20 Perfect Examples Showing Why Some People Have Trust Issues

We often see things that are just not supposed to be the way they are! In most cases this is not coincidental, too! People sometimes are missing the skills to do something, but they often try to deceive others with the sole purpose of surpassing them in some way or making a profit. You have probably experienced how it feels to buy a product and to immediately realize that you were tricked in a certain way! The list below is full of examples which how different products and services did not meet the customers’ expectations or were designed to deceive them!

1. This cake is not even close to the desired result

Image Source: Reddit

We hope that the person who ordered it was able to get a full refund.

2. This is one neat to trick to deceive the customer

Image Source: Pikabu

Here is how a manufacturer keeps the costs down – they simply cheat with the quantity!

3. Someone bought this for their daughter

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the cup is not actually full, but it sure looked that way!

4. This product looks better on the package

Image Source: Reddit

We fancy a good presentation of food but this is not the case here

5. These huge curtains hide a secret

Image Source: Reddit

Despite their huge size, the window behind them is a lot smaller than it seems!

6. Here is an unexpected surprise

Image Source: Reddit

This product could not be further from the presentation on the package.

7. Ms. Pots and Chip look a bit different

Image Source: Reddit

This baker probably needs to rethink their career choice and choose something else.

8. This expanding action figure malfunctioned

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that whoever bought this toy was more than disappointed.

9. Here is why you should always choose the takeaway cup

Image Source: Reddit

The difference in quantity is more than obvious and we feel tricked.

10. These balloons were not what the woman expected

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Well, the defect was actually accepted as an effect by her husband and we can see why.

11. This is the worst cake in the history of cakes

Image Source: Reddit

Sure, we can see that it is a minion, but a lot of imagination is needed for that!

12. Needlefelting kits are fun

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, some people are not that good at it, though, and the quality of the kit is questionable, too.

13. Someone failed at the design of this chocolate treat

Image Source: Reddit

It is easy to see why the lack of any details is disappointing here.

14. This frozen veggies mix is kind of deceiving

Image Source: Pikabu

We believe that the person who bought this was furious despite the fact it included some broccoli.

15. These were probably supposed to be Mickey Mouse balloons

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that these balloons turned out to be quite different than expected.

16. We believe that this sandwich should not exist

Image Source: Reddit

All fast food lovers will definitely despise this product! It definitely should not exist.

17. This is definitely a disappointing product

Image Source: Reddit

The difference between the description and the actual item is too big!

18. This Snow White cake is scary

Image Source: Reddit

We would never serve such a cake to any kid’s party because the children might be scared.

19. Here is another example of false advertising

Image Source: Reddit

These images are a reminder that you should be careful when buying something online.

20. This doggy hairdo is not what it was supposed to look like

Image Source: Twitter

Some people might say that the style is the same, but we beg to differ.

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