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20 Women Who Have Done Things A Little Bit Differently

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes it seems, these days, everyone is trying to be similar. No one wants to deviate too far from the norm.

No one is suggesting anyone engage in behavior that is dangerous, but it is nice to learn about people who do things a bit differently.

Those sorts of people can really be a breath of fresh air and also make you laugh.

Here are twenty great examples of women who did things a little bit differently.

1. The Lady With The Unusual And Brilliant Wine Glass

Image Source: Blogarama

What is great about this image is that it shows off just how creative the person who made it really is. For a couple of different reasons, you do not want to spill your wine. Red wine is delicious, but it also stains clothing, tablecloths, and carpeting. In fact, it can be almost impossible to get out.

If you do spill red wine on your clothing or some other fabric, though, you definitely need to act fast. First of all, do not rub at the spilled wine. You need to blot it with a damp cloth in order to get up any excess liquid.

Salt, and lots of it, works wonders when spread on a red wine stain. You have to let the salt dry before any further action is taken. Before you pour salt on the stain, though, you might want to pour a little club soda on it. Boiling water can also do the trick when it comes to certain fabrics.

2. The Girl With The Piercings

Image Source: Instagram

The young woman in this image does things differently, true, but she also comes across as a bit indecisive. She definitely wanted a few different piercings and couldn’t really make up her mind. It all looks strange at first, but it also kind of grows on you after a while. It also looks sort of painful.

3. The Other Lady With the Wine Glass

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This is a strange-looking wine glass, but I see the purpose. It holds a lot of wine, and it is probably more stable than your traditional wine glass.

Red wine, in moderation, is a good thing. There are several benefits to having a glass once in a while. In moderation, because of certain compounds it contains, it is good for the heart. It can also assist in the management of diabetes and improve cholesterol. According to one study, it might even aid in the prevention of obesity due to a certain compound that is found in grapes.

4. The Zipper In the Woman’s Hair

Image Source: Reddit

This is a weird one. I don’t even know how it is technically possible to do that to your hair. Also, I definitely do not understand the point. Is it just a fashion statement? Is there some sort of practical value? I seriously doubt she is storing anything in there.

5. The Woman With the Trojan Tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

I have seen this tattoo on a guy before, but I have never seen it on a woman. I am not sure what message this woman is sending. Is she trying to point out to guys that she only practices safe sex?

If so, that is a great thing, as condoms are great at preventing most sexually transmitted infections when used properly and consistently.

It is possible, although unlikely, that the young woman works for Trojan in some capacity. Maybe she is being paid to wear a temporary Trojan Condoms tattoo while out in public places. If so, I hope she is getting paid adequately.

Trojan really doesn’t need to advertise, though. The vast majority of condoms purchased in the United States are Trojans. Believe it or not, they have been around for over 100 years. They were first introduced in 1916, and the brand now produces over 30 types of condoms.

6. Molly and the Pepper Nails

Image Source: Twitter

She was probably just trying to make a joke for her social media followers, but Molly put peppers on her fingers instead of fake fingernails. That’s a bold and very different move on her part. They’re not really very functional, but they’ll definitely attract attention.

7. The One Using the Hair Dryer To Dry Her Pants

Image Source: Huge Lol

This is pretty smart. Pants take forever to air dry, and almost every woman owns a hair dryer. Maybe the woman’s clothes dryer broke, so she absolutely had to do this. You can’t exactly walk around town without pants.

8. The Woman With the Chocolate Syrup Water Bottle

Image Source:

I imagine that this woman definitely does get looks at the gym. That would be a pretty shocking sight, really.

It is clever, though. In addition to getting you attention, using a bottle of chocolate syrup as a water bottle is good for the environment. The syrup bottle would have otherwise ended up in the trash.

This particular chocolate syrup is made by the Hershey Company, which was founded in 1894. It is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and is now headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Hershey’s produces several products, including Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey’s Bars. There is even a theme park about the Hershey brand—it can be found in Hershey, Pennsylvania. While open to the public now, it was first opened for employees of the Hershey Company.

9. The Pregnant Woman With the Tinder Surprise

Image Source: Reddit

This woman is clever for making her child internet famous before he or she was even born. It is never too early to get followed on social media, after all.

10. The Woman Who Could Not Afford the Fishnets

Image Source: Instagram

If you can’t afford something, you either have to do without or get creative. This woman decided to be a little different and try the creative route. It doesn’t look great, true, but what did she really expect? Drawing on one’s own flesh rarely works out as well as one would like.

