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22 Inventions Solving Problems That You Never Knew Existed

Image Source: Instagram

There are billions of people on this planet and there plenty of geniuses among them. Needless to say, no all of them are meant to save humanity or end world hunger. Some of them are dedicated to solving problems that should never exist in the first place. The list below is full of the ideas that the inventor Matty Benedetto came up with to solve problems you never knew existed. All of them are fake products but they are super cool, too!

See more of the designer’s work here:

1. The megaphone mask

Image Source: Instagram

This is one rather ridiculous-looking contraption but that is the whole point of its existence, of course. We guess that this mask will enable a person to keep social distance and shout at the same time.

2. The ice cream catcher

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one device that might actually come in handy to ice cream lovers out there. It is meant to catch all dripping parts of the ice cream cone and drink them from below later.

3. The mirror

Image Source: Instagram

This is a mirror that was specially designed to cover different parts of your body. This is perfect for those who don’t feel they like their belly or hair, for example, so they could cover them.

4. The mixer mask

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a device that enables you to enjoy your favorite drink and use both your hands for other purposes. The chances for a spill are also reduced to zero which is cool.

5. The blanket

Image Source: Instagram

This is the kind of blanket that many people would love to buy. You know how parts of your body get warmer than others during the night, right? This blanket allows you to uncover only those parts while the rest is tucked in.

6. The mower

Image Source: Instagram

Lawnmowers will never get any cooler than this one! Apart from mowing the lawn, this amazing device will bring you ice-cold beer which is absolutely amazing. We want one so bad!

7. The shopping hoodie

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of those things we have always wanted to have. You know the feeling of being inside a store with a dozen groceries and no shopping cart or bag. This hoodie would solve that problem.

8. The Flush and Close toilet seat

Image Source: Instagram

This inventor really knows what to do with his genius and this is one of the best inventions on the list. Nobody needs this but it super effective – you simply flush the toilet and the top lid falls down.

9. The tiny shoe umbrellas

Image Source: Instagram

We always hate it when we go out in our favorite shoes that were polished to perfection and it starts to rain halfway to where we need to be. These devices look silly but may protect your shoes.

10. The iPhone bed

Image Source: Instagram

iPhone lovers would be delighted and probably amazed by this simple creation. The inventor came up with the idea of a phone station that looks like a tiny bed and we think it is awesome.

11. The cup holder

Image Source: Instagram

We have seen plenty of cup holders in our time but nothing like this. The foldable cup holder you see here was meant to serve people while they roam the streets of some city all day long.

12. The snack saucer

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Image Source: Instagram

What looks like a toy Frisbee has a higher purpose! This device is meant to deliver food by air in the same fashion as Frisbees do! We think it would never work but we like the idea.

13. The blades

Image Source: Instagram

If your car does not have an air conditioning system installed, fear not, for there is a solution. The idea you see here might be crazy but we guess it is effective. Maybe a bit dangerous, too.

14. The new iPhone

Image Source: Instagram

Now, this is one of those inventions that might just be attractive enough to have a market success. Sure enough, the bold design would not be everyone’s favorite but we love it.

15. The paint rollers

Image Source: Instagram

Painting a room would become a whole lot easier with these devices, not to mention the fun they would surely bring. We guess that they would be hard to use but we would still give it a go.

16. The finger blaster

Image Source: Instagram

This is not a weapon although it looks like one. The device is meant to spare you from standing up and walking to get the lights out before sleeping. It fires a plastic finger towards the lights switch.

17. The platter

Image Source: Instagram

This is not an ordinary platter, as it is meant to be attached in a scooter! The item looks amazing and we guess it is usable, too. One must be careful around corners, though.

18. The booth

Image Source: Instagram

Now, this is something most people out there would find to be hilarious. If you don’t want to reveal your vote to the rest of the family, then consider making a similar setup/

19. The crutches

Image Source: Instagram

These are obviously not your ordinary crutches! You can see that this brilliant inventor used pogo sticks and came up with a crazy but funny contraption.

20. The WAP chocolate bars

Image Source: Instagram

Of all the inventions on this list, this has got to be the best one yet! As you can see, these tasty creations look amazing!

21. The shower curtain

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one neat idea that we actually want to try ourselves. Instead of using a shower curtain like the rest of us, the inventor made one from towel fabric. This is a way more practical solution than we expected it to be.

22. The integrated mask

Image Source: Instagram

We always forget our masks before we walk out and we know this must change for the better! As you can see, this shirt is the answer to that problem which is a real issue for many individuals.

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