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21 Times The Internet “Grandma” Nailed It With Her Tweets

Image Source: Twitter

Chances are you’ve seen posts by this grandma before but now she’s back with new and improved content. Her tweets seem to be way funnier and sassier, not to mention wittier, too! There is a specific and sarcastic vibe about her posts that we love! The things people have to say are not worth sharing most of the time but this Twitter account is another story.

1. The truth

Image Source: Twitter

There are things that are funny simply because they are true! It appears that people sometimes speak the truth when they try to be funny and this grandma nailed it here! We could not agree more.

2. The fact

Image Source: Twitter

Some things are facts that cannot be argued with. This is one such thing: people are willing to wear all kinds of weird or uncomfortable clothing but they sometimes refuse to put on a mask. There is no excuse for that.

3. The message

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a message that could be understood by many. The meaning of this message us a lot deeper than it seems to be initially. Of course, its literal meaning is not to be underestimated, too.

4. The other message

Image Source: Twitter

Here is another message that is worth mentioning as well. This one has a different meaning but we like the way it sounds. It is kind of profound and we love that.

5. The host

Image Source: Twitter

Not everyone is a great host. Needless to say, we are sure that everyone would understand this post easily. We guess this action would not be considered hospitable but rather hostile instead.

6. The prayer

Image Source: Twitter

This is yet another clever way of describing how one person might feel about a particular service. The grandma had no mercy and her sarcasm destroyed the US Postal Service.

7. The question

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something that many people are wondering about. This is not something that could happen for real but we guess it would have been nice.

8. The medic

Image Source: Twitter

The sarcastic grandma probably knows how to use her temper and fiddle with someone’s emotions and attitude. We guess that her GP is well aware of her personality.

9. The permission

Image Source: Twitter

Remember what you used to receive as an answer from your granny to most of your requests? We do: the answer was mostly “no” and this grandma reminded us of that.

10. The fault

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another extremely sarcastic tweet that we absolutely loved to see. This is actually something that happens way too often than it should. Deciding on whose fault it was after an argument is hard.

11. The meeting

Image Source: Twitter

This sarcastic grandma is not someone you mess with. This makes us wonder why someone would try to make her angry. Helen needs to do the right thing and return what is not hers.

12. The phones

Image Source: Twitter

Here is something that makes total sense. As you can see, the short tweet explains a simple situation that happens much too often. It appears that landline phones are more reliable.

13. The reality

Image Source: Twitter

Many people love yoga but we guess that even more individuals love mashed potatoes and gravy. It seems this grandma has made her choice and we support that. We now feel hungry.

14. The idea

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one brilliant and yet simple idea that could be a game-changer. We believe that this is a true key to happiness. The things we do can be better if we put more butter!

15. The revelation

Image Source: Twitter

There are not many things we could agree with instantly but this is one of those things for sure! It might be a bit too sassy, especially coming from a grandma, but we love the humor and the creative way of thinking.

16. The isolation

Image Source: Twitter

Social distancing has been hard but there is one kind of isolation we would volunteer for. This grandma knows it and we could not agree more. Imagine a world where you could just snap your fingers and isolate yourself from the surrounding stupidity. We believe it would be great.

17. The drinking day

Image Source: Twitter

Most people leave Friday nights as the reserved time for drinking. Needless to say, many individuals do not wait for that day and start earlier. There is nothing wrong with having a beer on Tuesday, for example, as long as it is not a six-pack case of beers.

18. The self-esteem

Image Source: Twitter

This sarcastic granny can actually be funnier than we thought! This hilarious tweet made us chuckle for all the right reasons. Being able to troll everyone with a single sentence is a talent we admire!

19. The short tweet

Image Source: Twitter

Just like the previous one, this tweet is absolutely hilarious. The sarcasm behind this post and the rest of the content in this account is by far the freshest things we have seen in a really long time.

20. The answer

Image Source: Twitter

Here is another funny tweet that is technically correct. We believe that eating more bacon is not a good idea if your cholesterol levels are high but in other cases, this would be okay.

21.The parties

Image Source: Twitter

This is something we really laughed about and we believe that most people would also agree with it. Such parties are not everyone’s cup of tea for sure and that is perfectly fine.

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