21 Words People Pronounced Wrong All Their Lives, But Thought They Were Right

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There is always something you are convinced about until you realize you have been wrong about it all along. Some people never admit their mistakes but we believe that there is nothing to be ashamed of when you are wrong, especially when it comes to pronouncing a word in a wrong way. As it turns out, people often mispronounce words they were convinced they were pronouncing right. It seems that this happens very often which is why a person started a thread on Twitter and many people replied with curious suggestions about words they mispronounced their whole lives.

1. Hermione

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One of our favorite Harry Potter characters has a weird name and you have probably wondered if you pronounce it right, too. This person taught himself the right way – maybe he and Victor Krum will get her name right every time in the future.

2. Fatigue

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This is definitely one of the most hilarious tweets you could see. We tried pronouncing this word as suggested by the person and we like the mispronunciation a lot. It sounds really funny and we love it.

3. Epitome

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We believe that this is a mistake that many people have made before. The word’s spelling is encouraging people to pronounce it similarly to “home” but it is incorrect, of course. This word makes you think about why it is so different from “home” when pronounced.

4. Homeowner

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Now, this is something to make you laugh all day! Chances are you are already trying to pronounce it similar to this person. We tried it a dozen of times and it gets funnier with each try! It is kind of unbelievable that someone says such a word out loud.

5. The foreign word

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This is one of the words that you can’t blame anybody about now knowing the correct way to pronounce. As you can see, it is obviously hard to get right if you never heard someone say it before. Still, this person’s suggestion was a good one!

6. Debut

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Here is yet another super funny suggestion that got us on the floor. How could someone pronounce “debut” in such a hilarious was is beyond us. The problem is that we want to pronounce it like this from now on, too.

7. Erratic

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This is one suggestion that really got us thinking about. We believe the person who mispronounced it can’t really be blamed. The two words are really close. The best part is the conclusion this person and his friend made.

8. Hyperbole

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This is one of the rather tricky words to pronounce because it can mislead you just like it happened with this person. We hope that the person who tweeted this managed to learn how to say the word the right way.

9. Chic

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Now, this is one mispronunciation that surely caused a lot of funny situations. Imagine this woman and her effort to make a compliment. The way she said the word turned the compliment into something else.

10. Gif

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This is one reasonable comment that got us thinking about it. The tweet caused us to do some research and we were not able to understand the right way to say the word. We guess that people are free to pronounce it however you please.

11. Faux

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Here is one word that we seem to dislike for some reason. It just seems to be misleading and we are convinced many people pronounce it the wrong way. This person’s version is actually funny when you say it.

12. Façade

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We believe that this is the kind of fancy words people love to pronounce just because they sound great. Kids don’t care about anything fancy, so they simply say words as they see them. This person makes no difference.

13. Autopsy

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Here is something that happens to a lot of people on a daily basis, us included. There is no telling how many individuals accidently mix up letters in a certain word. This is what happened here and we actually like the newly invented word “autospy”.

14. Banal

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This person probably made this mistake more than a few times but this tweet suggests that the person used it when they were not supposed to. Their mispronunciation probably caused a lot of embarrassment.

15. Binoculars

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You can try not to laugh here but it is virtually impossible not to! Binoculars is not an easy word to pronounce but you can bet that nobody ever pronounced it like this person.

16. Mediocre

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To be honest, we think that this is one of those words that you could easily mispronounce, especially when you are in the process of learning English for the first time. This person had an interesting story to tell and we loved it!

17. Psalm

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Here is one rather strange way to pronounce this word. We believe it is really straightforward and everyone should be able to get it right the first time. We guess this girl’s case is more of a bad habit.

18. Deaf

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This is yet another example of a funny mispronunciation that probably led to a number of embarrassing moments. Imagine hearing someone say this word as suggested. You will surely laugh.

19. Dour

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Here is one word that we actually had no idea how to pronounce so this tweet proved to be educational for us. It appears that what this person shared will help us avoid embarrassment in the near future.

20. Lacrosse

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Remember we discussed fancy words above? Well, this is another of them and we always try to say this right when we need to, which happens on rare occasions. This person had an interesting way of pronouncing it!

21. Chick-Fill-A

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Now, this is one of those names that confuse people for all the right reasons. It seems that names that are hard to pronounce can cause trouble. Except for this fast-food chain, we can imagine how many clients mispronounce Chipotle, for example.

Written by Sven Miller

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