21 Extraordinary People Who Restored Our Faith In Humanity

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It doesn’t take much to be nice to someone or to do the right thing, even when nobody is around! Unfortunately, not every person is capable of showing what it means to be human. What separates us from other species is our ability to willingly help someone without seeking anything in return, and to feel compassion and empathy. Many believe that these things are becoming obsolete, but we disagree and the list below will show you that there are still many people who try to make this world a better place one step at a time.

1. One person posted on social media about her brother who had development issues

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His name was Max and he apparently loved big toy cars, so many people sent him what he wanted.

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He even received his very own personal Hummer, which is awesome! They made his Christmas unforgettable!

2. Someone gave one person $200 after realizing they had no money for decorations or presents

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Thanks to a stranger’s kindness, this person was able to buy everything for their kids’ first real Christmas!

3. This person was born with two fingers missing from their right hand

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After altering their gloves when they were a kid, their mother decided to do the same for their 30th birthday, which is a wholesome thing to do!

4. This brave surrogate mother made a couple extremely happy

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They were trying to have a baby for ten years with no luck, and this brave woman gave them a gift that is beyond anything else!

5. One person shared the tree house their uncle made for his children

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It looks like a castle and he was even able to decorate it with Christmas lights! This father is a role model for sure!

6. This woman had a dream of visiting Key West

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Her husband surprised her with a special gift for their 24th anniversary. He took her there and she was the sun setting above the ocean for the first time!

7. This picture was shared by this elderly man’s the son-in-law 

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He was 61 and was happy to receive his first toy for more than 50 years! It was a LEGO constructor and he loved it!

8. One person went to the airport on Christmas and ended up adopting a kitten

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The airport staff took care of it after someone abandoned the kitty and this person could not resist its charms. This is the perfect gift!

9. One dad was able to get each family member a bottle of Coca-Cola with their name on it

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It took him about three months but he pulled it off and this is the amazing result! It is one really huge family, we guess!

10. This is how true love looks like

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This man gave his sneakers to his girl after her feet became sore of wearing her own shoes. He just continued walking barefoot!

11. An unknown person left a special basket at the dog park on Christmas

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It was full of tennis balls for the dogs in the park to play with! How cool is this?

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12. One grandmother loved using the same plastic plates on Christmas for three decades

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She decided to use the last seven left in a special way! She put them in frames and gave them to each of her seven grandkids!

13. This person was suffering from Alzheimer’s 

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He was still at an early stage when his child brought their new dog for Christmas, and they bonded instantly! The man was convinced that he would not forget the dog when the illness gets worse.

14. 12-year-old Matthew’s family was too poor to afford books

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The mailman working in their area learned about his story and posted it online, and people from the whole world responded, sending the boy more than 350 books!

15. This little girl was hurt in a fire but survived

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She asked for a Christmas card online, but people did more than that! Everything you see in this photo are the presents she received from strangers who saw her request!

16. A woman riding on a minibus and she saw the torn seat in front of her

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She decided to do something about it and spent part of the trip sewing the seat.

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She did a really good job, too, considering she did it while the vehicle was moving!

17. This deer walked into a shop

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The person behind the counter gave it some chocolate and cookies, and the deer probably enjoyed the snack, because it brought some friends half an hour later!

18. This police officer helped survivors after Hurricane Harvey for many hours in a row

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He eventually collapsed because he was too exhausted to move and he just fell asleep like that!

19. The Kenyan runner slowed down her pace to give water to the Chinese man

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She finished second because of that and lost $10,000 of the prize money, but she it was more important for her to help!

20. These surgeons are real-life heroes!

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The two doctors performed an extremely complicated brain surgery and removed two tumors. The whole process took a whopping 32 hours to complete!

21. Keanu Reeves brought his mom to the Oscars

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This is so kind of him. The moral of this is that we always have to share our success with our parents.

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