20 Unexplainable Things That Almost Every Dad Does For No Reason

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It appears that some people accept all typical dad-things as if dads were a different species who always do peculiar things. Come to think of it, their behavior is more or less like that, but it often involves seemingly insignificant things that are still curious enough to see and discuss, and this is the reason for this list to exist!

1. Dads know better

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Well, this is something we have seen as well, and dads love justifying their actions with the knowledge they have and their bigger life experience. It sounds more or less absurd, but they might be right here. You see, there is a difference between an \expiration’ date and a ‘best before’ date. Some foods are okay to be consumed after the ‘best before’ date expires.

2. This happens much too often

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We guess that there is a particular reason for this to happen on a regular basis. Dads are working hard in most cases and they often do not get to enjoy the long rest they deserve, so fatigue starts to build up and once they have the chance to rest, their body reacts and immediately grabs that chance!

3. Dads love optimization in all its forms

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One of the main things dads love doing is improving different things, because they are convinced that everything could be improved! They are not wrong on this one, but optimizing a text message by skipping certain words while trying to keep the same meaning could be annoying to see.

4. Here is a ritual most dads actually do

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Now this is probably something we have all seen at least once! If your dad never did it, chances are that a friend’s dad did not skip this ritual. We guess it is dads’ way of appreciating the food they ate and it is probably also a way to show they are proud of the quantity of food they could devour!

5. This is a curious question

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The explanation behind this is probably hard to find because the reasons for it are most probably one too many! We guess the most plausible one is that the Hard Rock Cafe chain was established back when today’s dads were young it was the place to be, so they simply like to think it is as cool as it was back then.

6. Dads’ confidence knows no limits

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Here is one tweet that says a lot about the typical dad behavior. It appears that most dads are so confident because of their life experience that they often think they know better! This includes the moments when they try and outsmart gadgets such a a GPS system, which almost never happens, of course!

7. This is a similar thing to falling asleep on the couch

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The grunting noise dads make almost every time they sit down is something we are all familiar with! As you could imagine, it is just another way for them to make a statement, and they most often do it willingly! This noise states that they are constantly tired but they still do not give up!

8. This is also a proven fact

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We guess that dads are too proud to admit that they would surrender to fatigue, as if it was some kind of weakness! This is the sole reason why they rarely admit they fell asleep. If it was up to them, they would never admit they sleep at all, because it would make them look like they have superhuman abilities!

9. This is actually kind of handy

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We need to hand it to dads for some of the things they do, and this is one of those things. It seems that they always have small change in their pockets, and this is actually a good thing, because you never know when you would need it! It is a good habit to adopt, we guess!

10. This is one of those dad things that are hard to explain

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Here is another little something most, if not all dads do, as if they have a pact that they all agreed on! Dads love scattering socks everywhere around, and they often put on new ones without placing the previous pair where they should – in the laundry basket! This is a childish thing for them to do, but it is what it is.

11. Grilling is like a ritual for every dad

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Well, there you have it – one of the most typical things for every dad. When it comes to grilling, dads have a certain aura around them and they start behaving differently, as if they were going to prepare the new menu for a restaurant with three Michelin stars! They take this seriously and they always think nobody could do it better than them!

12. Dads love practicality 

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As we already mentioned, dads love to optimize everything and to be able to live in the most practical way! They also like to be prepared for whatever! This kind of attitude is actually not a bad thing, and the only trouble is that other people do not understand it because they think differently!

13. There is probably a simple explanation for this one

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This is something that most of you have probably noticed many times before. Dads everywhere simply love interacting with Siri, and we believe the reason for this might be the fact that technology really developed with a fast pace in the recent decade, and it was completely different during their younger years! They merely want to enjoy everything new and cool as much as they could!

14. Here is another fun facts

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Dads simply love huge wallets and fanny packs! These are among they favorite accessory, and the wallet is something you could see almost every time! The reason you see it is because it is always this huge chunk of leather full of whatever you could think of! Dads love holding huge wallets filled with random stuff!

15. This is another thing dads do all the time

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It seems that all dads have another thing in common, and it is the habit to lose their phone or forget it all the time! Dads love technology although they often find it hard to cope with, but they still fail to make sure their phone is with them! This could be really annoying if you need to get in touch urgently!

16. Dad humor knows no limits

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When you are talking about dads’ favorite things, you would probably mention dad jokes as one of the top entries on that list! Dads love pulling pranks on others and joking with them, but the trouble is that they are often the only ones who find these jokes to be funny! The typical dad humor is understandable only if you are a dad, too.

17. Here is another fun fact

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We have never actually thought about this before, but we guess that it is yet another typical dad thing! The mint bowls at different diners and restaurants are free of charge and maybe this is the reason why dads love them!

18. This is an absolute fact

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If you could recall the last hand-written note your dad gave you, then you would probably understand this tweet! Writing in all caps is considered to be equal to raising your voice, but dads do not look at it that way and they probably just want the note to be easily readable!

19. Here is another example that dads like to be prepared

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We guess that having the will to make sure everything around you is just as it is supposed to be is a nice trait to have! If a person acts in such a way, chances are that unpleasant surprises are unlikely to happen at all! Of course, this is a typical behavior for most dads and while many people think that most of what they do is a waste of time, we think that they are simply not taking any chances!

20. This is a weird habit to have

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Now this is something we cannot explain! We could only guess what the reasons behind this might be. For starters, we could assume that shaking the bag of peanuts might actually make all the peanuts inside evenly covered in salt! However, this does not apply for M&M’s.

Written by Sven Miller

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