20 Times People Had A Taste Of Misfortune

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that no matter how good your day may be going, you could still face a difficulty at any given moment. The trick is to accept any situation and deal with it, instead of focusing on the tough part. The list below shows people who went through such moments and they could be more or less frustrating, but we got to see them anyway. These images may serve as a reminder for us to be careful and also that nothing is under our control.

1. This person had the most unforgettable birthday party

Image Source: Reddit

The sweet 16 birthday cake took an unexpected trip to the floor.

2. This mug is kind of ironic

Image Source: Reddit

It said ‘It could be worse’ and we guess that it could always be worse, actually!

3. This person had no idea about this

Image Source: Imgur

That is one really sticky hoodie! Static electricity makes wonders!

4. Here is why we never get wild in the kitchen

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that most people have done a similar thing at least once.

5. This is one perfectly timed photo

Image Source: Imgur

We hope the person behind the camera was okay after that!

6. Here is not the right way to wrap a sandwich

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe someone wrapped this sandwich like that!

7. Gummy bears obviously cannot stand the heat

Image Source: Reddit

This is actually kind of sad to see, because the candies were wasted.

8. Here is someone who is actually quite fortunate

Image Source: Reddit

This person happened to find possibly the longest fry ever!

9. We guess this person will not have a meal today

Image Source: Realistic

We guess that this is actually a nice twist of faith and the person should probably start eating healthier!

10. Here is a ‘frog prince selfie’ gone wrong

test ad
Image Source: Imgur

Taking images with animals is not always a good idea and you can why!

11. This is not the kind of situation we would like to be in

Image Source: Imgur

This person would probably be too embarrassed to ask for assistance!

12. Here is a person who learned what a single wrong move could cause

Image Source: Imgur

These are probably a few thousand eggs gone to waste.

13. This woman helped a couple by taking their photo

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, she nailed it, but not in the way the couple expected it to be!

14. This loaf of bread is mostly air

Image Source: Imgur

The person who cut through it was probably more than surprised to see it!

15. Here is something really ironic

Image Source: Reddit

In this case life literally gave this person lemons, but no lemonade could be produced!

16. We hate it when this happens

Image Source: Imgur

We had no idea the bottom part of these cups could be separated like that!

17. This person ordered a couple of shirts online

Image Source: Reddit

Instead, they got a big box of tags and a coupon! What a plot twist, right?

18. This is painful to see

Image Source: Imgur

We guess this image is the definition of ‘misfortunate’!

19. Here is the first time we see something like this

Image Source: Reddit

It sounds absurd for a dryer to catch fire, but it obviously happened!

20. This person met Obama, sort of

Image Source: Reddit

We guess this was the worst time for the person on the left to fall asleep!

Written by Sven Miller

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