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20 Neat Pictures That Will Completely Boggle Your Mind At First

Image Source: Reddit / sheepinabowl

There are a ton of interesting images available on the internet. Sometimes you are not entirely sure what you are looking at. Other times, you are simply blown away by what you are seeing. There are thousands—probably millions—of really cool images out there.
Here are twenty of the more interesting and amusing ones.

1. The Real-time Restroom Display

Image Source: Reddit

The device in this image is designed to show a person which restroom stalls are available for use. This device is probably harmless, but you have to wonder what the point of it is. How hard is it to ascertain which stalls in a restroom are available? Does this technology really need to exist? You really have to wonder how much it cost the owner of the business.

2. The Picture of the Burger

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever managed to make this picture is clearly a genius. It is both impressive and delicious-looking. The artist—and this is definitely a work of art—obviously has a lot of talent.

3. The Dog In the Sleeve

Image Source: Reddit

This image is hilarious, and the dog is adorable, but you really have to wonder what the dog’s human was thinking. What sort of person comes up with an idea like this? The dog does not look particularly irritated, which is good, Sbut it also does not look very pleased with its situation. The owner certainly looks amused, though. Let’s hope the dog got a nice big treat after it escaped from the sleeve.

4. The Dead Ant

Image Source: Reddit

Ants can be major pests, but you have to feel bad for this particular ant. Nobody wants to die surrounded by math homework, after all. What a lousy way to go.

While ants can be pests—they often invade buildings and damage crops—they are also very interesting creatures. There are over 20,000 species of ants, and they have existed on the planet for more than 100 million years. They have fascinated human beings for about as long as human beings have existed. They are even kept as pets in the form of ant farms.

Ants exist on pretty much every landmass on earth, with the exception of Antarctica and a few of the planet’s remote islands. Their ability to succeed is largely because of their complex social organization—they also have the ability to defend themselves and modify their habitats. When you think about it, they are pretty intelligent creatures.

5. The Rope and the Tree

Image Source: Reddit

It appears as if the rope in this image is actually becoming part of the tree it is wrapped around. If there is a lesson to be learned from this picture, it is that you should not mess with trees.

Most of us see trees every day, but we do not really give them all that much thought. Throughout history, trees have been venerated, but that is not typically the case these days.

Trees really can be truly impressive. Currently, the tallest tree in the world is about 380 feet (or about 116 meters) tall. The oldest tree in the world can be found in the state of California. It is believed to be about 5,000 years old, and hopefully it will be around for thousands of years to come. It will likely be thriving when all of the rest of us are gone from this planet.

6. The Card In the Toilet

Image Source: Reddit

In case you can’t tell, this is a playing card in a toilet. For reasons that really can’t be explained, the spades of the card moved to one side. It is also curious that a playing card ended up in a toilet. Are people playing cards while doing their business now? Is that a recent trend?

Playing cards have been around for a lot longer than you probably think. They have definitely been around for well over a thousand years. The first playing cards came from China, and it is likely that they were invented in the 9th century.

7. The Autobiography That Was Written By Someone Else

Image Source: Reddit

Technically, an autobiography is something a person writes about himself or herself. Therefore, if another person writes the story of your life, it is a biography. This book is very confused about what it is.

All joking aside, “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” is an interesting novel. The fictional work was first published in 1971, and it tells the story of the struggles experienced by African Americans during the Civil War and the two World Wars. Famous historical figures—such as Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and Booker T. Washington—are mentioned in the novel.

The novel was actually made into a television movie in 1974. The film aired on CBS and was very well received by viewers and critics.

8. The Salt In the Water Pipe

Image Source: Reddit

This image shows buildup of salt in a water pipe. The buildup occurred over a six-month period. If that is the case, that is definitely some salty water.

9. The Mosquito and the Bruise

Image Source: Reddit

Talk about a raw deal. Can you imagine getting a bruise—one that looks pretty painful—and then having a mosquito bite you on that bruise? You just have to feel bad for this person.

If you hate mosquitos, you are not alone. They are responsible for the transmission of many diseases, including dengue fever, malaria, the Zika virus, the West Nile virus, and many more. Therefore, they are amongst the deadliest creatures on the planet. Millions have died as a result of mosquito-related disease transmission. Mosquitos deserve all of the hate they get.

Even if you do not get sick as a result of getting a mosquito bite, they are still a nuisance. Mosquito bites are definitely irritating—to say the least. They cause swelling, itchiness, and redness; the reaction to a mosquito bite can last for up to one week.

10. The Staples and the Pushpins

Image Source: Reddit

This pole has more staples and pushpins in it than any pole I have ever seen. It must be in a really great spot. Can you imagine how many flyers and signs have been posted to it over the years?

