20 Really Strange Facts About Halloween

6. The Owl

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The owl is one of the main Halloween’s symbols. Back in the days the night-birds were considered witches. The medieval people even connected the call of an owl with a death.

7. Protection

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If you see a spider on Halloween, that means someone (a loved one) is watching over you from beyond the grave.

8. Black cats’ legend

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According to the legend, the black cats were familiars of witches and because of that, if they cross your path this will bring you a bad luck.

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9. Bats

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The Bats are also a significant Halloween’s symbol. On Samhain, the ancient Celts built bonfires which attracted the flying mammals. Тhe Bats were also considered familiars of witches.

10. Meeting with a witch

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According to the ancient story, you are able to see a witch on Halloween if you put your clothes on inside out.

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