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20 Random Comparison Pics That Show How Admirable Our World Is

Image Source: Imgur

The world is full of surprises and there are curious things to see each passing minute. This is why it feels so good to be alive! The diversity around can sometimes be noticed via interesting comparisons. The list shows some of the most curious ones that are worth sharing.

1. The dollar bills

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people always think that certain things can never happen to them. Needless to say, they are not always right and they change their opinion once it happens. In this case, someone found a counterfeit bill and compared its watermark to the real one.

2. The popes

Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous things that define the role of the pope. Apart from the numerous obligations and the great influence of the pope, there are things that are obvious for everyone to see. Here is a comparison of the thrones chosen by two popes.

3. The glacier

Image Source: Reddit

Those who still think that climate change is not really a thing need to do their research. These two images are surely an easy way to understand the scale of things. The Arctic is melting and this is more than obvious.

4. The poles

Image Source: Reddit

Urbanization causes a lot of problems in different cities around the world. They get overcrowded and this results in many negative consequences. The city of Kyoto decided to do something about it and removed the powerlines and poles. It looks great now.

5. The giants

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an image that really makes us think about how tall basketball players are. You surely know how big The Rock is. He is a tough man with an impressive physique. Still, he looks short to these basketball players.

6. The illness

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one proof that anemia can really take the better of you. This person decided to show how that feels and posted a couple of images in different stages of her life. She looks so much different when she feels okay.

7. The teapots

Image Source: Reddit

These teapots look really different and one would assume they are but it is the same unit, actually. The comparison you see here shows how the silver teapot looked before and after it was polished.

8. The bills

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that money cannot last forever and we don’t mean the amount we have but rather the bills. As you can see, new bills look completely different compared to heavily used ones and that is perfectly normal.

9. The Berlin street

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that a city’s landscape could change drastically over time, as the city expands and this is what happens to most locations. In this case, it is obvious that Berlin has changed a lot since 1890 but not completely.

10. The shorts

Image Source: Imgur

This is something that we never realized. It seems that one of the things that have changed in the past few decades is the clothing size. Both these shorts are medium size but the one dates back to the 90s.

11. The eyewear

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Image Source: Reddit

Technology has greatly benefitted human lives and we all need to acknowledge that. As you can see here, one person shared a comparison between their old glasses and the contact lenses they use now.

12. The waterfall

Image Source: Reddit

This is a comparison of Rainbow Falls and the way it behaves during normal weather conditions and during a hurricane. It seems that the power of nature should never be estimated and this waterfall proves it.

13. The ceiling

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really baffling comparison we never expected to see. The image was taken in Da Nang airport and shows the difference between the ceiling in the no-smoking area and the much darker ceiling in the smoking room.

14. Tne eggs

Image Source: Reddit

If you don’t believe in the difference in the quality of eggs, there are two completely different brands in these bowls. One is a cheaper brand and the other is a much fancier, thus more expensive brand and you can see why.

15. The eyes

Image Source: Reddit

People can introduce a lot of changes to the life of animals and adopting an animal from a shelter or rescuing it from the streets is a rewarding experience. This is how one cat was transformed after it was taken from the street to a loving home.

16. The honey

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something kind of weird to see. These two large jars of honey were produced by the same bees and there is still a difference. It is easy to explain – the left one was collected during fall while the right one was collected in the summer.

17. The doorknobs

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something you don’t see every day. Someone took an image of the front door of their seaside home. The doorknobs used to be the same but the outer one could not withstand the salty air.

18. The cats

Image Source: Reddit

Cats come in all shapes and sizes but we guess that this is best seen through a comparison. It seems that people who have Maine Coons at home will immediately relate to this situation. We want one, too!

19. The skeletons 

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one very curious comparison that gives more than a few answers to the questions about how much humans and gorillas have in common. It appears that common things are more than a few!

20. The tomatoes

Image Source: Reddit

These tomatoes appear to have nothing in common and there is a perfectly good explanation for that. As you can see, the left one is much smaller because it is the modern type but the right one was grown from seeds that were preserved for 150 years.

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