20 OMG Pictures That Will Make Your Jaw Drop To The Ground

Image Source: Reddit

The following list is not just amusing; some of the images are going to make you question people’s sanity or make you reconsider the meaning behind ‘weird’.

1. We would like to meet the guy who came up with this idea

Image Source: Reddit

Combining bratwurst and gummy bears is like pouring salt and pepper into your pineapple smoothie. Why on Earth would someone actually put this stuff into production, and would buy it?

2. This is a bit too graphic, don’t you think?

Image Source: Reddit

They could have just written the sign without giving us a visual idea of what might happen. This is disgusting.

3. This could end up bad

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine someone seeing this in the last second; he would probably jump on the breaks, and the vehicles behind may turn into a neat pile of scrap metal.

4. This sure looks tasty. Well, not that much.

Image Source: Reddit

This taco is probably the last thing you would eat even if you were hungry like a wolf.

5. This is one of the strangest events you’ll ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Some may find this to be hilarious, others would label it as weird; we just consider it to be very, very sad.

6. Things look rather spooky here

Image Source: Reddit

While it’s just a coincidence, this photo could easily give you the chills if you have a bit of a loose imagination.

7. This is one way to make you lower your carb intake

Image Source: Reddit

Here’s a kind of pizza that even the biggest fast food fan would likely pass on. We know we would.

8. You could almost smell this image

Image Source: Reddit

This would certainly raise a few eyebrows. The main questions in this case are ‘who’ and ‘why’. We are glad we would probably never know.

9. This is unexpectedly strange

Image Source: Facebook

Have you ever seen a peeled piece of lime fruit before? It is kind of weird how something common like this could seem like an object you’ve never seen before.

10. Does taking a picture while a camel is trying to eat your kid makes you look like a bad person?

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, definitely. In case an animal wants to devour your offspring, your best option is to immediately run to the rescue.

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11. This label belongs on a different aisle

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe they label the cucumbers as dog shampoo, just to make things a bit more interesting.

12. Someone has a pretty unique feature

Image Source: Reddit

At least the finger count is correct. Judging by the photo, this person may actually be able to have a better grip than all the other folks with regular thumbs.

13. A nice catch, indeed

Image Source: Reddit

After the initial scare by this creature, we couldn’t help but notice these guys’ reactions – the one on the left looks completely unimpressed, while the other one looks proud and scared in the same time.

14. What a friendly location

Image Source: Reddit

If you’re brave, you’ll go to this exact petrol station and fill up the tank. We know we wouldn’t even if there was no gasoline left in the car.

15. This is how you cause your roommate to suffer from a heart attack

Image Source: Reddit

While it seems obvious that someone left this pair of boots to dry, entering the room and seeing them would leave you with a slightly different impression.

16. Somebody has been watching too many alien conspiracy movies

Image Source: Reddit

They should come and abduct this guy only because of the way his car looks! He surely couldn’t see a thing through that window.

17. These people must have seen everything

Image Source: Instagram

It’s not the sight of the creepy-looking kids that is disturbing about this photo; judging by the people behind them and their facial expressions, they would be equally impressed if the escalator was on fire.

18. If this doesn’t get you nightmares, nothing will

Image Source: Instagram

A Lord Farquaad filter? Who comes up with this kind of stuff?

19. While we’re talking about nightmares, take a look at this

Image Source: Instagram

We’ll let you decide whether this is a foot or a hand, because we’re really confused about this one.

20. Would you believe that popcorn could actually look creepy?

Image Source: Reddit

As a matter of fact, it’s even more than creepy – it’s haunting!

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