20 Times People Shared Their Most Awkward Conversations That Will Make You Cringe

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We all know home moments in life are just as unexpected as they are awkward. It seems that cringe-worthy conversations happen just as often. These random moments can occur several times a day, especially if one’s social skills are not that great. Even if you try hard, you can still end up saying something awkward that you would likely regret later. The tweets listed below tell the short stories of how people had awkward conversations and some of them are actually hilarious to see.

1. The sandwich

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Here is an innocent moment when a person simply wanted to order a sub sandwich. They walked into a Subway location and asked for a sandwich but it turned out to be an odd order. You can see why this person walked out and will never go back to that place.

2. The advice

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This tweet is the sole reason we never interfere with other people’s business. Giving someone advice they didn’t want can backfire massively right in your face. This is exactly what happened here and this person will surely keep her advice to herself.

3. The elevator

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Many people don’t feel all that comfortable when they walk inside an elevator and we are like that, too. We feel stuck with people we don’t know even if it’s just for a minute or so. We believe this person took the stairs for a few days after this conversation.

4. The quack

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Well, awkward could hardly get any more bizarre than this one. People often invent funny words when they are in a hurry to say something and they have no time to choose between the words they want to use.

5. The decoration

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You can imagine right away how this person must have felt when the people around the table revealed the actual reason why they were there. We guess they should have been more specific to avoid this uncomfortable situation.

6. The number

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People get the wrong impression way too often than they should. As you can see, one girl was not happy about someone asking about her phone number but the person’s intentions were entirely different compared to what she thought they were.

7. The misunderstanding

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We love all kinds of cleaning services because we never want to clean the whole house. This family obviously likes to take advantage of such services as well but one family member missed out on that.

8. The fee

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Here is yet another example of how a person can mix a couple of words and say the last thing they would want to! We understand why this individual never returned to claim their change. We wouldn’t do it, either.

9. The microphone

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Now, this is something you will probably laugh at all day! Sometimes, these moments happen by chance or because of the people involved is not aware of something but this case is entirely different. An invisible microphone? That is funny!

10. The check

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This is by far the most awkward situation so far. As you can see, this bank teller spoke too soon. The money was not what she thought and she probably wished she never said a word. This is why we need to keep our mouths shut when we are not aware of a situation.

11. The bag

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Some employees are extra polite and that is a good thing, albeit it can sometimes be annoying. In this case, the employee simply wanted to help but her offer to bag two kayaks is not just unconventional – it is impossible to happen.

12. The dentist

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Now, this is one of the moments we wish we never experience on our own. Imagine how the dentist must have felt. We hope this person explained why the hug happened, otherwise we guess it would be even more uncomfortable.

13. The phone

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There are embarrassing situations that happen a lot and then there’s this one! Imagine how nervous this person must have felt! We are more than certain that nobody else ever said such a thing and it’s hilarious!

14. The reply

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Replies are sometimes harder than one could imagine. People want to say the best possible thing and yet they remain tangled in the choice of words they have. Most often, the end result is extremely funny, just like this one.

15. The scan

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Some of the funniest moments in time were the result of a misunderstanding. As you can see here, a person failed to hear the instruction given and did something that made everyone around laugh their pants off. We find this situation to be amusing, too.

16. The food truck

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Here is one story that is kind of awkward as well. One person approached the food truck and probably mistook it for another fast-food business. The person behind the counter was baffled and could not serve the client his “usual”.

17. The meeting

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Introducing your boyfriend to the family is a huge step and it needs to be done right to avoid confusion. Well, this introduction was not all sunshine and rainbows. Of course, there was a lot of confusion, too.

18. The therapist

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Even professionals make mistakes, as they are only human. As you can see, this was definitely one of those situations that feel like a comedy TV series. The person took it easy and laughed about it, too.

19. The waitress

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There are many differences among different cultures and nations, even if there is just one border separating them. This tweet tells a funny story of how such differences can cause a great misunderstanding that could result in something funny!

20. The hamster

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The mistakes some individuals make might seem to be minor and insignificant but they can also become legendary for all the right reasons. This tweet is a fine example of that. Imagine someone walking to you and asking if they can pet your muffin. Now, that is funny!

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