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20 Mom-Related Pics That Are Going To Make You Laugh For Hours

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There are certain aspects of life that are relatable only for a group of people that have the proper experience in that field. We guess that motherhood is one of those aspects, but seeing the images we listed below made us realize that this is not exactly true. While we admit that we would never know what it’s really like to be a parent until we have kids of our own, we also understand all of these funny images really well! This is why everyone would find the pictures on the list more or less hilarious!

1. This is not actually a threat

Image Source: Instagram

It is all a matter of perspective! This applies to everything in life, especially when it comes to parenthood, because a mother’s perspective of seeing things is always different. This funny image shows exactly that in a hilarious way! If a kid actually threatens their mom to not speak to her for the rest of the day, it would not be a punishment for the mom, but rather a reward! They kid’s perspective, of course, is entirely different in these cases.

2. Here is something we have all seen

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This funny way of interpreting the situation when a mom simply asks her kid to walk close to her is pure gold! It perfectly describes what most kids actually do instead of just walk next to their mom and behave. They often start to jump and even throw a temper tantrum, forcing the mother to literally drag them around! The whole ordeal kind of looks like these two ice skaters but it often surpasses even their best routines!

3. ‘Told you so’

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One of the most annoying things is when the mother says something and she get ignored a couple of hundred times a day. This is something all mothers would relate, but there is another side to it. When the mom warns her kid about something and the kid fails to take notes, the chances for a disaster are increased by the minute. As the image above suggests, some mothers get the chance to teach a lesson when the tables have turned and the kid realized they should have listened the first time.

4. Kids don’t care if their mom is a superstar

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The one thing about kids that probably everyone is aware of is that they could not care less if you are famous or rich, for example. All they care is your attitude towards them and if they like you, it would be because of the person you are, which is great! In this case, Queen B’s daughter just wanted to have a snack and she despite she is perfectly aware of who her mother is to the rest of the world, she still used her as a snack assistant.

5. This happens every time

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Only those who haven’t tried to put a kid to sleep are not aware of the kind of struggle it actually is! For starters, the kid will probably have too much energy in order to just get in the bed and fall asleep immediately. Parents always try to hide their excitement when the child is finally about to sleep and they act like they put in all that effort for the sake of their offspring’s good night rest. It can literally take hours in order for that to happen.

6. Here is a familiar look

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we need to admit that not only kids get this excited when that distinctive candy wrapper noise can be heard from nearby. Many adults, including us, also can’t wait to eat that candy! But moms use this as some sort of control mechanism. If the kid wants some candy, moms demand either a good behavior or accomplishing a certain task. Giving candy as a reward is a nice tactic to use.

7. This is inevitable

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that all moms put up with this on a regular basis! Kids often act spoiled or they are just picky for no reason, especially when it comes to food. It is actually frustrating for a mother to run the entire household and break her back in order to provide home cooked meals for her kids only for them to reject them!

8. Times change way faster than they should

Image Source: Imgur

Unfortunately for all of us, years fly by way faster than we would like them to, but what matters the most is to fill those years with unforgettable things and a lot of success! Of course, one of the most important things that could happen to anyone is for them to become a parent! It does not matter that your energy would be significantly lower for years to come, because it would be worth it! And still, the collage is fairly accurate!

9. This hilarious collage is worth more than a thousand words

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Image Source: Instagram

It appears that motherhood proves to be a challenge that most moms are probably not entirely ready for. When they give birth and their baby grows up and becomes a toddler, the everyday tasks become different and there are additional perks to them, too! The first time a mom hears the word ‘mommy’, it is a memorable moment that moms dream about. However, hearing it a hundred times a day is not that dreamy for sure!

10. Enough is too much

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When moms are fed up with a certain thing, they take matters in their own hands and put an end to it. Running a household and taking care of kids is tiring and the least a mom wants is to be annoyed by additional things like loud toys! Modern toys with mechanisms always feature some kind of sounds and melodies build in them, but when moms get tired of hearing the same noise on a daily basis, they simply pull out the batteries and that’s that!

11. Losing your patience is a normal thing

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The reasons why motherhood is tough are many and we already listed some of them above, but this is also one of them. When you have a kid, you need to pay attention to the important things the child has to say. Of course, they are mostly important to them, because they are nothing more than long and meaningless stories kids come up with!

12. Making your kids eat every time is hard

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Only those who tried to feed a kid know the struggle! Even if the child is hungry, there could be a thousand reasons for them to refuse the meal their mom prepared! Most parents would probably agree that having their kid eat everything without the need of any kind of persuasion is definitely rare! This is especially true when it comes to eating vegetables such as broccoli. This is when the struggle becomes real!

13. In some cases people can be annoying

Image Source: Instagram

Moms know how annoying other people can be when they start asking silly questions. Sometimes it is just too much to bear and moms suddenly become sarcastic when they hear yet another annoying question. This example is the perfect way to describe such situations and we guess at least one mom out there had the exact same conversation!

14. Making your kid pose for a picture is impossible

Image Source: Instagram

This funny image and the caption above perfectly sum up the lengths parents need to go in order to have decent photos of their children. The only possible way to make this work is to go to a professional photographer’s studio. These people know how to work their magic and are able to trick the kids into taking the right position in front of the camera.

15. This is also sadly relatable

Image Source: Imgur

Being a fulltime mother means that you hardly have any time left for the things you love. This includes even the basic pleasures of life, such as the morning cup of coffee! As you can see, the image suggests a certain scenario that is actually happening often to many mothers, which makes it extremely relatable! It may sound a bit exaggerated to those who still have no kids, but this is how things really are sometimes.

16. This is really close

Image Source: Instagram

This is definitely one the funniest images on the list because of the clever caption someone put on it! The sad reality is that a mother’s patience is always on its limit and she needs to hold it together in moments when she only wants to let everything go and relax! Unfortunately this is impossible to happen and moms know it.

17. Here is something that is more than hard to do

Image Source: Instagram

Most parents know how hard it is to actually move a sleeping toddler to their room! When the kid falls asleep on you, it is almost impossible to move them without waking them up! This is actually a problem because putting them back to sleep would be a really hard task!

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