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20 Times People Came Up With Great IKEA Hacks

Image Source: Reddit

IKEA has a unique business strategy that has proven to be successful decades ago. The clever products and witty marketing is what makes us love this brand, not to mention the reasonable prices. Some people have perfected what we already love by using IKEA items in a new and better way. The list below is full of amazing examples.

1. The cat bed

Image Source: Reddit

The Duktig doll bed was repurposed in the best possible way. One IKEA client realized that the item can be turned into something much more useful. The end result is pictured here and we love it.

2. The cabinet

Image Source: Reddit

The Hemnes model is pretty basic and, most of all, plain white. One person decided to do something about it and you can see the end result is nothing but amazing. The new colors and handles transformed the cabinet.

3. The combination

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of the best DIY projects we have seen lately. This person used two LUSTIGT sets and a RIBBA frame to create a shelf for their partner’s Nintendo toys. This is an awesome idea.

4. The combined items

Image Source: Reddit

Two Hemnes shoe cabinets were fused together and an entirely new piece of furniture was born. The people behind this idea added a new countertop and the setup looks fully original.

5. The LACK table

Image Source: Reddit

We all know those simple and useful tables in white or black color. This person wanted to add a twist to theirs so they added a tiny garden on it! It looks like it was meant to be there from the factory.

6. The Kallax feeding station

Image Source: Reddit

This is one idea that everyone who happens to own a car and a dog will appreciate. As you can see, it seems that this person solved a problem that would be appreciated by many people.

7. The Kallax window seat

Image Source: Pinterest

We believe that the Kallax line can be used for dozens of different things, including a window seat. This person came up with a genius idea and the simple Kallax shelf was reincarnated as a window seat.

8. The CNC machine

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another Kallax-inspired idea that many IKEA lovers will surely love. This person decided to spice up their Kallax setup with engravings made by a CNC machine and the result is awesome.

9. The key holder

Image Source: Reddit

The Bekvami key holder you see here was never a genuine IKEA product. It was originally designed as a spice holder but one clever person chose to use a couple of them in a different way.

10. The cat litter box

Image Source: Reddit

The Fritids storage cabinet was used to hide miscellaneous stuff but this customer repurposed their unit. It is not a clever cat cabinet hiding the litter box. What a great idea!

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11. The IKEA bookcases

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that there is no simpler IKEA product than the bookshelf. We bet that nobody else thought to buy dozens of them and arrange them in a hallway. The result is awesome!

12. The card file drawers

Image Source: TPH

You have probably seen this item before and it looks simple because it comes in natural wood pattern. This person used their skills and crafted something really beautiful. This type of interior is trendy now and to create things as awesome as this one, you would need to take your time. You also need some skills but even with basic tools, you will still be able to achieve a wonderful result.

13. The laundry room

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another simple but clever idea. One person decided to create the best laundry room on a budget. They used Karlby countertops and Voxtorp cupboards. The result is phenomenal.

14. The Malm bed

Image Source: Reddit

We love traditional country style interiors and we guess this person liked them as well. They took an ordinary Malm bed and create something truly unique! It looks awesome now. We believe that many of the IKEA items you can buy today can be overhauled.

15. The Moppe cabinet

Image Source: Style Squeeze

This is one really cool IKEA item but this person transformed the cabinet into something amazing. As you can see, it looks much more expensive now. Maybe this person would be able to create a lot of great items using IKEA furniture and accessories.

16. The Kallax idea

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a single vertical Kallax cabinet can be turned into something beautiful. This is the kind of idea that turns an ordinary object into an extraordinary one. It looks factory-made and you could hardly tell it is a Kallax cabinet.

17. The Hejne combo

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something really different and we love it. Every cat owner would surely appreciate this person’s effort. This idea is worthy of adopting and we guess that it will inspire people. It is a combination of two Hejne shelves that allowed the cats to experience the outside.

18. The Vittsjo laptop desk

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this is no longer a laptop desk. One person took the awesome Vittsjo piece and transformed it into something amazing. The desk received new countertops and some accessories to accommodate liquor and it is the coolest home bar we have seen in a while. What a great result!

19. The other DIY bar

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really awesome and simple DIY project. All this person needed was a great idea and a couple of Fjallbo cabinets. The end result is amazing and we would do this sometime in the near future for sure.

20. The magazine holder

Image Source: Kelleysdiy

Here is how you can turn a simple magazine holder into something amazing. This cheap item can really become a useful addition to every room in your home. The IKEA magazine holders require some simple modifications to be turned into amazing racks. This is the kind of idea we would love to see more of.

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