20 Pics That Only People Who Have Worked At A Restaurant Can Understand

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There is a huge misconception about how hard working at a restaurant is. Most people tend to think that it is a straightforward thing and that everyone working at such a location does pretty much the same day after day – cooking meals, waiting tables or sipping drinks. However, there is much more to this line of work than it meets the eye! It is harder in more ways than you might think and you feel what it is actually like in order to fully understand. The list below is more than enough to show you what these people go through day after day!

1. This is simply outrageous 

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We believe that there are certain limits to everything in life, and crossing the line is actually really easy! The customer who did this definitely crossed more than one line here, and we believe that such behavior is more than just inappropriate – it is outrageous! We really felt bad for the waitress and we guess she needs to put up with such things all the time! She deserves either a huge tip or a day off after this episode!

2. This is the absolute truth

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While this post could easily start an argument, we already know that it states nothing but the truth! Anyone who works at a diner or a restaurant would confirm this! There is a difference in people’s attitude based on their age group, but we know that there are exceptions, of course. The world changes and people change, too, and we believe that everyone would agree that the younger generations are a lot more open-minded!

3. Sometimes you just cannot help it

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It appears that people experience all kinds of different emotions based on the type of work they do. Some lucky individuals simply have fun doing something they love and they get paid to do it, Of course, not everyone is like that and most of us experience a lot of stress. This is especially true when it comes to working at a restaurant! Despite having nerves of steel, a worker at such a place could experience a breakdown when the stress becomes too much.

4. This is what it is like in most fields of work

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It appears that restaurants are basically the same to every other place when it comes to the unwritten rule that you are hired to do one thing, but you often need to do a ton of work except that, or you need to do something entirely different than the one you negotiated for at first! This is how most jobs are, really, so there are no surprises here, but at least it is funny to see the way this tweet sums it all up!

5. Some customers are hard to deal with

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Now this is one story that is equally funny and outrageous! It is no secret that some customers tend to be rude just for the sport of  it, as if they think that being rude is included in the tab! Well, it is not, and when someone behaves in a rude manner, they should get a taste of their own medicine! As you can see, this waitress pulled a sneaky one on this rude customer, but it is a shame that she didn’t make a video to show her and embarrass her in front of everyone. Having enough dignity helps coping with such situations!

6. This is some food for thought

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Some customers seem to believe that if they complain to the manager of the place they are currently dining in, it would be enough for a certain employee to get in trouble. We never really understood why people act like this at all. It seems they just want to win some kind of feud and they think that it would be a sure win since they are paying the tab, but it does not work that way.

7. This is just how rude some customers are

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Instead of enjoying their stay and have a good time, some customers seem to be constantly looking for a reason to start and argument with the staff. Some individuals really want to be always right, despite the fact that they are most often not! This example describes what that feels like! The person was able to use a dash of sarcasm in order to explain the customer’s impossibly high expectations.

8. These are the things that sum up what it is like to have many and different colleagues 

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Well, it is obvious that this is something that could describe the working environment in other fields of work as well! Having colleagues that you are forced to put up with day after day is something that almost everyone experiences in their professional path and the common thing is that these colleagues are always annoying and they drain your energy!

9. This is an absolute fact

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Yes, ‘the customer is always right’ is an old saying which the actual customers take in a wrong way. They think it allows them to do whatever they please but the meaning behind it is a completely different one! In this case, one person pretty much shut down everyone who would try and explain to some store or restaurant employees how to do their job. The customer might be right in certain situations, but not always!

10. This is actually a nice idea

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Wow, this idea actually impressed us a lot! It was probably meant to be nothing but a joke, but we believe that introducing such a thing would allow customers to think about their behavior. While sometimes they are right to be unhappy about certain aspects of the service they received, in many other cases they simply try to create a feud only because they want to feel significant. The idea with the emojis would definitely give them accurate feedback on their behavior.

11. Every retail worker would confirm this

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It appears that older generations have a higher self-esteem when it comes to acting in a manner they think is acceptable but it is actually not at all! Older generations probably think that having a bigger life experience puts them in a position to constantly tell people what to do or to be unhappy with their performance! This is just not right and many customers push it too far.

12. These jokes could be unbearable sometimes 

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This is something rather unexpected when it comes to the relationship between customers and retail workers. One might think that joking around is all fun and games, but when it happens a dozen times a day and the jokes are perfect examples of the typical dad humor, it could all get too much to bear with. Some retail workers actually like these jokes but they laugh out loud and lose their focus for some time after that.

13. Here is one relatively delicate situation 

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The moment that was described here actually happens a lot more often then you might think. While in most cases customers only joke about this kind of thing, some individuals really mean it! By saying such a thing they simply want the person who is serving them to feel more or less uncomfortable, and nobody needs that.

14. This post is full of sarcasm 

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Well, this is just too funny but it also shows the attitude of some retail workers. They are so fed up with rude and annoying people going in and out of the store that they expect another feud or any other kind of drama in any given minute.

15. This line of works gets the better of you

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This post is for everyone who thinks that working at a store or serving tables is an easy job. Well, it is not, and it never was! It is actually labor-intensive and causes a lot of stress to be accumulated. This post might look funny bit it shows the hard life these people lead.

16. Here is another sarcastic post

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This one would definitely make you laugh, because it features a really short conversation that sums up many retail workers’ motivation to go to work. Of course, there are a lot of different factors involved and not everyone is like that, but this is how things are in most cases.

17. This is kind of accurate

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Well, the comparison might be a funny one, but it is also not that accurate, because the amount of tips a servers takes each night is not that impressive at all, and they should get more!

18. This is the kind of rude behavior that should not be tolerated

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As you can see, this is a simple but typical situation that happens to every retail worker or server almost each day, and enduring through these moments is kind of hard!

19. The perks of working such a job

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While we appreciate the sense of dark humor this person has, we also need to say that we definitely got the message here and it shows how stressful this line of work actually is!

20. The real deal

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We believe this is the dream of every customer service representative. That might be a good idea to treat the customer the way they treat you, but remember – The Customer Is Always Right

Written by Sven Miller

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