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20 Influencers Shared Childhood Photos From The Times They Thought They Were ‘Cool’

Image Source: TikTok

Times change and so do the ways people live. When you are young, you think the world is at your feet and you are the coolest but you would regret your perception of that as you grow older. This is why some people on TikTok decided to share their embarrassing childhood photos. They don’t think there were cool back then anymore.

1. The confusion

Image Source: TikTok

Truth is, people often think that they are the coolest while, in fact, they are the opposite. We have all been down that route and this is only a part of growing up, we guess. There is no escaping that fate until you find yourself.

2. The fashion icon

Image Source: TikTok

Here is yet another person who believed that everyone would love her outfits. We need to admit that she definitely had the kind of taste most people would refer to as different but different does not always equal being cool.

3. The hot person

Image Source: TikTok

Having high self-esteem is not something bad. In fact, we believe it is a good thing as long as you don’t think too much of yourself. This person looked back at the times she thought all the boys liked her and she is obviously not happy about it now.

4. The lipstick

Image Source: TikTok

Kids tend to live in a world of their own and the rest of the people around them are not meant to understand that. They live their own lives while kids define their roles in their made-up reality. This is what happened here.

5. The opinion

Image Source: TikTok

This is yet another girl who believed that she was just as attractive to win all the boys’ interest. Needless to say, it probably did not happen as she thought but she realized today that it was never going to happen.

6. The outfit

Image Source: TikTok

There is not much we could add here, as this person decided to use self-irony and to comment on her own photo. It seems that many kids preferred to choose their own outfits and the result was often similar.

7. The costume

Image Source: TikTok

The person’s face today tells quite a few stories. There are mixed emotions for sure – she looks like she misses those times but you can clearly see she feels a bit sorry for herself for thinking what she did back then.

8. The shorts

Image Source: TikTok

Here is something we never believed that an 11-year-old girl could actually think about. This is a funny but also absurd reason to wear basketball shorts every day but who are we to judge, right?

9. The bowling alley

Image Source: TikTok

Many people tend to think that the world actually revolves around them and there is nothing wrong with that unless it becomes an obstacle in their relationships with people at some point. This girl cannot believe what she was thinking back then.

10. The pose

Image Source: TikTok

Dreams are a powerful force because they can transform one’s life for good. Still, we are certain that this person had dreams that she later realized were never going to become a reality.

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11. The new girl

Image Source: TikTok

People who want to impress others often do strange things and they always think they are doing what it takes. Needless to say, they are sometimes not entirely sure about it and the results are often fun to see.

12. The makeup artist

Image Source: TikTok

This is another of those moments when kids are on the road to discovering their passion and their true self. We are certain that this person was not entirely sure why she acted like that as a kid.

13. The holiday

Image Source: TikTok

This is yet another of those moments that a person could simply never be proud of. We are certain that everyone did not stare a the cool look but rather than the unusual choices it incorporates.

14. The birthday outfit

Image Source: TikTok

There is not much we could say here except that the face of the girl now says it all in terms of how cool her childhood birthday outfit was. We guess that kids are happy because they are free to do whatever they want.

15. The swimming lesson

Image Source: TikTok

The examples of how people stopped thinking they were cool back in the day after they saw their photos now seem to never end. Truth is, everyone has photos of them as kids that they would be embarrassed by now.

16. The party

Image Source: TikTok

Being at a party requires a lot of things – you need to mingle and you also need to be dressed accordingly, especially if there is a dress code. In this case, one person

17. The sledding

Image Source: TikTok

This is one of the funniest reactions on this list. You can see that this person was stunned to see a photo of herself as a kid from the times she went sledding. This outfit made us smile which means it is cool now.

18. The photos

Image Source: TikTok

This is yet another person who believed that she should pursue a career in modeling. The images are kind of cute but you can understand why the person reacted to them like that now.

19. The impressive outfit

Image Source: TikTok

Perhaps this is something that many girls could relate to, as many of them had older brothers who used to bring their friends home to play or have fun. This girl wanted to look older and more mature so she could impress them but it backfired because she did not know how to do it.

20. The pool

Image Source: TikTok

Sometimes, being extra pays off but not in this case. It seems that people often act in a way they think would impress the rest of the people around but it simply never happens like that. This old photo is the perfect proof of that. You can also see how the person reacted now that she is all grown up and realized what was wrong about the old pictiure.

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