20 Images Showing That Midday Nap Is The Best Nap

Image Source: Reddit

We love sleeping! Chances are that you do, too! In fact, our modern lives may be full of hundreds of different other things, but sleep is never enough! We don’t seem to have the time for a good eight hours of sleeping every night, and afternoon naps are sadly a thing of the past! Oh, we wish we could turn back the time and enjoy the naps our parents used to force us to take every day. We thought it was punishment, but only now we realize that it was the best time of the day. However, we will honor sleeping with a list of people and animals sleeping in either weird places or funny and goofy poses. If you are super sleepy, chances are that you would rest your eyes even for a twenty-minute break, regardless of where you are. This is something we would definitely do any given day!

1. The sleeping doggo

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, sleep takes the better of you and if you are tired, you just cannot help it but succumb and travel to the land of the dreams. This is what this dog did, and we could easily assume that the goofy sleeping pose is the result of a nice and really calm dream. The photo actually shows a moment most dog owners are used to seeing!

2. The puppy and the pillow

Image Source: Reddit

This is probably the most adorable image we have seen in a while! The puppy seems to be tired of all the running and playing, and it also appears that the cutie is quite picky when it comes to choosing a place for a nap. The pillow was the perfect spot, and the lucky owner did not hesitate to take a photo of the moment.

3. The man on the floor

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is one moment we guess we could all relate to. Have you ever felt like you want to immediately fall asleep on the floor after eating a bit too much at dinner? Well, this man did exactly that! He ate three plates of food and simply fell asleep like this! It is nothing to be ashamed of, too!

4. The heavy sleeper

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one picture that we believe is not as unusual as it appears to be. In fact, we believe that it is a common sight in places where huge events took place. This man was obviously tired after the trade show ended and he decided to surrender to the fatigue and take a nap.

5. The unexpected combination

Image Source: Pikabu

What happens when a tiny dog falls asleep behind a pillow shaped like a big dog’s head? Well, you can see for yourself! This is a sight that is equally adorable and unusual to see! We guess that seeing this might even scare you, because all see at first is a giant head with a tiny body attached to it.

6. The hanging cat

Image Source: Pikabu

Felines are masters of finding the craziest places to sleep. They can reach where most other animals could not, and it is not a surprise to see a cat sleeping just like this! We are convinced that this particular kitty feels comfortable!

7. The standing baby

Image Source: Twitter

Babies are super adorable when they are sleepy! One of the reasons is the way they suddenly fall asleep, as if they batteries run out! This cutie was still standing when such a thing happened, and you can see the result!

8. The kitten

Image Source: Pikabu

We believe that cats have only a basic understanding of what guilt is, and they rarely show signs that they feel guilty of doing something in particular. In this case, the kitten has no shame about destroying the flower in that pot and sleeping in the same pot afterwards.

9. The prank

Image Source: Pikabu

It seems that some people are blessed with the most unique friends possible. In this man’s case, his friends proved to go the extra mile and troll him! He fell asleep in a goofy pose, so they took a photo of it and used it to create this work of art!

10. The sleeping friends

Image Source: Reddit

How cute is this! All pet owners would agree that there is nothing better than having a pet sleeping with you and trusting you to hold it close. As you can see, this cat is perfectly comfortable with its owner, and they fell asleep together! It is really adorable to see how people and animals go along and trust each other.

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11. The game

Image Source: Pikabu

Well, not every game you attend live is worth watching, we guess! As you can see, this person probably had higher expectations but once the game started, there was a bigger priority: sleep! There is nothing wrong with that, but we always prefer to stay at home when we are tired instead of stepping out and trying to stay awake all evening.

12. The tin can tower

Image Source: Pkabu

Now this is something you don’t see every day! Just like the previous photo suggested, some people just cannot help it and they fall asleep even in noisy public places! We find it hard to believe that someone could be in a deep state of sleep while in a seated position in a crowded place with plenty of noise enough to wake the dead! However, this man was probably too exhausted to keep his eyes open, but the heavy sleeper had no chance of seeing what was coming his way! The others were able to erect a huge tin can tower on his head, and he did not even move along the process!

13. The dog on the window

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that doggos are just like babies when it comes to napping! This cutie was bored because nobody had the time to play with him, so he simply looked through the window for a while. At one point, the dog struggled to stay awake, and you can see him sleeping while still sitting.

14. The hard worker

Image Source: Pikabu

This image is actually a bit of a paradox! It appears that counting sheep may help some people to teleport to the land of the dreams faster but for this dog, it is nothing but a job. Like every other job, this one is exhausting, and the dog found the most comfortable place to take a nap!

15. The sleeping kid

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that some parents are fed up with constantly having to push their kids to do this and that, and they often just let them be and do whatever they please. In this case, the boy fell asleep inside the car, and his mother told him to get out so she could lock the vehicle. However, she didn’t say anything about waking up, so her son simply stayed asleep once he was out of the car.

16. The smile

Image Source: Pikabu

Here is yet another dog that could not resist the fatigue and decided to take a nap. However, the unusual position the dog chose resulted in this funny grin! Smiling dogs are the best, but this is another thing! We absolutely love the image you see here.

17. The doggo on the center console

Image Source: The dog line

Dogs love riding in cars, but like every other exciting activity, this one eventually gets the better if them. Seeing this image can give you an idea of just how tired a pup can be after a long walk and a ride in the car. It is adorable to see the dog peacefully asleep!

18. The unusual sleeping spot

Image Source: Pikabu

We seem to be aware of the fact that cats sleep in crazy positions sometimes, but every now and then a photo like this shows up and we realize that there are a lot of things we haven’t seen yet! Seeing this adorable pet sleep like that is enough to put a huge smile on your face! A cat is what makes every house a home with its cuteness and attitude.

19. The shopping fatigue

Image Source: Imgur

Shopping is no easy task and you can be absolutely sure that after the part when you enjoy walking in and out of stores and carrying bags full of the things you buy, you would be exhausted! This person obviously had more than enough, and fatigue got the better of her! There is nothing like a good nap after a long and tiring episode, right?

20. The girl on the plane

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that most people sleep during longer flights, but some individuals choose the most unusual sleeping positions possible! This girl is the perfect example, and even the fact that one of her eyes is slightly open did not disturb her sleep!

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