20 Times People Totally Nailed It In Their Response

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Wise men say that mankind has survived for so many centuries because of the effect laughter has on everyone! We tend to agree with that, because having fun is something essential for everyone, and feeling joyful is an incomparable feeling that we cannot get enough of! Some individuals are always able to make others laugh, and the following images show how such people react and answer to different questions and situations!

1. This is an accurate way to describe the thinking process in our heads as well

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Only a person with a really good sense of humor would be able to come up with things like these! As you can see, someone posted a rather amusing way of describing their brain activity, and we feel like that sometimes, too! However, another person joined in the conversation and added something that made the witty post even better! Both of these people found a cool way to describe how some people think!

2. We could not agree more with the comment below this image

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Nobody could argue that eating healthy is a must but we all know that some sacrifices are needed in order for someone to follow a perfect meal plan in terms of nutritional value. In this case, one person shared their choice of breakfast and it included a lot of herbs, but it sure exactly like the person who commented on the photo described it! Maybe it needs a different presentation.

3. Now this is something you don’t see every day

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This is actually a curious image, and chances are that if you only look at it for a quick second, you missed the whole point of the post. If you take your time and study the image, you will understand the whole thing. We need to admit that we thought it was a shark trapped in a huge iceberg, too, and since the post specified it was photographed in Africa, we found it to be close to impossible. As it turned out, the photo was the thing that deceived us here!

4. Here is the kind of attitude some people admire

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It seems that everyone has their own opinion when it comes to dealing with a certain situation, and people often have a really different outlook than the one most of the others would stand behind. This is the perfect example. Someone suggested a simple situation that is not unlikely to happen, and instead of giving one of the few obvious questions, one person decided to think outside the box and replied in a really special way!

5. We feel the same way about this one

Image Source: Ifunny

Seeing this really made us feel uncomfortable for some weird reason, and that reason might be related to the fact that we are perfectionists when it comes to food and its presentation. There is no way in the world that we would put a shrimp and a cinnamon roll in the same plate! There are rules that need to be followed and we believe that these rules are for everyone, not to mention that the taste of the cinnamon roll might be ruined.

6. There are more than these two types of people

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You have probably seen many similar comparison images before but this is definitely one of the best ones you could find. It suggests that people can be divided into two different types – those who randomly squeeze the toothpaste and those who carefully press the lower part. This is not true, actually, because most people do the B option suggested here only after there is hardly any toothpaste left in the tube!

7. We agree with the initial post and the comment below it as well

Image Source: Reddit

This is one image that is so full of sarcasm that we absolutely love it! As you can see, someone decided to lift the spirits of many people who are still single despite they are in their 30’s. The example with Shrek might not be the most appropriate one, but it is still good enough to boost anyone’s mood because it is funny! But what made things even funnier is the comment of the person below!

8. It is all about the details here

Image Source: Imgur

Most people are reckless when it comes to posting something online. They either act emotional and post something that they later regret or they simply think they would make a certain type of impact while they end up looking awkward instead! This is why they should think twice before posting something or sharing an image, because it could turn against them. This is one of the best examples there are!

9. Now this is something new

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We were today years old, too, because we never really knew about the meaning behind this logo! It is actually a brilliant move because it was right there in front of us all along and we still failed to see it! And what is even better is that once we know what it is supposed to represent, now we will never forget it and it will be the only thing we see when the logo is before our eyes. This is why we agree with the witty comment of the person below the post.

10. Here is something that we have never seen before

test ad
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Of all the special and unique interior features we have seen, this has got to be among the most amazing ones! We mean, the idea behind it was nice but the way this person’s future husband actually made it happen is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams! The person who commented below the images was equally impressed and the found a funny way to express his amazement! We love such witty comments!

11. We wish we never need to deal with such a mess

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As you can see, someone is in for some cleaning here! Of course, it is only water, but letting the ice melt on the floor is a huge no-no, so it needs to be picked up before it creates a miniature flood. If there were only a few of those on the ground, we guess that the person could have just kicked them under the fridge like we all do in similar situations, but it just does not work that way!

12. This is absolutely correct

Image Source: Reddit

We have never seen a challenge like this one before! Asking someone to come up with a sad meal is equally creative and strange, but we guess that all the answers would be more than curious to see! In this case, someone had the perfect answer and we could not agree more! That slice of cheese on top is really what makes it just an extra special but it still looks really sad!

13. Now this is one of the funniest short conversations we have ever seen

Image Source: Imgur

It is more than obvious that this photo was not taken by the person who shared it. However, seeing this kind of graffiti on an abandoned building is definitely a sign that going in is definitely a wrong idea for a number of reasons! After seeing the photo and its captions, one person decided to use their sarcasm to the fullest and commented in the best possible way! It sure sounds tempting to go and see the cat but we are sure there are no cats inside!

14. This is funny but it is the truth

Image Source: Reddit

We really believe that people should take pride in everything they do if it is their own achievement! It does not matter what it is, even the simplest things should be accepted as challenges and the results of those challenges should be rewarded afterwards! In this case, one person suggested how some people look like when they look at their clean rooms with satisfaction written on their faces, and this is something many of us could relate to!

15. This is one witty post

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We never thought of her movies like this before, but some of the best ones have the same thing in common – everyone who is riding alongside her has a really tough time ahead of them! But as one person suggested below, no matter what happens, she always makes it and goes where she was headed originally, so we might say that she makes any journey a lot more special!

16. Yes, this happens all the time

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Yes, we can definitely confirm that this is the kind of thing that happens to many people, and what is even more annoying about such moments is that they seem to happen only when you are in a big hurry, so end up being more frustrated than usual!

17. Here is something that could literally make you cringe 


This is a perfect example of how a simple change in perspective could make all the difference! We feel uncomfortable looking at these images too!

19. We would never have the guts to watch that scene again

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It was really hard to see it the first time, and we genuinely believe that almost nobody would be able to do such a thing in real life!

20. The bikini

Image Source: Twitter

This tweet has a point and you definitely should not have to pay for both parts of a bikini. The response is actually a pretty good solution to that.

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