22 Images That Guys Will Have A Really Hard Time Understanding

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There are things in this world that only women could understand or relate to, and there is a fairly simple explanation for that. Ladies have their own everyday rituals and they often struggle with a variety of things that men never thought of because they never needed to! The list below shows some situations that women would relate to but men would likely never understand

1. This is a real bummer

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Having your sunglasses tangled in your hair could probably happen to a man, too, but he needs to have a really long hair and no man bun in order for this to happen.

2. Girls always find such treasures after cleaning

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Ladies know the struggle of always losing hair bands just when they need them the most. It feels as if these little things just disappear, and they are only recovered after a good home cleaning.

3. Here is something really hard to remember

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It seems that no matter how hard they try, most ladies fail to remember the day of their last period. This is why there are apps that could be really handy for keeping track of that.

4. Here is another super relatable image

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Seeing this image is more than enough to make most girls chuckle! They could all admit that they feel the same after shaving their legs, and it is actually a really pleasant feeling!

5. This happens every time

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As you can see, there is a signifficant amount of hair tangled in this hair band, but ladies know that it could even be worse! It seems that they lose some hair every time they remove a hair band!

6. This is the usual aftermath of a simple shower

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When you have a long hair, taking a shower is not as simple as you might think it is! In fact, it requires some cleaning after that, and this is one of main reasons for that.

7. Now this is a situation you don’t want to be in

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This is also something that happens often, and there is no way for it to be avoided, unless the nail polish is some fast-drying thing that would be completely ready minutes after application.

8. Here is a one childhood memory that is not worth remembering

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This is one of those things that probably happened a lot, and it always ended up in the same way – causing some pain! And it was always a really unpleasant experience when it happened!

9. This is sadly relatable to a many women

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It is easy to get frustrated over a number of things and women react emotionally to these moments. Our busy lives are full of stressful things and these moments unfortunately happen much too often.

10. Hair clips break just when you need them

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Seeing this would immediately make women remember the times when the same happened to them. Hair clips either break or they are nowhere to be found everytime they are needed the most!

11. Maybe most men could also confirm this

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They say that women have two problems in general. The first one is the lack of space for the new clothes they buy and the second is that they never have something to wear! Husbands and boyfriend should also know this.

12. This is what happens when you wear hair bands on your forearm

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This is one of those problems that are caused by women’s desire to do the right thing. In this case, they try not to lose their hair bands by wearing them on their forearms, but this is what happens in such cases.

13. This is especially true when it happens in a public place

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The struggle is real with this one! It happens a lot, and in most of the times it does it is probably the worst time possible for such a wardrobe malfunction. Ladies are used to it and they can handle it well.

14. Here is another accessory that causes problems

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This tiny hairpin is the cause of some frustrating moments and women everywhere can confirm this. While using it the right way is not such a big, deal, losing it is super easy and it can be a problem.

15. This is probably the most relatable thing for every lady with long hair

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We guess that trying to make the perfect ponytail is some kind of art, and not everyone could master this skill. In most cases it ends up in a mess, and it starts to look like a ponytail after a few attempts!

16. Beauty comes at a price

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Ladies love taking care of themselves and they do what it takes. Hair, manicure and all the other things women do to maintain that perfect look come at a price, and the image shows just one of the struggles!

17. We wish it wasn’t so

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Face masks are a common thing and women use them all the time, but we guess that sheet masks are the ones that look the creepiest!

18. This is a real thing

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Now this is one really relatable situation and the comparison is really accurate here!

19. As you can see, expectations are often different from reality

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We firmly believe that a reality check is a good thing to do, and when it comes to ponytails, it needs to be a frequent procedure!

20. This is another accurate comparison

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This is exactly how your face feels when you have outdid yourself with tightening your ponytail!

21. This is painful to see

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This is the last thing ladies who love their makeup products would like to see, but it happens all the time, unfortunately!

22. This is the funniest way to describe things

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It takes a lot of sense of humor to make such a comparison but it is straight on point!

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