21 Tweets By Tom Hanks Showing Why We All Love Him

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We all love Tom Hanks and there are more than a few reasons for that. The man is not only a talented actor and a charismatic individual. He is also one of those people who seem to have the kind of dreamy personality – you know, the sort of folks that you want to be around at all times. Plus, he has the best sense of humor we have ever seen. The tweets selected below are a good indication of everything we said above. We guess everyone could agree with that.

1. The marriage

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Tom is the family man of dreams and he loves his wife too much for words to describe. As you can see, he was super happy a couple of years ago when he and Rita celebrated 30 years of happy married life.

2. The credit card

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Now, this is something really noble and we believe that Tony was thrilled to find something that belonged to none other than Hanks himself. The actor was obviously touched by the act of kindness and he shared the story.

3. The building

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Hanks is a man just like the rest of us, so he is amazed by all kinds of random things just like we all are. He saw this weird building and decided to share his feelings about it. The structure is kind of creepy, as it has no windows at all.

4. The sign

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Tom Hanks is a person who is always close to his family but also to the rest of us – his fans, neighbors, etc. He is always supportive of any community and he shows it by doing random things such as this tweet.

5. The Halloween costume

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As we already mentioned, Tom is a funny guy and he never misses a chance to show it. Naturally, he shows it even when he is preparing for Halloween. We can imagine him wearing that suit.

6. The selfie

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The actor is well-known for his willingness to pose for selfies with random people. In this case, one man showed him his tattoo and it is obvious why Hanks loved it and even joked about Buzz’s absence.

7. The student

Image Source: Twitter

We have never seen the actor so young before and we are glad he tweeted this image! As you can see, he is as handsome as ever but what we loved the most is his hair!

8. The funny tweet

Image Source: Twitter

Hanks is able to laugh about anything you can think of and he always nails the joke. This is what happened here. He found someone’s flap and tweeted this funny joke.

9. The greeting

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Tom Hanks is the husband every woman would be happy to have by his side. In this case, he showed how much he cared for Rita when he greeted her for Mother’s Day.

10. The Mr. Rogers tweet

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This tweet makes us think that Hanks’ favorite character must be this one. Mr. Rogers is a legend that will live on forever and the way he was impersonated by the actor is amazing. We saw the movie and we loved it.

11. The pun

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one very good example of Hanks’ sense of humor! He was this tip jar and obviously liked what somebody wrote on it. His clever pun is likable and we know he can make such a joke out of everything you could think of.

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12. The loss

Image Source: Twitter

Tom Hanks honors everyone and everything. This tweet shows how he said his last goodbye to someone he loved. He always knows what to say and how to say it, too.

13. The helpers

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one typical Hanks tweet. He took an image of his breakfast that features his little helpers. As you can see, the actor knows exactly what to eat and we would have that breakfast every single morning as well.

14. The car

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is not actually a car, but a three-wheeler produced by the Italian manufacturer Piaggio. It seems that Hanks really loved its odd shape and took a picture with it.

15. The other car

Image Source: Twitter

It appears Hanks has his eyes set at random vehicles, or, in this case, on what is left of them. We guess he is fond of such sights and we like him for that.

16. The shadow

Image Source: Twitter

Needless to say, Hanks is anything but fat and what he did here was just for laughs. We have seen him when he was as thin as possible in “Castaway” and he better weigh more now.

17. The Fiat 500

Image Source: Twitter

Here it is, another car that grabbed Hanks’ attention. This time, we guess that he showed his fine taste in classic vehicles. This vintage Fiat 500 would suit him well!

18. The outfit

Image Source: Twitter

Knowing that Hanks is a funny guy, there is no wonder he once put that suit on. It looks ridiculous but we still love it!

19. The loss

Image Source: Twitter

Sadly, Hanks had to live through losing another famous name he was fond of. As you can see, he paid his respects to the person in his own typical style. What a respectful man!

20. The pacifier

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that people will always like someone who is able to mix a sense of humor with some positivity. This is what Tom Hanks is capable of and he showed it here one more time.

21. The student card

Image Source: Twitter

Remember when we said how the actor loved to help and support any cause? It seems that he never misses a chance to help. This is what he did when he found one student card and tweeted in hopes to find the girl.

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