20 Really Strange Facts About Halloween

16. Decoration colors

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The ancient Celts were celebrating the boundary which divide life from death. That’s why Halloween is associated with two main colors – black and orange. The colors express their connection with the darkness and the harvest fall, which are equivalent to death and life.

17. The Giant Pumpkin

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The biggest pumpkin was measured in 2016 with a size of 2624.6 pounds. Its owner is Mathias Willemijns and he holds the world record.

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18. Fastest Carver

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Steven Clarke is the fastest pumpkin carver. After several records through the years, the best one is for 16.47 seconds in 2013.

19. First Mention

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Trick-or-treating’s first mention in print was in North America in 1927 in Blackie, Alberta.

20. Unbelievable fact

Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles County and the city of Walnut Creek both have outlawed the usage of silly string on Halloween since 2004. On the streets, there are even multiple signs with a $1000 fine.

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