20 Things Generation Z Will Not Believe We Had To Suffer Through

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People born in the last two decades would find it hard to believe what life was like only a decade prior their birth! Things were a lot different in so many ways that we don’t know where to start! The list below offers twenty images that millenials would totally understand while the younger generations might find them to be absurd or awkward. Everything is much easier now and only those who grew up in that period of time would understand, because we all remember the struggle!

1. There was no Wi-Fi back then

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We had to wait until late in the evening when the minutes included in the contract was unlimited, but still much slower.

2. There was a time when all computers were stationary

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Laptops were not widely used and we actually had to sin in a certain place where the PC was.

3. Playing a game required a lot of preparations

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You had to plug and unplug a million cables and reset the TV in some cases!

4. These cameras were a thing

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We remember the cameras and the tiny square hole you had to look through to see the object.

5. We had to wait a lot of time for the photos to be developed

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Now this was something really annoying and in most cases the photos were not good, either!

6. There was no ‘pause’ option for the TV channels

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We had no movie playlists or options like that to choose from, which is kind of sad, really.

7. Back then you had to actually work to write a text

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Phones with regular keyboards required a lot of tapping in order to write a simple text.

8. Smartphones were just mobile phones back then

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We believe that carrying an iPod and your phone was a burden but we had to cope with it.

9. These CD-holders were a thing

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If you wanted to have all your music with you, these huge things were a must.

10. This was a real bummer every time

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Burning a CD was a slow and unstable process that we all had to put up with.

11. The dial-up connections were a nightmare

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It was hard to use internet because if someone wanted to use the phone, a feud was initiated!

12. Rolling the window back then meant actually rolling it down

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The modern cars all have power windows, even the most affordable ones.

13. No satellite navigation meant printing sheets was the way

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A simple road trip required tons of printed sheets with directions to follow.

14. The cinema movie program could be found only in the local paper

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This was one of the most valuable uses we found for the daily newspaper.

15. Netflix was a different thing back then

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The way people are used to Netflix now is another dimension compared to the good old days.

16. There were a limited number of emojis

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Not only there were only 12 of them, but they were not the most good-looking, either!

17. The contacts list was exactly that – a list

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Most of us had notebooks filled with contact info which was constantly updated.

18. If you needed to call someone, you needed to stay where the phone is

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This was annoying especially when you had to speak in privacy!

19. There was a time any website would not load without the ‘www’ part

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We remember this and how we had to type it every single time in order for website to load.

20. The struggle was real

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Having to wait several hours just to have a song on your computer is unthinkable now.

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