11. The Rat Panties

Image Source: Reddit

There are probably a couple of uses for rat underwear that I can’t think of. The person who made these is definitely creative and more than a little bit different.

test ad

When it comes to a fashion statement, this is an extremely curious one. Does she expect anyone to ever see her wearing these? If so, why? Could you imagine seeing these things on someone you are attracted to? I imagine the attraction would fade almost immediately. Maybe that’s the point.

If these are real, they obviously took a great deal of effort to make. You have to wonder what sort of person has that amount of time. Also, they look extremely uncomfortable. What would you wear these things with? Something loose fitting, that’s for sure. They wouldn’t be comfortable in a tight pair of jeans.

12. The Pantyliner and the Car

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you don’t have a proper piece of paper, so you have to do what you have to do. A woman, clearly upset by another driver’s parking job, used a panty liner to express her dissatisfaction. It is different, but clever. How bad was that parking job, though? I have seen a lot of bad parking jobs in my day, and I have never once left a note. I just grunt, shake my head, and go on with my day.

13. The Young Woman and the Yogurt

Image Source: Instagram

This young woman appears to be consuming yogurt; to be more specific, she is consuming a lot of yogurt. To get even more specific, she is consuming a lot of yogurt all at once. Is there a reason one should consume that much yogurt all at once?

Yogurt, in appropriate quantities, is good for you. For example, it is a great source of riboflavin. It is eaten all over the world. No matter where you go, chances are that you will be able to get some yogurt.

14. The Girl That Is Drying Herself

Image Source: The Chive

This is very different. I probably shouldn’t speculate as to exactly why this young woman feels the need to do what she is doing. Let’s just hope she accomplished her task quickly enough and got out of there safely. It is kind of a shame that this picture is circulating on the internet, but at least her face is not visible.

15. The Woman With the Swiss Army Knife Fingernails

Image Source: Instagram

The woman in this image made the strange and questionable decision to turn her nails into Swiss Army Knife tools. I doubt they actually work as intended, though. Fingernails aren’t the most durable things in the world. Therefore, we can only assume she made the fingernails look the way they do in order to get attention. Admittedly, they do look really cool, and someone clearly has a lot of talent. I do not know if it is a very useful talent, but it is a talent nonetheless.

Unlike the nails in this image, the Swiss Army Knife is extremely useful. It has been produced since the 1890s and is one of Switzerland’s cultural icons. It was created in the 1880s by the Swiss Army for its soldiers so that they could open cans and assemble weapons.

These days, there are a lot of different models of the Swiss Army Knife, and the different models contain different tools, including nail files, blades, scissors, can openers, wire cutters, pliers, wood saws, tweezers, toothpicks, and fish scalers.

The Swiss Army Knife is even used by NASA during space missions. They have been used to conduct repairs in space. They truly are versatile tools.

16. The Woman With the Nails In Her Fingernails

Image Source: Instagram

If the nails in this woman’s fingernails are properly secured, they might actually serve a real purpose as a self-defense tool. Could you imagine getting scratched in the face by this person? You could easily lose an eye. They probably have a bit of value as a deterrent to potential attackers—if nothing else.

17. The Woman Painting The Brand

Image Source: Instagram

While it is both different and sort of sad that this woman is painting her clothing to make it look like it is an Adidas garment, she is actually doing a really great job. Hopefully she gets money soon and can afford proper Adidas apparel.

It is understandable that the young woman would want people to think that she is wearing Adidas shorts. It is a pretty popular apparel brand these days, and it has also been around longer than you might think. It has actually been around since the 1920s. The 3-stripe logo has been used by the company since the 1950s.

The company actually employs more than 50,000 people and makes billions of dollars in revenue. It is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

18. The Woman Who Hooked Up Again

Image Source: Instagram

This image does not really need any explanation or comment. It is always a shame when someone goes back to a person who did not treat her well. At least the jar provides an incentive not to do so again. The jar apparently did not work so well the first time, though.

19. The Girl With the Booty

Image Source: Instagram

The young women in this image are both lovely and this is funny, but the girl’s rear end actually had nothing to do with the fact that her phone bent. That was a major problem with the iPhone 6 if kept in a pocket for several hours. Depending on the situation, it was actually covered by Apple’s warranty. Someone was clearly just trying to make a joke with this image. The fact of the matter is that a lot of bent iPhones, while not particularly nice to look at, function perfectly fine.

20. The Woman With the Prenup Necklace

Image Source: Reddit

It is hard to say exactly what sort of message the young woman in this image is trying to send. Is she trying to convey to those who might consider marrying her that she is not interested in their money? Did she buy the necklace using money from an ex who didn’t insist on a prenup?

Written by Kevin Barrett

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