20 Really Strange Facts About Halloween

11. Tricks for treats

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In Ireland and Scotland, if the young people performed a song or dance on Halloween, it was considered as a “trick” and they would receive fruit, coins, or nuts as treats.

12. Going A-Souling

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During the 3-days celebration, the poor people visited the wealthy citizens and received pastries as treats.

13. Prank show instead performing

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Although the North America’ Scottish and Irish immigrants brought the main traditions, the young people preferred only the prank shows. Unfortunately, these pranks, with increasing violence, started to cause a lot of damages to the properties. That’s why since 1920, the situation led to organized town trick or treating.

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14. Sugar shortage

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During the World War II in the 1940s, the sugar usage was cut, because of the rationing, which caused halting the trick or treating for a while.

15. The sweetest treats

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According to a research, 50% of the kids prefer chocolate, 24% would choose candy and 10% – gum, as a treat.

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