22 Men On Reddit Share Some “Guy Secrets” Girls Don’t Know About

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It is a common belief that women have their own little secrets things, rituals and ways of doing this and that, but as it turns out, men are no different. In fact, men have a lot of secrets that most women probably don’t even suspect of! This is actually a normal thing, as men and women are different in numerous ways, and these differences defy us in certain ways.

Someone took it to Reddit and asked a question that received a lot of answers. The user was simply curious about which are the things that can qualified as men secrets, and the answer were not disappointing at all! We have selected the best among them, and they are something worth reading, to say the least!

1. The thing men cannot control

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Well, this is probably the easiest way that this phenomenon could be explained. Despite the fact that it could easily put you in an uncomfortable position, it is just how a man’s physiology works, we guess! Sometimes it doesn’t take anything for this function to engaged, and this is something everyone should accept.

2. The simplicity of a conversation is important

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This is something that should be discussed between all partners. There are many women out there who would love for their men to literally guess what they are thinking, which is impossible, of course. In fact, even a hint is not enough. Men prefer to take a direct order or to have a simple clarification of the situation.

3. The funny ways

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Here is a situation that shows that sometimes things are much simpler than they initially seem to be. This man had the unpleasant experience of his wife not trusting him that he was not hiding anything from her. The things that happen in a man’s head is not always something to be worried about.

4. The problem solvers

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This is also something super important for women to take into account. The direct approach is always a must, especially when men pick up a distress signal. Instead of making a man feel bad about not being able to cope with a situation, you should try and explain what exactly you want him to do.

5. The spooning moments

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Well, this is probably more or less relatable to most men. We guess that it is accepted for the woman to be the ‘little spoon’ when a couple cuddles in bed. However, men actually do like to be on that side from time to time, and there is nothing wrong with that, of course. Just another way to enjoy love and affection!

6. The health issues

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As people’s lives are changed by our modern ways, the mental state of more and more people becomes vulnerable, which is a huge problem. However, men are just as prone to such issues and this is something that needs to be widely discussed. It should be perfectly acceptable for a man to share his mental troubles, but right now it is not.

7. The zone

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Maybe this is one situation that most men could instantly relate to. Staring is rude, of course, but sometimes it only seems that a man is staring at you. In fact, daydreaming is something most guys do, and they just wander off with their face in a certain direction, so do not be quick to judge.

8. The moments when men think about nothing

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This is probably a common situation for all men out there. Women simply don’t trust them when they say that they are not thinking about something in particular, but this is what men actually do! They are capable of not thinking about a certain thing and that helps them relax.

9. The hints do not work in most times

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As mentioned earlier, men are not really good at taking hints, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just how things are. In fact, men would really appreciate if things are presented to them in a simple way instead of just throwing a random suggestion about something.

10. The direct approach

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It seems that most men would really like women to understand the same thing, and the comments that you could find in the discussion prove that. This is yet another one of those comments, and it is fairly simple as a request.

11. The misunderstanding

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Unfortunately for most guys, not being able to read between the lines most definitely means that they often miss out on good things, and this is one really good example of that. This comment leads us to some of the previous ones and that’s no surprise as these things are really important!

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12. The important opinion

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Now this is one thing that the majority of men would definitely do! As you can see, one man was so pleased after he received a compliment about his hairdo that he decided to not take any chances of ruining it, so he simply maintained it for years ahead! He probably thought that if one girl liked it, then the others would, too!

13. The little things matter

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Here is one simple example about the type of relationship most men prefer. In fact, we believe that all males would love this kind of attention! Not appreciating a man’s hobby would definitely hurt his feelings or make him feel as if he was doing something he should not do at all. On the other hand, showing interest in that hobby will surely have the opposite effect.

14. The social pressure

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Today’s world is still a place where it is presumed that men should be strong, less emotional and they should provide for their families at all costs. As you can see, this post pretty much covers why this is so wrong! Men have the same feelings and emotions, and peer pressure often stresses them out to the point they feel bad about themselves.

15. The satisfaction

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Men will be men, and there is a plethora of things so typical that you could easily bet every single male person would do all of them, depending on the situation. This is a fine example, really. Being able to tie down everything and make it good is enough for a man to feel proud and give himself some credit for a job well done.

16. The important touch

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Well, this may come as a surprise to some ladies, but men love physical contact just as much as women do! It seems that they are expected not be like that, but it is only natural for them to be calmed down by a simple and gentle touch, especially if the person touching them is their loved one!

17. The alone time

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This is one important thing that we are glad one of the people in this discussion actually brought up. Most men need their alone time, and their love partners often take that way too personally than they should. No need to worry at all, as these moments are vital for one’s mental health, and today’s way of living causes stress that needs to be relieved.

18. The hair preferences

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Here is another outlook on hair, but this time it regards men’s opinion on their women’s hairstyle. Most ladies tend to feel like they are not pretty enough, which is completely pointless in most cases. They worry for nothing, and this post proves it. If a man loves his woman, he accepts her for who she is, and he definitely accepts everything about her looks. We even think that ladies are prettier when completely natural!

19. The compliments

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It seems that a compliment is something that would please almost every man alive, and there is no wonder about that. We believe that compliments should be given in equal amounts to men and women, but in many places it is still kind of socially unacceptable for a man to receive compliments. If they are deserved, they should be given in a slit second, as men would appreciate it! Compliments boost one’s confidence, regardless of their gender, and this is something that should be realized by everyone.

20. The doubts

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Now this is something that should be discussed a lot! It appears that the majority of ladies expect men to take a hint, but it does not work like that! In fact, we firmly believe that on many occasions men react in a different way that they are expected to. It all depends on the situation, actually. Take the example shown in this post for instance. It clearly explains how and why men are in doubt even when the hint they should take is clear. This is another good suggestion that when communicating with a man, it is best to put things in a straight manner and tell him what exactly the deal is, otherwise all of your effort might not take you anywhere at all.

21. The real secret

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Well, this is the real secret. I can bet that every single one of us have done this at least once in their life.

22. This is how it all started

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Here is the simple question that started a thread that received thousands of opinions on the matter. It proved to be a really interesting one and we are glad this person asked

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