11. The Mangled Pennies

Image Source: Reddit

You probably would not know from looking at them, but these were intact pennies once upon a time. How they ended up this way is anybody’s guess. Pennies generally are not mangled to such an extent in washing machines. These pennies must have been washed dozens of times to have ended up in such a condition.

In the United States, the penny is worth 1/100th of a dollar. For over 100 years, the coin has featured a profile of the President Abraham Lincoln. Despite the fact the penny is worth very little—and it actually costs the US government over a cent to make a penny—there are not currently any plans to get rid of the coin.

Chances are, pennies will be circulated for years to come in the United States.

12. The Tiny Crime Scene

Image Source: Reddit

There is no logical explanation for these two orange cones and the tiny little bit of warning tape in this image. What could have possible happened here to justify this? What sort of warning is this? Is there a danger I’m not noticing?

13. The Ugly Egg

Image Source: Reddit

The shape and size—and even the color—of eggs tend to vary; however, eggs otherwise look very similar. This egg definitely looks a bit different. What was wrong with the bird that this one came out of?

When most people think of edible eggs, they think of chicken eggs. Thousands of species lay eggs, however, and eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years. While most people eat chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, and quail eggs are frequently consumed. Even ostrich eggs and emu eggs are eaten, although they are not as widely available as chicken eggs.

While eggs are high in cholesterol, they are nonetheless nutritious. For example, they are high in vitamin A, vitamin D, phosphorus, and zinc.

14. The Water Drain That Looks Like the Eyeball

Image Source: Imgur

Believe it or not, this image really is just a water drain. However, it looks almost exactly like a human eye. It sort of looks like the eye of a terrifying person who has plans to murder you in the very near future, but it definitely looks like an eye.

15. The Horse Statue

Image Source: Reddit

You barely notice the horse statue in this image at first glance; however, once you see it, you simply can’t un-see it. That is one enormous horse statue.

Naturally, when you think of giant horses, you think of the Trojan Horse, which was made of wood. It was allegedly used by the Greeks to enter the city of Troy and destroy it, which ended the Trojan War. Whether or not the Trojan War actually occurred is debated to this day, so the Trojan Horse might just be a myth. Scholars are not sure one way or the other, and we’ll likely never know for sure. If the war did in fact occur, it probably happened around the 12th century BC.

16. The Sandwich In the Stall

Image Source: Reddit

There are a couple of things wrong with this image. First of all, who forgets a delicious Subway sandwich in a restroom stall? Second of all, who brings their food into a restroom stall? That is sort of gross.

Subway, which is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world and the largest restaurant operator, has stores in about 100 countries all over the world. The company is headquartered in Connecticut. There are also corporate offices in Amsterdam, Beirut, Singapore, and Brisbane.

17. The Realistic Jesus Statue

Image Source: Reddit

If this were an actual statue of Jesus, it would be the most realistic-looking statue of Jesus on the planet. Unfortunately, it is just a guy with a beard standing in front of a statue. It is still a pretty clever image, though.

18. The Giant Loaf of Bread

Image Source: Reddit

Bread is delicious and is one of the most frequently consumed foods in the world. It is even central to certain religions, such as Christianity.

Bread is eaten at all times of the day—including as a snack in between meals. It is actually one of the world’s oldest prepared foods. It has been eaten for tens of thousands of years. It is considered the staple food of many countries, including most of the countries of Europe as well as Australia.

t is said that there can’t be enough of a good thing, but this particular loaf of bread might disprove that statement. That is just too much bread. If a loaf of bread stands as tall as a human being, there is a problem. The bakery clearly made a mistake. That loaf could easily feed a small village.
It does look like good bread, though.

19. The Ketchup Cake

Image Source: Reddit

Ketchup is a great condiment and has a lot of perfectly valid, acceptable uses. It tastes great on fries and burgers, for example, and it is often used to make barbeque sauce.

There is no reason, however, to put it in a cake. That just sounds disgusting. What was Heinz thinking?

Apparently, Heinz developed the recipe to celebrate an anniversary. The ingredients list is pretty typical when it comes to cake—with the exception of the ketchup, of course. If you want to make it yourself, you’ll need ginger, nutmeg, food coloring, baking powder, flour, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla, and brown sugar. The recipe is available online. Some people really seem to like it.

The company Heinz, which makes thousands of products and has plants on six continents, has existed since 1869. The headquarters of the company is currently in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

20. The Camera That Melted

Image Source: Reddit

Hopefully, the person who was operating this camera is okay. Anything that can melt a camera can probably do a lot of damage to a human being.


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