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20 People And Businesses Who Were Totally Called Out For Their Behavior

Image Source: Reddit / Improvis2

At times, people and businesses need to be called out. Ridiculous behavior should not be tolerated. If it is tolerated, the ridiculous behavior will continue indefinitely, and that is not a good thing.

Here are 20 examples of people and businesses that were called out by others. They absolutely deserved it.

1. The People Who Are Supposedly Sleeping

Image Source: The Things

You can’t take photos of yourself when you are asleep, as one person rightfully pointed out. It is great that you want to put pictures of yourself on the internet to prove that you are in love with your partner—that is all well and good.

However, it is unnecessary to do so, because no one other than you and your significant other actually cares about your relationship; it is nonetheless fine. It doesn’t really hurt anyone.

Congratulations, people who are pretending to be asleep, on having a happy and loving relationship. Congratulations, as well, to the person that called this couple out on their nonsense.

2. The Guy at the Bank

Image Source: Reddit

Who goes to the bank and takes a picture of himself? Sure, there are legitimate reasons to actually go to a bank, but having a picture taken of yourself in order to try to prove you are some sort of success? That is just sad. I am really not sure what point the guy in the picture is trying to make. A lot of people have the ability to get dressed up and go to a bank.

Also, the shoes don’t match the rest of his outfit, so that is a shame.

Are there actually jobs out there anymore that still pay via a paper check? I thought pretty much every employer out there does the direct deposit thing.

3. The Guy Who Does Not Make Very Much Money

Image Source: Twitter

Men who make a lot of money tend to attract women. That is just a fact. It is perfectly understandable, really. If you are making a lot of money, that is impressive. Good for you.
Making less than $8 an hour, though, is not impressive. The guy who posted this deserved to be called out by his friend/co-worker.

There is no reason to be embarrassed by making very little money, but it is embarrassing when you pretend you are some sort of mogul.

4. Chick-fil-A

Image Source: Reddit

For reasons that we do not want to get into here, Chick-fil-A is not open on Sundays. Wendy’s, however, is definitely open on Sunday afternoons, and the company made it a point to point that out via social media.

Wendy’s is an interesting company. It was founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, and it is one of the largest fast food chains in the world. While most Wendy’s are in the United States, they can also be found in Canada, Aruba, Mexico, India, Kuwait, Jamaica, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador.

5. The Wife of the Guy Who Wrote This Review

Image Source: Imgur

In the Amazon customer’s defense, being cheated on is definitely terrible. His ex-wife definitely deserved what she got.

It is definitely good to know, however, that the poster’s gas pain and bloating were resolved by whatever he was buying.

It seems unlikely that negative memories were resolved, but you really don’t know, do you?

6. The Man Checking Out the Girl

Image Source: Twitter

The guy in this image is clearly checking out the young woman. She is attractive, sure, but she is also significantly younger than the man is. His daughter has every right to call him out for his behavior. That must have been a weird thing to see on Twitter.

The girl in the image does not seem to notice, though. If she did notice, she does not seem to care very much.

7. The Person Who Called Out the Teacher

Image Source: Twitter

Teaching is not an easy job, and it does not pay well; if you are a teacher, though, you are nonetheless still expected to do what you need to do in a reasonable amount of time. If a student makes you a cake to commemorate the fact you have not done your job, you probably need to be fired. At the very least, your boss needs to talk to you. Grading essays, while an irritating task, is not really that hard.

8. The Person Who Submitted This Resume

Image Source: Twitter

There are people who don’t try very hard to get a job, and then there are people like this. Apparently, some people just don’t bother trying at all. This is just sad, really. The applicant did not care, and that much is clear.

Acquiring employment requires, at least, a bit of effort. You can’t just put “idk” on a resume and expect to get a job. People are not entitled to a job.

You really have to wonder what sort of position that applicant was looking for, don’t you? What was Jennifer thinking?

Let’s just hope Jennifer has grown up a bit and is now gainfully employed.

9. The Guy Who Is Critical of Wendy’s

Image Source: Twitter

Wendy’s has an excellent point. While there is probably a somewhat decent reason most burgers served by fast food joints are round, square burgers aren’t exactly an affront to humanity. There is nothing natural about the circular shape of most burgers.

According to at least one source, Wendy’s square burgers are designed to show off the quality of the meat being served.

10. The Guy With the Water

Image Source: eBaum’s World

On the one hand, you should always allow your date to order a beverage more expensive than water if you can afford it.

On the other hand, your date probably should not complain if he or she is getting a free meal. Fresh water isn’t so bad, after all. There are a lot of people on this planet who would be extremely grateful for a glass of fresh, clean water.

test ad

The burger in the image looks great; the food, at least, was delicious.

