22 Dads Who Really Took Parenting To A Whole New Level

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There is definitely a huge difference between the ways moms and dads understand what parenthood should be like. There are exceptions when a single mother or father needs to combine both parent figures, but in most families dads raise their kids in a way that can be determined as nothing but hilarious. Moms tend to worry more and they most often want to control their offspring while dads try to have more fun while playing the parenting game!

1. This is something that most moms would be furious about

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Of course, this was nothing but a joke, but imagine the mom’s initial reaction after seeing her baby behind the steering wheel of the family car!

2. This is definitely a kind of art

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We believe that there are many ways to express yourself, and this dad did it in the coolest way! He was able to apply his image on a piece of toast and we like the idea a lot!

3. Here is a lesson from a sarcastic dad

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Well, there is not much we could add here, because the image shows just what this dad is made of! The main ingredient is definitely sarcasm!

4. This is what it means to be there for your kids

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When you are a devoted father, you would do absolutely anything to make your offspring happy! In this case the proud dad made his girls really happy!

5. Every dad loves goofing off from time to time

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Having fun is essential for every person, and dads know about fun more than anyone else. This man decided to use his daughter’s hair extensions in a slightly different way than usual!

6. This is the kind of sense of humor we always admire when we see it

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This person obviously has the right kind of sense of humor, because he decided to act accordingly to the store sign above him!

7. This boy’s father supplied him with special lunch bags

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After this teenager had no lunch bags left at home, his father, who happened to be a police officer, had him covered! He actually gave him a paper evidence bag to use!

8. Now this is actually something extremely helpful

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Seeing how this dad found a solution to a problem many dog owners have made us respect him! Of course, the setup looks funny, but as long as it works, nothing else matters.

9. This dad taught his daughter to stay by his side in an unusual way

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He probably wanted to teach the toddler to love sports from an early age, and it seems that the kid has nothing against that!

10. This is how you become father of the year

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People always say that you should work smarter instead of harder, and we tend to agree with that saying most of the time. In this case, this person definitely found a way to have a good time and to keep the kids busy!

11. Well, this is one way to control the baby

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There are many ways to keep a baby safe by taking all kinds of precautions, including limiting the are it can crawl in, but this is a bit extreme, if you ask us.

12. This is what sarcasm looks like

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The funniest part of this image is not the huge check, but the faces of the two men! The father knew that he pulled off the best possible prank and the son just had to accept that fact!

13. This is the best way to give a present

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A present is often all about the presentation! In this case, one father proved how creative he was by giving the kids money in all kinds of special ways!

14. This is how extra a dad can be

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We genuinely believe that dads have the best kind of humor, and it is a whole different category! This image features one of the best examples!

15. This is what happens when dad is left alone to take care of the baby

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Here is another example of that typical sense of humor dads have! We are more than certain that this man regretted what he did once his wife saw their baby!

16. This is another one of those slightly annoying dad jokes

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We guess that this father knew how to annoy his kid, but we need to say that pulling off this trick is actually a sign of some fine skills!

17. This dad showed he was confident about his daughter’s driving skills

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Well, he showed that he had some confidence, but not quite! As you can see, she is not amused by the clever way her dad trolled her!

18. This girl is not happy

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And the reason for that is more than obvious! This father wanted to be sure about certain things and he is more than pleased with the end result!

19. Here is how one dad showed just how cool he is

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As you can see, he made sure that he had everything he wanted to create the setup he had in mind, and he even incorporated his cute daughter as his main supporter!

20. Now this is an unusual outfit for a dad

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It seems that this dad was more or less envious of his toddler because of their outfit, so he decided to replicate it and this is the hilarious end result!

21. This is how you support your kids in a literal way

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You need to give your best effort when your kids need support, and this father knew how to do exactly that, and he looks adorable while doing it!

22. This is the finest form of sarcasm

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This short conversation was probably more than enough to teach this teenager a lesson. Sarcasm always works best when you want to say the truth someone does not want to hear.

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