation.

13. One person tried to surprise his girl

Image Source: Imgur

He replaced a slice of pizza with a cupcake but it did not work out as planned.

14. This man didn’t want his wife to take photos of him

Image Source: Reddit

He only allowed it once a year and his wife was patient enough to convince him to pose like this!

15. Here is a woman who definitely was close to a breakdown after seeing this

Image Source: Imgur

She was not feeling okay and asked him to get a thermometer.

16. This man should be more patient next time

Image Source: Imgur

He tried to be friends with his girlfriend’s cat but it did not end well.

17. Here is a man who cooked breakfast for his girlfriend

Image Source: Reddit

She was probably sorry she asked him and she had to accept his sense of humor.

18. One girlfriend decorated her boyfriend’s house

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that he had to be calm when he saw the prank she pulled on him.

19. This man let his girlfriend paint his back while he played

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that he really showed how patient he can be!

20. One girl wanted a certain pair of earrings

Image Source: Twitter

She did not want to take any chances and she was patient enough to make a specific instruction!

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