11. The Person Who Called Out Jason

Image Source: The Chive

A Dairy Queen employee named Jason apparently messed up a machine; therefore, customers are unable to purchase Blizzards, which is a terrible thing. Frankly, Jason deserves to be publicly shamed.

Blizzards are delicious desserts. They were first introduced in 1985, and they have been a stable of the chain’s menu ever since. Over 100 million Blizzards were sold in 1985, and they have been growing in popularity ever since.

12. Stefania

Image Source: The Things

Stefania has a shaved head; as a result, people on the internet are claiming she has cancer. She apparently does not have cancer.

She is beautiful, however, and she is smiling. People should not be using her picture to get “likes” and attention.

13. The Guy With the Hoodies

Image Source: Twitter

If you are a guy in a relationship with a woman, there is a good chance that she frequently steals your clothing and wears it. Buying her a piece of clothing that is exactly like the one you typically wear, sadly, is no guarantee that she won’t steal yours.

14. The Person Who Called Out the Girl With the Lettuce on Her Head

Image Source: Imgur

At times, you just try to be nice. You don’t always have ulterior motives. You are just trying to help out another human being.

Sadly, however, many assume you do have ulterior motives. That’s when things get a bit weird.
In this case, a young woman had a piece of lettuce on her head. She assumed that she was being hit on when another person pointed that out. That was not the case. She was not getting hit on. She still decided to state that she had a boyfriend. She apparently has quite the high impression of herself.

She must have felt foolish when she realized she actually had lettuce on her head.

15. The Person With the Sister In College

Image Source: Twitter

If you have a sibling that doesn’t know that “Tuesday and Thursday” means you have to go to class on both days, that sibling probably should not be going to college.

Then again, a lot of college students wouldn’t bother going to class on either day. College students are notoriously lazy. The little sister is putting forth a bit of effort, at least.

16. The Girl Who Called Out Her Friends For Not Helping Out

Image Source: Twitter

This person makes an entirely valid point. Some people have great friends, and some people have terrible ones. Most of us have mediocre friends.

If you have a friend that gives you a kidney, you have a truly great friend. If you have a friend that sets you up with royalty, you have a great and very well-connected friend. Who wouldn’t love to marry a member of the British Royal Family?

Unfortunately, most of us have mediocre or terrible friends. You are lucky if they’ll buy you a meal once in a while. Forget about being set up with a royal. You are lucky if they will buy you a burger at Dairy Queen.

17. The Guy Who Called Himself Out

Image Source: Twitter

It is always a good thing when you can acknowledge your own shortcomings. It is also healthy to recognize that you were a bit dim when you were a child. There is no shame in that. Little kids can be funny and adorable, but they are not the brightest bulbs.

Sal Perez freely admits that he was not the smartest preschooler in the world. He is clearly correct. He did not spell one shape correctly. He couldn’t even draw a circle! What was he thinking when he tried to spell “triangle”. Chriego? What is that?

Sal looks happy, though, at least based on the image—so things obviously worked out for him in the end. The ability to spell apparently is not that important.

You really do have to respect a person that calls his child self out. Good for him. Humility is definitely a virtue.

18. The Person and the Flowchart About the Gummy Bears

Image Source: Imgur

If you did not open the gummy bears, you should have a great day. If you did open them and also closed the bag, you should have a great day. If you opened them and did not close the bag, you deserve to be punished. Nobody likes a stale gummy bear. They are delicious, but only when they are fresh.

Gummy bears are an interesting candy. They originated in Germany in 1922. The success of the gummy bar candy inspired other candies that resemble animals. For example, there are gummy sharks, frogs, spiders, lobsters, hippos, worms, and snakes.

19. The Guy Who Called Out the Athlete Who Clearly Is Not Trying

Image Source: Twitter

There are a couple of things wrong with this image. For one, the baseball player clearly does not have a writing utensil in his hand. He isn’t actually working on anything school-related. It looks like he is writing something, but he is not.

There is also a problem with the Tweet’s grammar.

Everything about this image deserves to be called out, including the “athlete”.

20. The Girl That Called Out the Guy Who Wants To Appear Famous

Image Source: Twitter

In this case, a guy asked a girl to take a picture with him; he then made it seem—on social media—that people are asking to take pictures with him. He apparently thinks he is famous, or at least thinks that he should be famous. Why he thinks he should be famous is anybody’s guess.

The girl, apparently, was a stranger. The guy just wanted to look like a big man. She called him out, though, and good for her. He deserved to be called out.

Written by Nick Martin

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