22 People Who Are Totally Out Of Luck Today

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We all need to accept the fact that luck has got a lot to do with our well-being, and some people even depend solely on that in order to get out of different predicaments and situations and continue their path. However, no matter how lucky a certain individual might be, luck can always disappear for a moment, and the images below show exactly the times when people were unlucky!

1. The irony is strong here

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Now this is a real bummer! Wanting to get rid of these critters became impossible, because one of them happened to be in the right place at the right time to save itself!

2. Riding an escalator is not always easy

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We have actually considered this to be a potential situation, and we have always been careful about it, but the woman you see neglected that her clothing could end up stuck on the escalator.

3. Most people know this feeling

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A broken key is surely the thing that can frustrate anyone, especially if it happens at the worst possible moment!

4. These airpods were put to the test

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When a dog gets its paws on something, chances are that it will chew on that thing, too. In this case, the thing was one person’s set of airpods!

5. This is not the best seat on a plane

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In fact, we guess that it is actually among the worst seats possible! We hope this was not a long flight and the person who had to sit there was not too bored.

6. The protective case did not do much of a good job

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We love technology and we cannot live the way we are used to without them. However, this comes at a price, and you can see what we mean here. Modern gadgets are more fragile compared to the 90s.

7. Things are not what they seem to be sometimes

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What appears to be a special moment that you are ready to put all your emotions in can turn out to be the moment when someone took advantage of you!

8. This is a real ‘invetion’

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We guess that this was one really powerful mixer, but it cannot be used anymore! The person will always check twice before mixing something again!

9. Here is a funny situation

Image Source: Reddit

This person put the car in reverse and took off without noticing that they lost their front bumper. Well, they did not lost it, technically speaking, they just left it there!

10. This sounds like a joke

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When someone makes you a compliment and they mean it, all you need to do is accept it and thank the person who decided to make you smile. This is not what happened here.

11. This is not the best way to start the day

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We guess that things like this happen all the time but it is not a nice feeling to experience it yourself!

12. We hope someone told this person about the additional feature to her outfit

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is strange! However, it could happen to everyone and we really hope that someone told her about it!

13. This can be felt by any mom

Image Source: Twitter

This is not something that would make a mom happy. In fact, it would make her worried and furious in the same time!

14. We hope he covered this with his jacket

Image Source: Imgur

This is a real disaster if it happens in the worst possible time! Imagine that you have a full agenda for the day ahead and you end up like this!

15. We know how this feels like

Image Source: Reddit

Having bad day often looks like this! One emergency stop would be more than enough to cause such a situation, and it is really hard to clean it, too!

16. This looks like a not so good idea

Image Source: Reddit

No matter how good this container was cleaned, it would still be a better idea than drinking from it!

17. Facing the truth is sometimes a hard thing to do

Image Source: Twitter

We genuinely believe that this person felt more or less bad about themselves but they also found the whole thing at least a bit funny.

18. This is something we never want to experience

Image Source: Imgur

Dropping your iPhone in the urinal sounds like a nightmare and this unfortunate soul found out how that feels.

19. This person failed to neglect they parked to a fire hydrant

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the fire brigade makes no compromise and they shattered the car’s windows to gain access to the fire hydrant.

20. Here is another bad situation that we never want to be in

Image Source: Imgur

You can see the reason why this is not the kind of situation you don’t want to be in!

21. The cheese is stronger

Image Source: ImgurWe genuinely believe that this person was just as surprised to see this as we are now!

22. Talking about time wasted 

Image Source: Reddit

The view this person was hoping to see was completely hidden by the fog, and this was surely disappointing!

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