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20 Times People Who Knew Foreign Languages Laughed At These Tattoo Choices

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We all know that a tattoo is more than just about showing off – it is an expression of personal style or a tribute to something or someone. It can also be a message or a statement one needs everyone to see. This is fine, as long as it happens as it should. More often than expected, tattoos go wrong because they are misspelled and their meaning in a foreign language becomes funny or even embarrassing. The list below shows how that happens. Sometimes, a seemingly nice tattoo can mean things such as a “toilet demon”.

1. The message

Image Source: Imgur

One girl thought that she needs to express the strong feelings she has for her boyfriend. As you can see, she went and had a tattoo done but it does not say “I love you” as she thought. It reads “Babylon is among the leading dictionary programs in the world”

2. The mad man

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This is the tat one person got and it looks good but his wife wanted to know if it really meant “God’s love”. She learned that it meant “mad man” instead and her hubby was surely not happy about it.

3. The three symbols

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When a person wanted to know what the symbols tattooed on his girlfriend’s skin meant, he surely never expected to see this. The symbols meant something close to “someone with an empty head”.

4. The matching tats

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Here is yet another example of why you should double-check the meaning of a tattoo before agreeing to have it done. Two girls got drunk and decided to have tattoos made while abroad. They got symbols meaning “taken advantage of”. Ouch.

5. The funny meaning

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a woman who surely has no idea what her tattoo means. She probably had it made because she liked how it looks but everyone in Thailand would read it as “fresh spring rolls” and that is hilarious.

6. The 15-year-old tattoo

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One girl decided to ask what her tattoo meant when she found a topic where people helped others decipher the meaning of their tats. She was probably baffled to learn it meant “sexual fantasy”.

7. The meaning

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one person accidentally noticed the tat on a woman’s ankle. He was able to read it and it turned out the tattoo artist probably had miso soup cravings when he made it.

8. The Mexican

Image Source: Twitter

This is yet another example of a funny meaning. A woman decided to share her boyfriend’s tattoo and confirm it means “brave”. She was probably surprised to learn it actually meant “Mexica”.

9. The collection

Image Source: Reddit

Someone shared a whole lot of tattoos that went horribly wrong. As you can see, all of these pieces are utterly absurd and they should have never existed in the first place but the people who got them had no idea of their true meaning.

10. The mistake

Image Source: Blogspot

Some people try to answer clients’ expectations and they are sometimes able to fulfill them. Still, there are times when they create a tattoo with a different meaning compared to the original. This piece was supposed to mean “Ride hard, die free” but it means “free of charge die-molding”.

11. The butterfly

Image Source: Twitter

Someone was able to read this girl’s tattoo and realized the mistake someone made. It was obvious to them that it was meant to mean “butterfly” but whoever creates it wrote “fly” and “butter” as separate words.

12. Arianna Grande’s failed tat

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the most curious entries on this list. As you can see, the subtle tat was meant to promote her single “7 Rings”. Little did she know, it actually referred to a particular Japanese coal grill.

13. The other mistake

Image Source: Blogspot

Here is yet another case when small details ruined the whole tattoo. As you are about to learn, the symbol shown here means “free of charge” which is a weird choice for a tat. The person actually wanted it to say “freedom”.

14. The sandwich

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a tattoo in Chinese that the person who had it done had no idea what it meant. One of their buddies decided to do a quick search and it turned out it meant “turkey sandwich”. We bet they both laughed about it.

15. The soup

Image Source: Imgur

This one got us thinking about the way tattoo artists create some of their pieces of work. In this case, the tattoo meant “chicken noodle soup” and we are sure the client had no idea but the tattoo artist surely had fun.

16. The boastful rice village

Image Source: Instagram

It sounds funny and absurd at the same time and that is correct. Nobody would want to have such a tattoo made but this person did not want that result, either. His idea was to have his daughter’s name tattooed.

17. The skull

Image Source: Instagram

You notice how there are a few symbols included in this composition, right? Well, they were put there with a different idea, we guess, but their true meaning is “this is a tattoo”.

18. The weird tat

Image Source: Blogspot

This person deliberately had a gibberish tattoo made to support his friend who was just making his first steps as a tattoo artist. The person wanted to have the first part of their email address tattooed but in Chinese. The end result was “short mechanical curved handle”.

19. The funny tat

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes, the true meaning of a tattoo is not the actual problem. Writing something in Chinese and not knowing what it is can be a challenge for both the tattoo artist and the client. In this case, the meaning of the symbols is the least of their worries. It was written upside down!

20. The funny true meaning

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that even if they tell you the meaning of a tattoo in a foreign language is not hilarious, you should not listen. In this case, what this person thought she got was “appreciate life” but it actually means “I am rotten”.

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