21 People Who Met Celebs And They Were Just Being Their True Selves

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People meet celebs all the time, because most of them like or need to visit the same places we all go to! Unfortunately, most of these encounters are never revealed to the public. When author Jaya Saxena asked her fan base on Twitter to share their experience with meeting famous faces, things became a lot funnier than expected and many people responded by telling their stories. Some of them are listed below!

1. Tom Hanks

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We could almost see this scene happen, because we love the actor so much that we can imagine the face he made and the tone of his voice, too!

2. Sir Sean Connery

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A charming gentleman with a distinctive voice would grab any woman’s attention with ease! This person had no idea whose toe she stepped on until he spoke and probably smiled, too!

3. Here is why we love Keanu Reeves

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We believe that every single person who knows a thing or two about this actor admires him, because he has been through a lot in his life but he is still an inspiration, not to mention his huge acting talent!

4. This is a classic move for Murray

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We need to say that we agree with the person who was lucky enough to meet Bill Murray! We also think that he hass one of the best personalities and he is not afraid to show that! We guess he showed that one more by doing what he did here.

5. This is a cool thing to do

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Being nice to every stranger you meet is a must, especially when the stranger is a little kid! In this case, the kid recognized the actor, but mistook him for his character, and Driver did the sweetest thing!

6. Here is why we still love Robin Williams

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The late actor left a huge legacy and he will be remembered forever. One person shared the time they met the actor. Williams stopped by people whi were strangers to him just to make sure they were okay.

7. This is a cool story

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We really liked reading this story, because it seems that Mr. Clinton and his band know how to live life! What is even cooler about this story is that Clinton saw the tweet and actually replied that he could recall that morning!

8. Robin Williams

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Here is another story proving just how big of a heart the actor had! This person wondered why their toddler was laughing out loud and found out that Williams was making goofy faces to make him laugh!

9. Chris Evans

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We always thought that Captain America waa a gentleman and this short story proves it. He was kind enough to hold the door for an injured person! This is a proof that chivalry is still a thing!

10. Robin Williams making a good impression again

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It seems that people remember meeting the actor for a long time after it happened. We guess that we would remember such an encounter, too, but we never got the chance to meet him in person.

11. Tracy Morgan

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The actor has one of the most distinctive smiles among famous people in Hollywood, and this is why you can spot him from a significant distance. In this case, someone saw Morgan having the time of his life!

12. Bjork

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This is one curious story, and we would really like to know how Bjork was able to summon the kid with just the tone of her voice! This is the one magic trick that every mom would like to know!

13. Michael Stipe from R.E.M.

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This is also a situation we could almost see, because it is a simple one, but it involves someone who’s voice we love so much! It was probably exciting to meet one of the biggest rock stars ever born!

14. Christopher Plummer

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Plummer is a legend and we definitely like seeing him, because his presence is so notable that he pretty much changes every scene just by being a part of it! We guess his dog loves him even more than we do!

15. The last part killed all the romance here

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We really laughed out loud after reading this tweet because it ended quite unexpected! The description of the two celebs was so sweet and then the part with the dog doing what it did outside the house transformed the story.

16. David Byrne

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This person would definitely remember meeting David Byrne. He asked for aspirin with his cup of coffee and also wanted to watch a documentary about African drumming. It must have been an interesting morning for him.

17. Camila Cabello

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Celebrities are probably used to this, because it likely happens much too often! Being mistaken for a lookalike of yourself is a funny situation and sometimes people simply refuse to believe!

18. Lou Reed

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The late Lou Reed is a rock legend who brought the genre to knew heights back in the 60s. This person saw him eating pizza and minding his own business. When Reed noticed he was being watched, he did what he felt he needed to do!

19. Weird Al Yankovic

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This person shared two cool stories in just a single tweet. We guess that the story about Claire Danes is the funnier one, and we wonder why she was upset! Maybe it was the shoes, who knows.

20. Now this is what we call privillege

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This person was lucky enough to have Anne Margaret as his dance partner, even if it was for just one dance. It is something he will definitely remember!

21. Julia Roberts

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If you are also a fan of the actress, then you know that her smile could speak a lot!

In this case, she was able to roast a single person by just smiling in a certain way! We love her charms!

Written by Sven Miller

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