22 Honest Images And Posts About Situations That Are Strongly Relatable To Us

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best things about social media is that you could interact with someone you have never seen in person but you could still relate to a lot of the things they share! Social media platforms are the perfect way for one to realize that many other people experience similar moments and situations to theirs and that they accept certain things in exactly the same way as they do! The list below consists of such examples, and chances are that you would relate to most of them!

1. This is one way to express a certain emotion

Image Source: Tumblr

We could literally hear this post! As you can see, it was meant to express something hard to pronounce, and we say it at least a couple of times a day when things go wrong.

2. Here is something we wish we could not relate to

Image Source: Tumblr

This person is definitely on point here, because this is probably one of the top three most annoying things ever! We live in a time when technology advances every day and slow internet is something that should not exist at all!

3. We know this sound

Image Source: Tumblr

While the wobbly sound a laminated sheet of paper makes when shaked is something we are aware of, we also know that you could actually hurt yourself on one of its edges!

4. Most people have the same look when they act as described

Image Source: Imgur

Our experience suggests that friendships that start in such a way last a long time, but it is really hard to begin such a friendship! Shy people are insecure and they find it hard to make the first step.

5. This is a hard game to play

Image Source: Twitter

We genuinely believe that this is what many people do when they visit their therapist. Even if they don’t have one, they share with their friends, but they avoid sharing all the details.

6. This is the kind of find we are always happy about

Image Source: Tumblr

They say that all the small victories count and we should be happy about them, and we are! This post suggests one of the best things that could happen to you, and it works with other flavors, too!

7. This one is relatable on a deep level

Image Source: Tumblr

Nobody in this world should be alone, and soon or later we begin to feel more and more lonely as the time passes. In this kind of situation most of us still hesitate to do something about it even when we have the chance!

8. People who have siblings would relate to this

Image Source: Twitter

We know that this is true because it is like an unwritten law! Having two or more kids would inevitably drain your energy, and you would not be able to be as strict as you were when you only had one child.

9. This kind of thoughts haunt us sometimes

Image Source: Tumblr

Here is another post that we wish we could not relate to, but we can! Most people tend to regret past expenses when they are short of cash, and these expenses could be really insignificant, too!

10. Now this is something we learned the hard way

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that most people have struggled a lot before they realized that this simple rule is something they need to go by! Studying all night would hardly lead to a perfect result!

11. We know this is bad but we still do it

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Image Source: Twitter

Our busy schedules mean that we often try to save time by not having a decent meal all day! What we do instead is drink large amounts of coffee and hope for the best, but this is not a healthy choice, of course!

12. Nobody could reply to all of their emails

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that there is not an app in the world that could save us from having to open and reply to every single email we have in our inbox! And many of these emails are left without a reply, of course!

13. We wish that this was our way of life

Image Source: Twitter

As much as we would like for this to be our daily agenda, we need to accept the fact that it is not! In fact, it is quite different because we need to work almost every day instead of sleeping all day!

14. The struggle is real

Image Source: Twitter

This is probably one of the most relatable things on the list. We all want to look our best but it proves to be harder than we imagined every time we try to do something about it. Snacks are hard to give up!

15. Interacting with someone is exhausting

Image Source: Tumblr

This is also something that is valid for most people. We seem to be less and less interested in having a conversation with someone because we know that it could drain our energy, especially when it comes to interacting with negative people!

16. We sometimes feel this way

Image Source: Twitter

It is kind of sad, actually, but it is a fact! Thinking of yourself this way is something we have experienced, and it happens for a reason, too.

17. This is a chart we could relate to

Image Source: Me.Me

This is really accurate, to be honest! In fact, if someone takes their time to think about a list of their own personal traits, it would probably look similar to this one.

18. Here is another one we could get behind

Image Source: Tumblr

Unfortunately for us, relationships often end up being far from romantic. It seems that we are prone to making the wrong choice time after time, and therefore we can relate to this post!

19. This is the exact amount of dogs we would like to have, too

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is one strongly relatable tweet! All dog lovers out there have probably thought about the same thing at least once in their lifetime! You can never have too many dogs around.

20. Here is something we all do 

Image Source: Tumblr

Procrastination is a huge problem and we are well aware of that, but we barely do something about it! It seems that we cannot control it at all and it takes over our lives.

21. This is a feeling we know too well

Image Source: Tumblr

This post explains why we never use webcams or selfie cameras! The image is definitely relatable, because we close the application the second we see our double chins and the dark circles under our eyes.

22. This s yet another post that pretty much sums up our daily routine

Image Source: Twitter

We all do similar things on a daily basis while knowing that they have a negative effect on us!

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