20 Pics That Are Way Too Real For People Who Have Siblings

Everyone who has one or more siblings will tell you that living with them is no easy task! In fact, it could be a real burden, but it is also a lot of fun, and despite the constant and endless feuds, knowing that you have someone to count on is a priceless feeling! Sometimes siblings love each other so much that they always try to look after one another and this is a really sweet thing to see, although it happens rarely! These images are definitely the kind of content that you could relate to if you have a sibling!

1. Now this is the kind of relationship we all like to see

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This is how one brother decided to express the love he had for his sister. She had an old car and apparently her brother wanted her to feel good and be safe, so he purchased a brand new vehicle for her!

2. This is one way to describe having a brother or a sister

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We guess that this is how relationships between siblings are in most cases. Of course, there are exceptions, but most people would say that they do not like their sibling despite loving them!

3. This is why there are ‘keep off’ signs on teenagers’ doors

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We believe that one of siblings’ favorite sports is annoying their brother or sister on purpose! What better way to do that than going inside their room in the loudest way possible!

4. This is not a huge challenge

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As you can see, this is something that most people would gladly do to their siblings, and they would do it for a lot less, too! This is super funny!

5. We guess there is some truth to this

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This is one thing that only those who have more than one sibling would understand! Some of us are like that and we can relate to it!

6. Someone claims the opposite to the above stated opinion

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It is strange, but this kind of makes sense, too. Imagine that you just enter the teenage period of your life and you are stuck babysitting two 5-year-olds! Chances are that you would not be happy about that fact!

7. This was a daily activity

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WWE-style stunts and feuds were a must. Regardless if they were more or less serious, they brought a lot of fun to the good old days and we miss them!

8. This is one way to describe it

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This sounds like a joke, but it is the actual truth! Sharing is really hard and siblings keep their possessions like they are some kind of treasures, but in case of an emergency siblings are the first to respond.

9. Here is another thing that is kind of curious

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It seems logical for older siblings to be taller than the younger ones, but it does not happen like that! In fact, in some cases youngsters are a lot taller than the first born kids!

10. This happens every time

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If you have youngers brothers and sisters, than you know exactly how this works, and it works every time! It is not fair, but it is what it is.

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11. We beg to differ here

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While this is almost true, there is someone that has the power to annoy you even more than your siblings, and this is the person who gave birth to all of you – that’s right, that person is your mom.

12. Here is another thing that happens all the time

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It seems that siblings are willing to do anything in order to avoid doing something you asked them for. This means that they would remember things that happened a long time ago to use them as an excuse.

13. The struggle is real

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Yeah, we know that feeling and we have done the same thing multiple times!

14. This is a clever and funny way to describe these relationships

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The things this person mentioned are also frequently used by moms as well, and they have the same intentions as siblings!

15. Here is how things really happen

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Siblings use every opportunity they have to make their brother or sister look bad. The best way for this to happen is as described in this post.

16. This is technically correct

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Well, it is only natural for kids to accept their rooms as their private property where they keep their treasures and where they spend their alone time, so nobody is usually welcome there.

17. Those moments were part of many people’s everyday lives

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We guess that this can only bring smiles to those who have lived through such moments, but it was surely different back then!

18. Here is a reasonable question

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We guess that there is a lot of sense to this question because we often feel like bothering someone! And what better option than having a sibling to irritate!

19. This is exactly how things happen

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As you can see, this post pretty much sums up how feuds between siblings happen. There is hardly an apology in the end and we guess it is not needed in most cases.

20. The Netflix era kids

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